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  1. There are no gauges in the pattern or how much yarn or much info at all This is what it called for in materials Worsted weight yarn- grey, pink and black Hook-5.5mm and 5mm and this is a sample of the instructions for the cocoon Cocooon-5mm hook Ch 3 1)DC 10 in 3rd ch from hook join ch 2 (10) 2)2DC in each around join ch 2 (20) 3)2DC in first, 1DC in next, repeat around. Join ch 2 (30) No measurements, gauges, amounts of any kind. I am a doofus and it took me some to understand that join ch 2 did not mean to join to a chain stitch, but rather, join, then chain 2 lololol. I am used to more information when I pay for a pattern, but this was not an Annie's type purchase, and I haven't crocheted a thing in a number of years....so it's been rough going. I ultimately decided to just follow the pattern as we thought the birth would be today! but it has been a series of false alarms, and it didn't occur to me to make a few things instead of just buying things for the baby till just a couple days ago...see doofus comment above lolol. Anyhow, it does seem like it's getting bigger, and I hope it all works out. Thank you SO muich for your help!!
  2. I'm about to be a granny and bought a pattern for a stylized cocoon. I'm not the best crocheter, do it on and off over years, and need some help. The pattern says use a 5mm h hook, worsted weight yarn. I'm using lion brand feels like butta yarn and an h hook. The pattern instructs you to chain 3, make a circle, increasing by 10 stitches each round until at round 6 you are at 60 stitches, then no more increase. I have looked at other instructions that say the circle needs to be 10 inches across before you stop increasing. With this yarn and hook I am under 6 inches across, and even with more rows and at 80 stitches around, I'm still under 10 inches across on the circle. I've emailed the pattern writer but not received a response yet, and want to get this done. Does the pattern sound right, 60 stitches around..will it get wider as it goes up. I have either done something wrong or am misunderstanding something. Has anyone done these before and can guide me. They are all double crochet stitches.
  3. I can't cp the pattern in as it comes in gigantic and is all messed up. Here is the link to the pattern. http://www.scribd.com/doc/36270498/Best-Little-Girl-Cloche-Crochet-Pattern-ALL-SIZES-www-aestheticnest My problem is lines 9-10. At the end of round 9 there are 60 stitches. She says to chain 2 and then to do a hdc in the same stitch, and then one hdc into the remaining stitches, and that after this I should still have 60 stitches...no matter what I do, I am getting 61...and I think i should be getting 61 as I am putting a 2nd hdc in one stitch...consequently all the rounds where she says to do this should add a stitch so round 11 will be 62, round 12 63, etc? What am I doing wrong? Or does the pattern have an error? The first round says "Ch 2 (counts as first hdc here and in subsequent rounds", so the chains absolutely count as a stitch.
  4. irisheyes

    mittens help

    Brenna I can't help now, but tomorrow I am going to try to do this pattern: http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/mittens.shtml I've never done mittens before and I'm not an exp. crocheter, only done a few simple little baby blankets and now working on a hat, which hopefully will be done in the morning and the mittens will be easy and I'll get them all mailed by 5pm lolol... But I will post here tomorrow if they truly are easy...and in the meantime, mebbe if you posted about what your issues are in doing the mittens, others will chime in that CAN help you. I think nobody knows how to answer just yet as you haven't defined what your problems are. But in any event, i'll pipe up as soon as I can if this pattern i've chosen is easy.
  5. oh wow! so pretty!! great job!
  6. Wow, really?! Ok, I'll add a bunch more rows. I've only done baby afghans..and very few at that, till now and so I have no experience with hats, or the sweaters I'm planning next lolol. Thanks so much for your help. I dunno what I have done wrong to have it come out so small, my rows are about 3 per inch..the pattern doesn't have any gauge listed so I used the bigger hook listed and thought I'd be ok, but I guess I did something wrong.
  7. I'm making this hat for my nephew's birthday, and I must get it in the mail on Wednesday at the latest. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevs-bear-beanie.html I have done exactly as the pattern says for the larger (not toddler) version of the hat, worked with the same type of yarn she used, and size H hook...and it looks really small to me. My sister measured his head and it's 19.25 inches around. This hat, at the end of row 14, when folded flat on the table, is, at the longest point at the bottom of the hat, 9 inches from side to side, so a circumference of 18 which I *think* should be ok...however...while still folded flat, from the top center to bottom center, it is only 4.75 inches tall and the sides of the hat are not even that. Is this big enough? In the following chart, it says that the hat should be 8.5 inches tall? http://bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html#hat however when i measure a hat that I, an adult woman wear (hat does not roll up), from top to bottom it is only 7.5 inches... so.... I'm confuzzled lolol. I don't have any wee ones around me to check and see. Thanks for any help anyone can give!
  8. Thank you all so much..sorry to take so long to get back here but murphys law and all that... I will go look at the tutorial and hope I can get it as I'm running out of time lolol! Thanks again!
