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  1. Am very glad that you caught that message! Thanks!
  2. My 3rd attempt at a toque! I didn't follow a pattern on this one, but in the end I felt that I should have... so I tried again (with more of a "pattern" in mind)!
  3. My 3rd attempt at a toque! This one wasn't to my satisfaction, so attempt number three soon became attempt number four... and this is what happened in between...
  4. I made my own pattern on Graph-paper for the letters and just sort of figured it out as I went Maybe I'll have to make the next toque with a Top-Vent then
  5. Thanks guys! Am very happy to hear that!
  6. Thank you all! I'm still new as well (that was only my 2nd time crocheting) Once I get to the top, I just try to put in as many stitches as I can fit (to avoid having a gaping hole at the top) and then I just stitch the end of the thread (about 5cm worth) through different loops on the inside of the toque. I have never started from the Top yet
  7. Here is a very quick video showing the making of the type of hat/toque that all the young people are wearing these days. It is a very simple process, works best with Cotton yarn of a thicker gauge. Opinions?
  8. A quick view of the process to make a two-coloured striped toque with writing in a third colour. Enjoy!
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