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  1. for rnd 3 you will v-st in ch 4, dc in same sp, then v-st between the next 2 v-sts then v-st in the next 2 v-sts then a v-st between the next 2 v-sts when you make a v-st that isn't in a v-st it will be between v-sts the chart will show no ch sp when the v-st is worked between v's i hope this helps some other than write it all out
  2. this is a very helpful list http://www.purplekittyyarns.com/discontinued-yarn i didn't see the yarn you were looking for though
  3. That's awesome and a great idea
  4. I'm working on Lodge granny square from priscilla hewitt. I'm making a special "corded" border. I'm not very good with pics though
  5. those are really pretty. they are both nice but i think my favorite is the square ones
  6. Those are so pretty, great idea. thanks for sharing inspiration
  7. That turned out very nice, a lot of work.
  8. I really like that, i've thought of making a ripple type of grocery bag holder and this is great
  9. I've never posted a new topic but I have a half dozen naked baby dolls hanging around plus a few barbies. My grand-daughters always ask me where their clothes are! When I find patterns they always say which size doll they will fit, but honestly, I don't have a clue for what exactly to measure?!? Is it the complete length of the doll! Any help would be appreciated. The dolls are all different heights and circumference, different head sizes too....
  10. these are wonderful little bootie/socks, thanks for sharing
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