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  1. edug8r97

    Baby Bubbles

    Lovely! Would love to which pattern since there are so many to look through!
  2. I made these two hat for a boutique board I belong to...and this week's challenge is Patriotic...so these two hats are what I came up with.
  3. Don't know why it is not working....it seems to be blocking out most of the url
  4. Here's the link: http://********************.com/2008/07/lil-pumpkin-hat-pattern.html
  5. It is made with handspun thick-n-thin yarn! My favorite yarn!!!
  6. Been making Halloween Hats Here's a Candy Corn - Pattern by Oh So Cute Designs Pumpkin Hat - pattern from this site...with my own modifications over the years. Loosely follow the pattern. Pattern Here
  7. I had a newborn session this past weekend and made this set the night before!
  8. edug8r97

    Cable Hat

    The pattern is from Rheatheylia.com...I did make some modifications and will try a few more tweeks on the next one. THis hat works up very thick...pattern calls for ww, but I think I will try something a little thinner next time. I also made smaller version too!
  9. I am addicted to Thick n Thin Super Chunky Yarn...I can't get enough of it!
  10. ADORABLE!!! Love it! Way cuter than the one I made. Love his 3D nose!
  11. The hat is really nothing special...but the yarn is totally scrumptious!! One of my favorites!!
  12. Very Pretty..you should post pics once it is one its intended little model!
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