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  1. rmpbklyn


    use a large hook like 10mm or more. also do triple crochet stitch or mesh
  2. thanks so much!!!! i got it , it was the sc, ch2, sc in the same without turning. and 2sc in the same spot where sl . by 2dc before the sl, it was making it roundish . i got a pic on phone , i'll try to attach
  3. now i get a round edge not a straight edge when doing the begining corner. too bad the web site owner took their video down
  4. illl try the sc, ch2 , sc in , ch in the Same. thanks for your help
  5. the link posted is where got the instrucitons. the comments don't explain the beginning corner.
  6. i don't see attachements, please readd attachments/ photos or post to pintrest and list link
  7. rmpbklyn

    ten stitch help

    need help with the beginning corner of the ten stitch crochet(not tunsian) , any instructions. youtube only has knittined and tunisan http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/free-crochet-patterns/ten-stitch-blanket-crochet-pattern/
  8. if you look at the stitch, in the orientation you along the stripes are horizontal to the floor. there appear to be 3 spaces in the row per stitch, and in a space they did a three stitches together. also note in the color row they used only two of the 3spaces.
  9. also try google books, they have tons of books from 1900 century. pretty awesome to get different patterns, like those motifs/cross stitch designs also if you look up 'weave it' and jiffy loom , thus squares are many projects. many things never saw in crochet, but same concept, squares and sew. books.google.com
  10. good choices in colors, sort of like an Ocean theme!!! nice
  11. since you asked: blogs don't have games family don't visit blogs, they don't even send email let alone remember to go to a blog I know I never visit blog again unless there's an rss, and really how many people sucha s family and former class mates(we had a few ad hoc reunions and it's been great rather then wait for the school to arrange) would follow a rss feed you can't arrange a party/event on a blog. I tried evite and it just goes as spam boxes there are groups, many blogs don't have groups people choose to type about themselves, some may over do it but it's the same as someone who talks much .... you're still their friend. in reference to friend suggestions, that's not your friends's fault. fb had initially sent emails to those in someone's imported address book, say they enter their gmail account then that list is stored, and yes there is a way to clear it , but only if it's your address list , not your friends. just ignore the suggestions, there is an ignore button. don't worry, I like this quote that I saw once 'a friend request is not a marriage proposal.....chill"
  12. 1, filet? they put YO several times , to make it bulky 2 knit stitch, those are panels in a shape of triangles and binded together to make a circle, like a pie chart
  13. one of the easiest way is using a beading design program, since it's grid(peyote) these are my faves, which have grid lines: beader, easy bead, and kgstitch however with any program you'll need to lessen the colors to 16 to be more manageable if importing a photo or graphic image, but it looses realistic and may appear blocky. so it's best to make it first a drawing/contour or black and white, then convert that image to chart. you also may want to look at blackwork designs, since they are monochrome
  14. do a quick project and rotate. maybe do some spring time stuff, or holiday items.
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