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  1. I am chaining a bit left handed, and as boring as this is given my "old" ability, I am doing it over and over. It is going to take a bit to see everything backwards. Did try turning and going back, amazing how "tired" my mind is from the concentration. I caught myself sticking my tongue out, or I should say my husband's giggles gave it away. Gotta laugh or I think I could cry.
  2. I’m kinda-new here(joined few days ago, I'm the "NEED HELP ONE HAND CROCHET),45,terminal cancer but surviving, brain cancer left me with little mobility in left extremities. I have crotched for 30 yrs, advanced in thread. I NEED to crochet again, can you help me learn?Maybe my answer is to learn left handed????? Right hand good hand, left can grip(no finger dexterity,but can grip with hand.) I’m a visual person in learning, any help,videos,encouraging sites,equipment suggestions (have Kroh’s crochet aid) would be so overwhelmingly appreciated. God bless you all and thank you in advance for those who have offered suggestions and might think theycould help in this ???? just gotta do this ...... Tammie
  3. I'mhaving no luck with the things Ihave tried. wondering if I might need to learn left-handed technique?
  4. Hi Diane, Great site,helpful people here, I'm new also and asked for help with learning to crochet again after brain cancer with one hand. Got lots of ideas to try. welcome from Missouri,USA.
  5. When I was young ny mother hadcrocheted a rug thatsat in front of ourdining room table. It was large and round. She cannot find that pattern from 30-35 yrs ago. I would love to findsomething like this. Anyone know where I might find one?
  6. Roundpeg, That foot idea may work but the entire left side extremeties are affected. I would have to dothissitting in bed maybe? hmm ..... I like a challenge too. Putty, I did use this in therapy....I have been trying out sitting on my right hand and making myself use the left hand for short time periods(too overwhelming) and am figuring it out. You get use to not using and then don't Thank you for encouraging!
  7. I am trying to work with yarn:( , if anyone knows of any demonstrative videos using just the right hand let me know. I appreciate all the ideas so far, but I am a visual learner to be candidly honest. Left hand can help only a bit. I also was given such a motivating idea by "round peg". I am only 45, I would love to help others learn to crochet with my particular ailment. I learned to tat by going to an aged home and just asking who knew this lost art? I am struggling with this whole figuring it out stage as I was an advanced crocheter with thread, so please don't take me as being un-appreciative, I know how blessed I am to just be here. Cross-stitching is wonderful, but never moved fast enough for me . So help me figure this out . hugs and blessings all. thanks for being here for us all. Roundpeg: you're so awesome, thank you!
  8. Yep,sure can. I have decided to try getting my grove back by using yarn to begin with. I love the thread, but have to be realistic in my goal setting. I am finding the frustraion level is reached too quickly with thread. It has been a very long-time since I used yarn, so any granny square ideas? or something that I can use functionally?
  9. My dexterity overall is very poor, great deal of "tone" in left hand. I do have tiny movement, tiny grip(that's when the tone comes in) . I did some PT but got to a certain point that I couldn't improve....I was a huge crocheter....I'm going to figure this out. I havea long story, my cancer did not start in the brain, it was endometrial, metastisis to lymph nodes renal arteries, aorta, both lungs, did yr of chemo 3 diff. drugs over two 8 hour days every 21 days.....then bam, brain pan:)....I'm a strong willed gal....WILL GET THIS FIGURED OUT!!!!! lol
  10. Hi, I have been crocheting for about 20 yrs, but I recently was diagnosed with brain cancer and had a tumor removed and now have very limited use of left hand but full use of right and praise God I'm right handed. can anyone help me figure out how to crochet using thread with use of mainly right hand only? I bought a crochet aid.....of no value (to me ).
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