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  1. i too bgs was shocked by the news about Pam, I was literally speechless for a while after reading it.. I dont know her age, but i do know she had a caring and generous soul and I wish for her family all the best going forward .. overcast today had a call from my ins. to check how we are, she was surprised to here we didnt have a lock down, but we have enacted our own stay at home stay well policy till if and when our state wises up and enacts one most people i know have been following that plan so people stay in stay well, catch you later!!
  2. being invested in repairs as handy is, i can verify many trips to a hardware place for parts and such but not any yarn or hook emergencies foreseen in my immediate future lol unless they invent a new drain cleaner called modpodge or redheart..lol Its really a rock, or a hard place, health vs. economy, i chose health at this time
  3. bad news everyone sorry to be the bearer of this particular news, i just read on ravelry, that Pam, our lady in Louisiana we all sent/ send squares to, has passed away she will be remembered for her giving spirit, and her undying devotion to the cause rest in peace, my friend, gone, but not forgotten all our condolences to her family
  4. hi all hows it going everyone? rather overcast today, but not raining yet so i can handle it lol dont have any project going, just biding time lol daughter is back at work as of Monday, and doing fine, hubbystill has about a week more to go before he feels 100% again we are looking at the store tomorrow for groceries, so the masks wil lget used best thing about them they are washable, handy used his this am to go to the Rotella bread store, and said everyonethere ws wearing masks, so, there ya go.. when he got in, he threw his in the sink. hot water and a bit of chlorox , and hung to dry so it is clean for tomorrows outing our ham last night was delish, and the gravy even turned out excellent with gravy sometimes, its hit or miss, lol this was a hit lol daughters boss's wife conducts a sewing circle i guess and her and her people, made all daughters people masks, worked on them really hard, and they are nice too..I think i will go and find something to do, i never have the tv on in the day cause it distracts me from doing other things lol handy has the living room one on though unless hes not here all for now, stay in, stay safe, take care
  5. oh big newsFlorida is now on statewide lockdown!!thank goodness, but lets hopeits not to late huh i hope my state follows suit and soon
  6. This my friends IS the new normal. whether we like it or noot so onto a new note, went through some things today, just organized them, and read that a lot of the yarn mills are locked down so now get ready for a yarn shortage as well i guess.. t hats it for me today till later, stay in, stay well is the motto of the day? week? month? chose your answer lol
  7. that is so nice bgs, and for the record, im a browser, lol handy is the shop and grabber, heads straight for the meats, before someones buys them all out lol I like to look around and i do the produce aisle, stopping to drool at the deli, and bakery lol but we compromise, usually meet up in the cat food aisle, or canned goods, or frozen food aisles lol then after that lol when necessary lol our one neighbor across the street had her daughters kids bring over a store bag ad just hang it on the door and leave they did a good job of no contact inside was some fruit, some toilet paper, and that too was unexpected we washed the fruit, and i lysol sprayed the t paper so it is ok that was nice too, with a note inside, that he daughter and grand kids will do whatever we might need done, in the way of shopping or scripts and such and left a phone number so that was nice another neighbor asked to borrow some flour as they didnt have any left last time they shopped, luckily i had plenty so handy left it on his deck , he is taken care of, and the circle of kindness continues to him now to help someone i guess His random act will be placing our trash cans out tomorrow if handy hasn't already got it done lol or do a lady down the streets i know he helps out that way too so it continues on my friends so the baton will be passed had a good supper last night, i call it camper stew, as we made it when we camped , handy calls it hobo stew because when he was small, he came across a hobo once on his biking adventures, and this hobo guy was so kind to this curious little kid, he was making this on an outside grill, and made him one, and handy says he thanked Zeek, as was his name, and they sort of came waving passing type friends till one day Zeek must have pulled out on midnight train, without even a goodbye, and he was crushed, but then there on the ground, by the old grate he had put over the fire, a store bag, with a bag of marsh mellows in it, and a note from Zeek, written on an old envelope back, Zeek wrote he wished he had been able to say goodbye, but the old train whistle tugged at his heart, and a traveling man, well he gots to travel thanks for being my friend, till we met again, your friend, Zeke in, old Zeeks hobo stew , make a couple single burgers, place one each on a piece of foil, more than one if you both want one, lol put it in a sheet of foil, add