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  1. very cute Mj, busy bees huh lol just like you!!
  2. hi every one good to see you all back and posting was quite a dry spell there a time before, considered shutting this thread down lol but I didnt lol not much here, we have decided to get some new windows, and handy of ourse will put them in, hes done it many times for others, now rts our turn lol that job will startin May i think, when we can more count on the weather to cooperate with the job lol The trio of windows in the living room are going to be first and then move on from there lol all for now, i hear the lunch bell so good for you good numbers on labs, and ev
  3. hi all cloudy and going to rain here, but thats oh i guess if not for the rainy days we would not appreciate the sunny ones huh lol well a week later and we dont have any side effects from our 2nd shot, so Apri 15th, we will be fully vaccinated!! Oh that is thunder!! well better get off now and tend to my chores, wishing you all good health, and happiness!!
  4. yay, mj, my last one april 1, lol the tunnel is long, but i see your little loght glowing now!!!
  5. krys, you sure must have an angel on your shoulder!! Glad to hear you got your yarn!!
  6. bright, warm sunshiney day here, enjoying the birds that are back Our 2 turtle doves, plus their most likey 2 offspring are back and coo coo each morning!! The woodpeckers hammes out his tapping, and we saw a blue jay at the feeder Rabbits are crazy this time of year, dancing and playing leap frog, and tag, turkeys have not made an appearance yet, im hoping there is a herd left, with all these foxes, and now coyotes in the area Deer munch the new grass in the meadow across the way, they are so pretty My friend that lives right cross from the meadow, she has a deer come up to her fence for
  7. rain coming here again today handy has half a ham in the oven for ham, and ?? lol WE are fine, hope everyone is, thanks krys, and reni C for the bday wishes all here, over and out ?
  8. Hi Brenda glad you are through it, daughter had that one day and then gone too I am finally getting a first inoculation of covid vaccine in March on my birthday, none the less!! But I cannot think of a better b- day gift than that, Hope on the aquare front, i had/ have as i still do, been 2 seamers down all month. me and my newest co-mod, and our most reliable overflow seamer are holding the fort down though Are you all sure you wouldnt like to o a ghan lol think about it So mid March me and handy will get shot up, i guess My last Dr appt in Feb was great ne
  9. well krys, the teachers i know personally, are dedicated Ans want to come back but safely, with minimal risk to the kids, and themselves, im sure you would feel the same huh I am glad my daughter is grown as i probably if she were little, would want the teachers back, but at the safest possible available ways Most in my opinion, are anxious to go back, and see "thier" kids. I guess to me the glsss is half full, not huff empty huh to each his own
  10. Hi all at least thongs are moving wherer as before, it was all ignored and lied about I*m glad to be back at thr Paris Accord, and the WHO, and the Iran Nuclear deal, i feel safer already and all in one month!! And covid is on the board for annihilation!! and we are getting innoculations Im good lol
  11. well finally was able to keep my dr. appt. got an a+ and a fist bump, said whatever i am doing, keep doing, its working lol glad as hec its over though, i always stress at these appts lol I always use my rollator when im going some where like that, and it does not have snow tires, nor chains lol had a celebratory dinner, made some ribs, and ate um all up lol i am getting hungry for biscuits, and something lol kind of a dreary dark day, cold but no snow so yay we are ahead of the game, cant speak to tomorrow, though lol well to everyone, a good day, keep well, and stay war
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