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  1. This is what the final blanket ended up looking like. I remember I had like 4 skeins going of the green that I just kept carrying over until I got to the end of the row diagonally. This is long since finished and given away to a friend in another country, and I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the back. but it turned out alright using the method in the pattern.
  2. Thanks for your help, I have it figured out now!
  3. Yep, it's a brick worked on the diagonal. What it says exactly is, "Always change colors in the same manner. Keep unused color to wrong side of work; do NOT cut yarn until color is no longer needed. When working verical blocks of CC (that's the green color), use a separate skein for each set of blocks." It's pretty ambiguous on what to do with the unused color, which is why I am so confused. It doesn't state "finish off" anywhere until the very end of the pattern, so I am assuming you're not actually supposed to cut any ends and weave them in anywhere until the end.
  4. Thanks! Yes, that's the blanket I am working on.
  5. I have a leisure arts pattern I am working called "Wee Irish Chain". The pattern says to change colors without cutting the yarn, keep the yarn to the wrong side of the work. I am assuming you're supposed to pick the yarn back up again to continue with the same color, but the first time I changed colors and tried this, the color I needed to pick up was on the opposite end of the row. So I undid my work and tried again, this time working over the loose yarn, but it looks terrible when I do it that way. Has anyone made this pattern and can tell me the correct way to do this, because I am at a loss. Thanks!
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