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    the Netherlands
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    crochet, scrapbooking, reading, my garden
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    Babysitter, webdesigner
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    blankets and bags
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    2 years
  1. He thanks for the warm welcome! I can stay the whole day here, so much incredible inspiriations I have seen here! WOW.
  2. I'm Erika, 37 year, I live in the Netherlands, married to the most wonderful man in the world:manyheart, I have a 15 years old son, a 13 years old son and a 10 years old son and a 9 years old stephson. I've been addicted to crochet for 2 years and I was looking the internet for great sites where I can get my inspirations, now, I found it: Crochetville. It take's a lot of time, I guess, being here and read all the messages and watch the pictures! But I'm glad I'm here. Sorry, my written english is not too good, but I can read and understand everything and if you don't understand me, please ask me! Hope I have a great time here!
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