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    use a large hook like 10mm or more. also do triple crochet stitch or mesh
  2. thanks so much!!!! i got it , it was the sc, ch2, sc in the same without turning. and 2sc in the same spot where sl . by 2dc before the sl, it was making it roundish . i got a pic on phone , i'll try to attach
  3. now i get a round edge not a straight edge when doing the begining corner. too bad the web site owner took their video down
  4. illl try the sc, ch2 , sc in , ch in the Same. thanks for your help
  5. the link posted is where got the instrucitons. the comments don't explain the beginning corner.
  6. i don't see attachements, please readd attachments/ photos or post to pintrest and list link
  7. need help with the beginning corner of the ten stitch crochet(not tunsian) , any instructions. youtube only has knittined and tunisan http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/free-crochet-patterns/ten-stitch-blanket-crochet-pattern/
  8. if you look at the stitch, in the orientation you along the stripes are horizontal to the floor. there appear to be 3 spaces in the row per stitch, and in a space they did a three stitches together. also note in the color row they used only two of the 3spaces.
  9. I'm allergic to lanolin which comes from sheep's wool. I get welts like a bug bite sometimes like a size of a dime. so I cant' wear sheep wool. cotton and acrylic are fine for me. You can try t-shirt yarn, by making strips.
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