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  1. oooo oooo ooooh! i LOVE purple! i'd also love to be entered in the drawing!
  2. this is gorgeous! please add me to your drawing, i'd love to win your tote!
  3. make sure none of them say "superwash", however. superwash wools won't felt.
  4. tangers40

    Magic Circle

    it took me FOREVER to get that stupid thing down right. i used planetjune's tutorial most often, and finally one day, it just clicked and i've been using it since. just keep playing with it...you may eventually find a technique all your own that works.
  5. oh nuts, never mind then. our store carries a couple shades of green, a brick red, and grey. no purple at all...i know cuz i bought all the purple (name was "plum" something) the last time they had any. sorry!
  6. what general color is heather mist? our local store still carries it in a few colors. i can check next time i'm there.
  7. that is the most ridiculously cute thing i've ever seen! i love it!
  8. oh, please add me to this one! i'm going to start making some cotton yarn kitty toys for a kitty rescue, so small bits and partial skeins are perfect for making little things!
  9. i found my 9mm metal hook at walmart as well. they have a pretty small selection at my store, but just happened to have the size i needed. they had B thru J or so, then skipped up to N.
  10. ooooh! i'd love to be added! what a wonderful idea
  11. make a test swatch first. measure it before you put it in the washer, then again when it comes out. you can then determine the percentage it shrank (say, 25% or 50% of its original size), then make your real item size accordingly
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