  9. http://www.rheatheylia.com/index.php?page=patterns&id=6 It says: 1. In Adjustable Ring: ch3 (counts as first dc and ch 1), *dc ch 1* 4 times, slip to first ch space, ch 1 (5 dcs 5 ch spaces) What does this mean...what is an adjustable ring?
  10. Ahhh, I feel better now. I thought it needed the other stitch, but I have already seen in the first blanket how prone I am to making errors, ripping out, starting over, making same error 20 rows along, ripping out, starting over lololol...I computed that I was doing 2 rows every 10 minutes, so should have 6 rows done in an hour...but because of my adding stitches, missing stitches, I had to rip them all out and I ended up MAYBE at 2 rows for the entire hour for the first 3/4 of the blanket lololol, and I am certain that on the border..because it didn't tell you how many stitches to put...I put way too many. But hey, this is how we learn so it's all good. Thank you so very much for your help Jean, sarisue and badrhinogillet! I appreciate every moment of your time spent trying to help me!
  11. argh...I am sorry I'm so dense, I still cannot get it. This is only the 2nd thing I've tried to crochet and I'm not a knitter and reading these patterns is very new to me and I think I must be reading it wrong. Heres what I'm doing..((st1) (st2) etc. show the stitches used from 1st round) drawing up loop in 2nd dc of round one. That is the dc directly to the left of the orginal chain 3 of round one as i am looking at it. Doing one chain after that, then sc, ch two, sc, (st1) ch1 in that same stitch I drew the loop up in and that makes the 1st corner That counts for one stitch of the 1st round. Skip the next dc,(st2) and sc (st3), ch 1, in next stitch 3 stitches used now of 1st round skip next dc (st4), sc (st5), ch2, sc (still stitch5), in next dc, ch1 5 stitches of first round used, and makes the 2nd corner skip next dc (st6), sc (st7), in next dc, ch1 7 stitches of first round used skip next dc(st 8), sc (st9), ch2, sc(still stitch 9), ch1 9 stitches now of first round used and 3rd corner made skip next dc (st10), sc(st 11), ch 1 11 stitches now of first round used skip next dc(st 12), sc (st 13), ch2, sc (still st 13), 13 stitches now used of first round and 4th corner made Now I am at the fourth corner and in between where I am now and the 1st corner made I have 2 dc and the starting 3ch first stitch of the 1st round, so I have the whole top row completely open but for the corners. Now the pattern says ch 1, skip next dc..(but I have 2 dc left and think I need to put a single crochet in the second one) and join to beg sc which is the 3 chain. If I do it according to how I'm reading the instructions, I have to span 2 dcs to join to the beg sc, and there is no middle single sc at the top of the square between the corners as there are on all the other sides. Where am I missing this stitch? Sorry to be so much trouble...and thank you so very much for taking the time you all have to help me. edit: Jean, i see where you are saying 3 stitches 4 sides...but as I read the instructions, I see it saying 3 stitches 3 sides and that they have left the sk st, sc for the top of the square out. I don't know if I'm reading it wrong or if I am supposed to infer the stitch there...but it's only my second pattern I'm reading and I'm pretty sure I gaffed the first one, lol, so I don't want to start off reading them incorrectly. I wish I could find a crochet teacher here where I am but I have no idea where to look for one.
  12. or am i supposed to stop in the 2nd true dc..which would be the 3rd dc in the first row including the 3ch dc?
  13. I started round 2 in the 1st real dc of round one, which is the 2nd dc as you count the ch 3 as the first dc. I joined in the 3rd chain of the beginning 3 chain which counted as the 1st dc and started rd 2 in the very next dc. There were 16 total dc including the beginning 3 chain. I've done it a gajillion times now over and over and keep getting the same thing, so either the pattern is wrong or I am doing somethig wrong somewhere, which is the more likely answer.
  14. heh, it says easy and I'm on the 2nd round and flummoxed....lololol.. Anyhows here goes rnd 1 (RS) With white, ch 4, sl st to join to form ring, ch 3 (counts as first dc thoughout), 15 dc in ring, join in 3rd ch of beg ch3, fasten off (16 dc) Got that one ok...here's rnd 2 Rnd 2: Draw up a lp of color in 2nd dc f rnd 1, ch 1, (sc, ch2, sc) in same dc as beg ch-1, [ch1, sk next dc, sc in next dc, ch1, sk next dc, (sc,ch2, sc) in next dc] 3 times, ch1, sk next dc, join in beg sc, sl st into next ch2 sp (4 ch-2 sps) Ok...after the 3rd sc/ch2/sc...i am to skip the next dc...but i have 2 dc left PLUS the dc that was the intial chain 3...if i skip all of them and join as it says, the middle puffs out...and there is no conformity with the rest of the sides having a single crochet in the middle of each side.. can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong? I paid for the pattern so you can't view it online, but here is a pic of the design http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=3349&cat_id=858&criteria= edit: is it possible that the pattern has an error and I am supposed to skip a stitch and put a single crochet in next stitch after the last corner?
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