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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcome! @ tnkycrochetnut - Im from Louisville as well! I love it here, but lately the heat has been miserable.. Gotta love it!
  2. Carovan - I checked out the site you linked, and found a recent post with the EXACT same question! http://www.crochetgarden.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=432&t=10296&sid=719574597d17b7483b6abd31ba1d745c I will continue on and hope for the best! Thanks again for everyone's help! Very much appreciated!
  3. @ Carovan - thanks for the link! I will definitely check out her website and maybe get further clarification. @ Heather - I have never done multi post stitches around one post either, but Im sure there are lots of things I've yet to do! It isnt a pattern from a blog, but that doesnt mean it cannot have errors! @ Magic - That is the correct book, but its actually pictures #3 and #6 # 6 http://www.anniesattic.com/image.html?prod_id=22313&slide_id=5 This gives a pretty good picture of the stitching, and what I've done looks nothing like that! LOL
  4. It's a digital download pattern from Annie's Attic; Lisa's New and Easy Cable Afghans - Pine Valley. It wasn't explained in the stitch guide in the back, but after looking for the umpteenth I did find it in the pattern notes. It is just 5 fpdc's around st indicated. Thanks for the help! LOL
  5. nichole615

    5 fpdc cable

    Hello! I was hoping I could get some help with a pattern I'm just starting. I have picked up most everything I know on my own, and no one around who can help me. Here is how the pattern reads: Row 2 (RS) Ch 1, sc in first st, fpdc around nxt st, sk st behind fpdc, *working in front lps, sc in ea of the nxt 2 sts, sk nxt 2 sts, 5 fpdc cable around next st, sk nxt 2 sts, sc in frt lp of ea nxt 2 sts, fpdc around next st**, sc in frt lp of ea nxt 3 sts, sk next st, 3 fpdc cable around nxt st, sk nxt st, sc in frt lp of ea nxt 3 st, fpdc around nxt st, rep from * around, ending last rep at **, sc in last st, turn. I know what a fpdc/bpdc stitch is, but Im confused by the "cable." There is nothing in the stitch guide that explains more then how fpdc, no cable details. Do I simple do 5 fpdc's around the same post? Is there a trick to it? Any thoughts, suggestions, or insight would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everyone! New to forum, been crocheting several years but never got into anything advanced. Hoping to start now!
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