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  1. hello all, been a little bit since i was here, we didnt have power for a while, but good now. some people still without, ours was fixed quickly cos of underground lines. most were not that lucky hurricane Omaha did a lot of of trees downed and wires hot. good to go now and closest i ever wanna be to a Fl hurricane!! Then before that we put in new windows, no harm done there, and then a sink clog, that required replacing and re arranging some pipes, so the water flowed at more of an angle, for which handy did and that is done, in the time after that the kids were here to grill out so
  2. well once again we have power, after what they are calling now, Hurricane Omaha came through a coiuple days ago took only 16 hours for us here to get power back on, but we had a generator keeping our well stocked freezer and frige from being ruined so, not too bad here, lots of downed trees, 90 mph winds catagorized it as cat 2 hurricane.. closest i ever wanna get lol 89,000 still without power, but they are making progress, it was initially 275,000 out and they are working hard to get everyone back on grid asap. cleaning up trees, and hot wires takes time i guess. we did
  3. hi all glad to see you all safe and hopefully out of harms way lanother blasting hot an humid day on its way, the neighbors ac went out yesterday,will be 3 to 5 days before a part comes in, so they are hot at their house .. lol july,s 2 ghans going to post office tomorrow, and aaaaaaaugust, 2, well one is done lol fourth was loud, smokey and hot, glad for the wild life that is over, must seem like Pearl Harbor to them this time of year so, hot and humid, rule of the day, I am going to play with some yarn now lol
  4. ok newest one, all double stranded 3 ply yarns, thick, warm, and rather hard on my wrists lol I bent 2 bent tip needles and not at the tip either but in the middle of he needles putting this one together, but well worth the needles, and the labor if this ghan warms some ones heart, body and soul right!!t thanks all all, you all inspire me, what else would turn this "hates sewing" girl into a seaming monster!!!
  5. thanks Bgs, it has been a labor of love, throughtout for all that participate. i started saying ill seam one hahaha that was a long time and many ghans afo lol from the square makers to the seamers to our cheerleaders, and beyond , , take a bow!! It takes a team, to acheive the dream!! we are well on our way !!
  6. i hope so Reni, they give them to those that request them, free of charge, which is how i like it lol thanks any size, any colors, men women, kids teens they can use all sizes!!
  7. all for now, back to work one on the table awaiting trim lol thanks for looking, thanks for the nice encouragement and inspiration to keep doing it all!!
  8. well hi all been keeping cool and or dry lately?? We finally got a break of a few days from the rain, and our windows in and done, the other ones we had to order might come before summer is but a memory lol if we are lucky Now hubbs is painting the white shutters and trim on the house, before we even think about painting the house this year lol so he has been a busy bee lol he got a couple gift cards on Fathers day, and he got brick molding for the windows, caulking, paint, and some other odds and ends for the house outside. we will be sparkling new, when he is done lol that is
  9. here is one i just completed yesterday it is made from all 12inchers, it went fast, and turned out nicely I will post a pic soon
  10. bubble wrapped, too funny sandra!!! how are you now MJ?? busy day today, putting new window in my craft room nothing can quite describe how hammering/ and or sawing, shatter my morning peace and quiet coffee time lol but we all make sacrifices right!!! lol hope all your fathers out there, had a good day, we did, ate and then binged on Indiana Jones trilogy lol daughter is giving us another new tv even bigger, and it has surround sound system too, i told her, we are getting much too tekki!!! lol but ok!! she says, no, just modernized lol here is Maxie ay his brushing /
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