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  1. thanks mj ill check that out wel the call is out on rav about needing 1 o2 more seamers, and i hope we get some bites, as i feel almost like im doing this alone you know well keep everything crossed someone pops up for me ok lol
  2. that has all changed now, its up to the square makers, if they are confident in weavin in ends seculy, do so, if they hate that part, leave them for ud either way is fine with us, we are i guess not as strict on that as Pam (may she rest in peace) was and also, we dont mind a few all black or off white squares either, as that was another of Pam's things we changed we seamers are absolutely positive now, after 5 nonths of us seaming, doing this, we know for sure she had to have help either her church group, or many family members, cause three of us are trying to keep up lol we have two of us co-moderators on our forum, that totally agree with that,me is one lol and one other helper, we send overflow to,who also agrees but they both work, i dont, so their progress is slower, so that is why we are thinking of another helper to take overflow thanks all 💙💜 💚
  3. yes agreed krys, we as the new moderators have left that up to the square makers now, send them securly woven in or leave them out and we will do them either way we are happy to get the squares, either way i used to hate seaming and weaving in ends, but honestly it goes rather well now and i can usually weave in any ends i get in a little time as for seaming, takes longer but still going well lol thanks for the question Kyrs 💚💙💜
  4. well lyn there you are, how sre you doing anyway?? good to see ya again too!!
  5. im just throwing this out there, but would anyone be interested in seaming some squares into ghans?? you would get as many squares as you wanted to put together, until you said stop lol it will only cost a bit of postage to send them out if you decide to do it ok no pressure, not a problem if no one wants to tackle it seaming is a specified talent, and acquired taste you know lol thanks just asking if anyone is interested below is my number 6 enjoy used up all the 12 inchers i had left
  6. yeah the lights, that is how i knew it must be a migraine, scared me you know!!
  7. oh in other news, uh, lemme think lol still seaming, and sorting and weaving in ends for afghans for Pine Ridge, its my life now seaming sorting, and weaving in ends lol but i have a pretty decent system for it all lol works for me anyway ..if any of you are cruising around being bored and all, drop in on ravelry, under groups, Afghans for Pine Ridge, and say hello, or join the chatter, or just look at the Pics id be glad to see ya there ! 🤎💜💙💚💛https://www.ravelry.com/groups/afghan-squares-for-pine-ridge-reservation
  8. oh sorry about the migraine, i have thank goodness only had them a couple times in my whole life, one time i knew i couldnt even drive so i called in a sick day, and you know, my inconsiderate boss, still wanted me to try, i made it to the driveway, turned around and went back in.. i was not going to risk my health for him lol he never asked me again to go against my own decisions so that at least stopped that lol things seemed never the same after that lol oh well, huh
  9. hi sandra, i havent found any in my stuff yet, but sometimes a couple neighbors will buy yarn at a garage sale or something and give it to me, so we will see thanks for the compliment too, they were fun to do, addictive, lol
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