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  1. I am wondering though, as some of the comments asked, what do you do if you want to keep the same color for every row? It would get a little tedious and time consuming to have to cut the yarn after every row plus, I hate weaving in the ends!! Has anyone found a way to do this without cutting the yarn each time? Thank you for the link...you all are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all the help.
  2. Love all the ideas. Have any of you crocheted a basket? It would be great to have a crocheted basket to put some bath items or kitchen items in and then they can use the basket for something. I thought about making the ice skates as an ornament/gift topper to add with the everyday stuff I give. Whatcha think???
  3. Ok Sue - as you can tell, I am anxiously awaiting. I have yet to order one but have been asking Marleen a lot of questions. I am sure she wishes I would either order one or forget it. Can't wait to see what you have been busy working on.
  4. Thank you all for the suggestions and the links. I love Teresa's videos and have learned a lot from them. That is how I learn best - by seeing what is being done. I tore out what I had done and am going to try it again using a few different techniques. You guys are awesome....
  5. Ok, so when I come to the sl st at the end, my next stitch to start the round would be the no-chain dc (that's what I prefer) and then do I go to the next stitch and do my dc or do I need to dc into the same stitch as the no-chain? That's what confuses me on rounds. When do you dc into the same chain and when do you go to the next one. I worked on it tonight and the seam is not straight - it is shifting. I know looks don't matter on this project (atleast not this particular one cause I am keeping it) but I would like to give them as gifts and I won't be able to if they look like this. Is it natural to find rounds so confusing? I want to make amigurumi things but until I conquer crocheting in the round, I don't dare try. I really appreciate your help.
  6. It is located at: http://desperatehouselife.blogspot.com/2008/05/crochet-bag-dispenser.html
  7. I am trying to make a crochet bag dispenser. It says to CH3 at the beginning of each round but does not state if that is counted as the first DC or not. I am finding crocheting in the round to be very difficult. Is it just me? There are so many awesome patterns of things I would love to make but this isn't worth it if my stuff comes out looking bad. Thanks
  8. I am having trouble with this too. If I do the "no chain" method, does that still count as the "first dc" or not? Where do I put the next dc if I am just continuing the round and where do I put the next dc if I need to increase? To me, this is the most confusing part of doing rounds and probably the reason I hesitate to do patterns that use them. Can we get more help/suggestions/tutorials please????
  9. Sue - I am still waiting to see your creation....anything yet???
  10. Great ideas. I was thinking everyday items would probably be best. Now it's just deciding what to make. Since I am in the desert heat of Arizona - we don't get much use for hats, scarves or mittens. I am thinking potholders, dishcloths and scrubbies. Tyring to come up with some neat little packaging idea to make the set look cute. Keep the suggestions coming!! I can use them all.
  11. Hi Everyone - Do you think I should crochet items to give to people for Christmas that are Christmas related or items they can use everyday? Which do you think people prefer? What items have you found that people enjoy receiving??? Thanks for your help -
  12. I was able to email her and she sent it to me. Thank you to Eva for sharing. I can't wait to make it. Thanks everyone!!
  13. Hi - I came across this thread for a Ladybug Bookmark but the link for the pattern is no longer working. Does anyone out there happen to have it? Thank you
  14. I have been searching for a ladybug bookmark and was so excited to find this but the link is no longer working. Does anyone out there have this pattern??? Thank you -
  15. If I use the stuff from the store (regular spray starch) - do I have to iron it in order to get it to be stiff?
  16. You are so helpful. Thank you very much for doing this diagram. It helps me to see where the stitches need to be. You are wonderful. I am getting ready to start another one. Now it will look just like it should. Thank you again for your help!!
  17. Hi - I need some help on this beautiful bookmark. I have been making the shorter ones (black & tan) in your picture. My ends are not looking right. I am not understanding the instructions on what to do when you get to each of the ends: skip next free loop, sl st in next chain Love these bookmarks - they are so beautiful, especially if I could get them to turn out like yours!! Thank you
  18. Just wondering if you have had a chance to use the EdgeryDoo yet??? I am anxious to see a picture of what you created with it.
  19. Thanks everyone for such great suggestions. I almost bought the "Stiffen Stuff" but decided on the "Fabric Stiffener". I will try that and the high gloss spray starch from the laundry isle next to see which I like best. Thanks again!
  20. Thank you for your reply - that is the exact same one I am using!! How funny. I am not diluting it though - using it full strength. Maybe that is why it is dulling the thread??? Did you put it in another bottle after you mixed it with water or how did you do that? Still not sure what I should do with it, apply it to one side or both. It's easy to use though.
  21. I have made 12 bookmarks for my moms Bunko group and would like to stiffen parts of them. I would like something that is easy (ie. buy in a store) and that doesn't dull the thread. I need to do this before Saturday!! I found some stuff I used on a couple of them but it dulls the sheen of the thread. Is this normal with most stiffeners/starches?? Any suggestions? What if I just stiffen one side of the bookmark - would that be weird? HELP!!!
  22. I wish I was on a cruise!! How fun for you. I am looking forward to seeing what you created with it and the ease of it's use. Kathy
  23. Did you get your EdgeryDoo yet and have you used it? Please post pictures of your first project and your experience using it. Thanks
  24. Ok, on my second try here - getting stuck on Round 4 where it says: sl st in ch1 space working over sl st from Round 3 I think I did this part wrong on the first bookmark because when I look at it now, it does not look right.
  25. WOW - all I can say is, I don't think I am going to give this one away!!! I don't even know how I got it finished and I am scared to try another one but I do love it. Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate it. Now I have to decide if I want to starch it a little or not...... Kathy
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