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  1. I have a folder that I labeled "work to be done." I keep adding patterns to it, so it seem never ending especially since I don't go by it exclusiviely. I make things for charity and as gifts and if someone order something. However, when nothing is in demand I just go by what's in my folder since there is always tons of patterns in it. Also, I always have at least three different projects working on.
  2. Working on xmas stockings for family and friends and also a poncho for my daughter.
  3. I did not know where to post this so, I post it here. Just want to wish everyone a happy and bless 2012.
  4. Hello Janeen and Welcome. Youtube is a good place to start.
  5. Hi Danube and welcome to Crochetville.
  6. I vote all of the above. 1. I need it for a project; 2. I like it and I will find a project to use it on; 3. I have no clue what I'm going to make, but I just have to buy it because I see it. Oh and number 4 gets me everytime "YARN SALE". I am so addicted to crocheting and because of that I am addicted to buying yarn. Here is a funny story....Last month I was on my way to South Carolina to visit my son and granddaughter, two exits before we need to get off, I say a hobbylobby store sign. I wanted to see if all the hobbylobby store carry the same sort of yarn (well that was my excuse for getting off at that exit), and of course I have to buy something, so I end up spending $30 in yarn...hubby was not happy, but oh well, he'll get over it.
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