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  1. make sure none of them say "superwash", however. superwash wools won't felt.
  2. tangers40

    Magic Circle

    it took me FOREVER to get that stupid thing down right. i used planetjune's tutorial most often, and finally one day, it just clicked and i've been using it since. just keep playing with it...you may eventually find a technique all your own that works.
  3. that is the most ridiculously cute thing i've ever seen! i love it!
  4. i've seen the scented sugar and cream in joanne's i believe, right next to the non-scented stuff. i smelled a couple and wasn't all that impressed. hardly a scent at all to my nose, anyway.
  5. i found my 9mm metal hook at walmart as well. they have a pretty small selection at my store, but just happened to have the size i needed. they had B thru J or so, then skipped up to N.
  6. make a test swatch first. measure it before you put it in the washer, then again when it comes out. you can then determine the percentage it shrank (say, 25% or 50% of its original size), then make your real item size accordingly
  7. update (since i totally forgot, haha): made up my bag and felted it. it's FAAAAAAAAAAR from perfect, but it's done and has been used twice now. lots of things i would/will do differently if i ever make a new one. but all in all, it's really not as bad as i was fearing it would be. ended up just using sc (didn't like the look of the hdc felt piece even more than i did the sc) with a big hook and felting with plain hot water.
  8. i haven't been crocheting long at all, yet yarn barfs are already the bane of my existence.
  9. oh my goodness how cute is that?! you totally pegged his facial expressions too. way too adorable.
  10. or do they mean they want a light contrasting color of yarn, not necessarily "light worsted" weight? no idea, but just a guess.
  11. awesome! i've just recently discovered your site, and let me just say how wonderful it is. please keep up the good work!
  12. (mind you, i'm a beginner, but as i had the exact same question when i started, i'll attempt to help!) ok, first, do you know how to make an adjustable/magic ring? if not, start there...there's lots of good tutorials floating around on the web. your first step is to make 6 sc into your ring (step 2 in your directions). then, do TWO sc into each of your 6 previous stitches (increase). that will give you 12 sc at the end of step 3. then, on step 4, you'll do a sc in the first stitch, TWO sc in the next stitch, one sc in the 3rd stitch, TWO sc in the 4th stitch....repeat this pattern all the way around which will give you 18 sc at the end. finally, slip stitch into the first stitch you made from step 4, chop off your yarn, and then pull thru the loop on your hook. voila! is this what you were looking for? hopefully this helped. if not, i'll defer to the experts that have been doing this lots longer than i have
  13. i use them all the time when doing amigurumi since lord knows i lose track every.single.time when trying to count stitches in my rounds. i also use them to hold the last loop on the hook when i stop in the middle of a project...i don't like to leave my hook in the project, so i hold the loop with a stitch marker and put my hook someplace where i won't lose it (i.e. back in my hook roll lol). i started out with a safety pin but quickly found that it snagged my yarn more than i cared for, so i bought some of the plastic clover brand ones too and love them.
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