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  1. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    oh sorry lyn i usually make tje acarves 50 to 60 inchs long by 6 inches or so wide, give or take a few on either is ok with me lol
  2. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    h i all i have been keeping busy re learning or practicing my touch typing skills and am discovering every keyboard is a learning experience lol Then when i get good again lol i will type up some notes and revisions and stuff on a story i wrote a while back, i only have the rough draft on paper and want it all done so i can put it on a thumb drive and save it. first job was to find a word processor online as microsoft is not a given anymore with windows unless you buy the app i found a decent one but with no spell check and i really need that so back to the drawing board i finally found a good one with spell check lol so im good to go i guess now so no more procrastinating lol Those darn tablets spoiled me for touch type as you had to use one or two fingers on them and i couldn't use the touch type on them so i got used to that i dont now how the people do it on cell phones So i got the first two pages re wrote and cleaned up and that is all for now lol I also might try to re submit it but this time to a children's publisher back in the day, i only had the writers Market guide, and these days, we have the internet!!I am hoping to find one that accepts it lol i did collect lots of encouraging rejection letters though lol I think i framed them lol I really believe it is a good story for kids other than that all's well oh we are expecting to get up to 8 more at least inches of snow this weekend we have no idea where to put it lol I guess that old man W still has some ooomph left huh who says when enough is enough though maybe if we all shout it together huh ok on three one two three enough winter!! maybe he will get it now huh!!
  3. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    oh hi lyn i make them mostly between 50 and 60 inches long and about 6 inches wideor so give or take a few lol
  4. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    cute lil piggy my!!
  5. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    oh bgs so sorry to hear that, we too, added five more inches of the white stuff overnight.too late in my opinion for this much snow, huh,, I too was worried for handy falling but so far so good between him and the neighbor and his snowblowers, they got er done, and did a couple neighbors too,. talked to my daughter yesterday, as my netflix started talking to me, announcing the show title, and such, and she told me how to turn that off, but i never turned it on to begin with lol ill do that a bit later, doesn't bother me really, i just mute it but i didn't' have that before, lol sun is actually starting to come out a bit, and its drippy out there, but more snow coming on the weekend, oh joy, huh sll got noe, ill castch up later on, ta ta for now
  6. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    sorry to hear that mj i know mine always hover a 6.0 -6.2 but that is norm for me and every one is different maintaining the norm is hard at best but necessary i guess
  7. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    hi ya snow bear!! good to see your post better rain than snow huh lol have you signed up on the wish list, you should so maybe we can keep it going again i use it often for little ideas for people lol but a lot of the times i have their addys so dont have to check for that but i guess i still should lol i had a bit of trouble finding it last time i looked for it but went right to it and signed up this time i can not think of too much i need so it seems so i just listed some things off the top of my head most important is for people to use it to keep it going i think well glad i checked in when my notice thing went off cause im glad to see you posting again all for now
  8. katyallen8090

    2019 Wish List

    ok i found it lol im glad too its back i am always referring to this list for goodies to send i guess i will list what i can 1. if you want to make a hat or a scarf (warm winter weight) for my favorite charity i will send it off with my things to them or keep them for next years donations to them or if you prefer i could send out the address to you and you could mail them something with me in mind 2. now that i drink coffee now and then, i would love to try some new tasty teas too 3. any thing sugar free, as it hard to find much here in the way of candy or cookies or even crackers i like werthers originals and stovers sugar free anything lol 4 I use clover hooks pretty exclusively for crochet , mostly the upper ones from g to k so anyone of those as im always losing or misplacing the one I need lol 5 I guess i should list a fold up or roll up or hard case for the hooks huh lol 6 notions such as yarn needles, stitch markers , and other little help full things 7 last but not least send me a note about you, or anything you make, or a hello card or postcard and show me your city!!
  9. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    hi everyone i never got the whole groundhog thing , Mary jo, lol so never paid it much mind but 6 to 8 more inches of snow in the next 24 hours still means old man winter is a stubborn old fool huh!! if old man winter is waiting for a cheaper flight to the beach he better get packed up real fast before all the good first class seats are gone!! well talked to sis today her speech has really gotten so bad,she had a speech therapist but fired her a while back so ... what i could understand of our conversation is she is ok for now, said she has fallen three times so dr. says she can not go anywhere without the rollator i got for her months back said she didnt get hurt, but her scoliosis in her back is getting worse too her body is deteriorating I think, little by little, and she says there is no cure for all her ills well today is bright, sky looks like snow, but sun peeks out now and then old Sol is trying to trick Old man winter by faking him out with sunshine, but in these temps, (3) this am he is trying in vain i think Old man winter has a little bit left for us i think yet to come . He is such a blustery bully sometimes!! looking forward to my lunch today, as i have 1/2 my sweet onion teriyaki chicken sub sandwich left from yesterday so many fresh vegies in it, i love it lol and Handy has hid philly beef and cheese lol then ill do some chores perhaps, and then sit for a bit and crochet or something so hope you all are ok, sandra glad you are posting again, we all missed you, pineknot how did the colon thing go?Mary Jo glad your numbers were good for you both hi carol and trib and avon too all for right now i may be back after chores and lunch though lol
  10. i have completed 4 scarves and one hat in the last couple of weeks might go out in march or ill save them for next winter not sure yet
  11. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    oh forgot, i finished Dexter last evening wow what a good series im awaiting season 9!! and here are four scarves and one hat i finished in the l ast week or two
  12. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Uggh pineknot. Bright sunny day here, the white of the thawing isnow giives the look of glitt er sprinkled about. Glad the snowy weekend is now but a memory,, Well got my tablet working again all by myself too. It wa as s as easy as a ve reset, and a chrome update lol. Who knew huh. I missed it but it is still too small for me to to use much but at least iby have it lol. so forgive my boo boos ok lol.
  13. Thats a huge donarion ratdog!, They ae e Much needed. Thank you for sharing. e much needed!,
  14. anyone working on a project for charity out there im looking for ideas lol
  15. katyallen8090

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    well got to the last season of Dexter but bout 7 more half hour to hour episodes it has been a really good series if you can get past the language in places and the blood in others oh and the whole premise of a serial killer cant forget that well the sister cop( Lt) is onto him but decides to not to arrest him but try to change him she is fighting the bottle now and pills and is seeing a shrink dexter tries to get things back the way they were between them, them but now deb has killed as well and looks to him to cover up and clean up her mess, and the guilt of her trying to kill them both but but how long will she be able to handle it, no one knows ok then lol on to the days happenings which arent much snowed another 4 to 4 and a half inches and we are rather tired of the snow now lol wish we could get rid of it for good you know worked on yet another scarf they seem to go fast and i really havent thought yet of anything else i can do so... all i have are the ends to weave in and ill roll it and box t with the others oh got a thank you from the women's shelter for previous boxes i mailled this month and have sent out the squares i had ready earlier so im good to go lol think ill take a break and work for a bit on the shelves or something in here lol later enjoy your day!!