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  1. I got my mags today!! Gosh, that was fast! Thank you! I have to go to church this evening so won't get to look through them until later tonight. Oh, the anticipation!
  2. Mary Jane's patterns are wonderful! I love her books!
  3. Hi Kel! I'm interesting in all of them except Crochet! I have those
  4. I would love to have these if they aren't taken yet and if you can accept PayPal. I want to make some scarves to donate to my church for their craft sale.
  5. I've seen the book advertised on C'ville. I was thrilled to get this yarn $1 per skein. This hat took a little less than 3 skeins!
  6. This is the hat I made from Mary Jane Hall's book "Crochet That Fits". The pattern is Flared Tweed Hat. The yarn I used is Palette Collection #034.
  7. BarbaraJean

    Lacy Choker

    This is the Lacy Choker from Mary Jane Hall's book Positively Crochet. It's made with thread.
  8. It's such a neat scarf to wear.
  9. Well, I suppose you could call it Tea Lover's Scarf.
  10. Thank you! The steam was difficult for me.
  11. The pattern is from Mary Jane Hall's book "Positively Crochet". It is a favorite of mine. The scarf is made of worsted weight yarn and the cups are made with thread.
  12. Thanks very much, Marika!
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