to the foil on top of the burger, chopped taters, cut carrots, even vegies left over like green beans or corn, and always onion and peppers, and a little butter and garlic fold the foil tight over the contents, crimp the ends tightly,put in the oven about 350 - 400 guess as im not sure what temp he used and in about well less than an hour actually, you take out the pouches and open them on your dinner plate, and wala, a whole meal hot and filling and all in one place!! It is always good and if you are real careful not many dishes either lol tonight i dunno lol we'll figure out something lol we have a smallish chest freezer, for meat and our bread and are relatively sure, since all our lines are underground here, that the electricity wont go out so we keep it stocked most of the time if we can i can only remember twice in the time we have been here, almost 12 years now, that it went out, at the substation and only for 10 minutes once and a half hour the other time so dot dot dot crossing my fingers XXXXX well im off i guess, hope you are are well, nice to see you sandra and Chris, and avon too see ya soon stay well, stay in, stay calm lol
  8. and in other news, oh wait, i have none lol just checking in to see all your smiling woeds lol πŸ˜‚
  9. welcome to the realty of corona i guess, everyone .. daughter is not feeling ill at all now, hubby is doing ok, still in isolation both till next week for daughter, and after that even longer for him she is working from home, he can not, so is occupying his time then, playing video games im sure we all will benefit from a monetary amount, as always some more than others but will be happy to receive whatever help we do all get to whomever with the unpacked grocery bags, just get a can of lysol if you dont want to wash them all off, it should do it huh?? or use rubber or plastic gloves and toss all canned goods into a sink of water, with a bit of chlorox added i learned way back when i worked in bakery, i was taught to add a bit or Clorox to the huge sink of pans, when i did pans, and have used that practice for a hundred years lol we always shoot a few sprays of a squirt bottle of Clorox and water we keep on the sink, into our wash water, at least, and sometimes the rinse too course we handwash most of our dishes, the diswasher we have seems to use so much water and we are conserving our share i guess lol a dishwasher though, i would think, would kill germs with its heat, steam and drying, so put your canned goods in them lol for a quick run through lol florid has the heat, its anyones guess if that will help coral this thing it feels to all of us, im sure, like the end of the world for all we know, might be huh but i prefer the glass to be half full, and believe someday, this too will pass huh last i checked my state only had 60 some positive acting cases, but the spread factor is what we are trying to make a hole in somehow in my county, Douglas. are 39 of those cases. and neighboring Sarpy co. has like 4 or something we are closest to the line between the 2 counties, almost on tthe line i guess, but are officially Dougls co.. so, more than you wanted to know i guess huh lol We are on week 3 of sheltering in place well back to something, gotta few things to do, take care all, please stay well, bgs, my best to sis
  10. daughter is on last week of isolation, but now hubby seems sick so he is home she will head back to work on monday if permitted, he is just starting his 2-3nweeks of isolation daughter had very mild symptoms, for which they didnt think a test was required for, just prescribed a 3 to more week isolation in her home or at least 7 more days past the day her temp returned to normal she is on her last 7 days
  11. here, they alcohol wipe down those caed machines,wvery 30minutes as also the self checking lanes and number pads
  12. yes please!! news from daughter, said her temp has to be normal for 24 hours at least , hers has not yet been normal that long.. she doesn't mind working at home, so shes ok at least she is one of the luckier ones to do that huh after her temp stays normal for 24 hours, she still has to stay quarantined for 7 more days! so it might be a while lol she has mild symptoms, some diarrhea and a breathing thing earlier, but it passed and she just feels tired they are watching hubbys temp now too, both sheltering in place so as not to spread anything she is in good spirits, kind of enjoying her home-work lol and her appitite is normal
  13. well same old stuff, different day huh we are still sheltering in, as we expect there will be a national lockdown soon for all states i guess that is our only defense right now I cant believe they locked down california, sheesh huh i find it hard to concentrate on much else these days, so my crochet seems to be on hold till further notice, so i clean a lot, and color sometimes and play luxor on my laptop, and and and lol we expect a national state wide lock down soon, one person designated out of the household to do the store thing if necessary.. shortages of everything, store shelves are emptying quickly, and supplies trucks are running at least a week or more behind, to refill the shelves when available the economy is crashing, hospitals out of room, and supplies, and staff, nothing is really being done if you are 55 and older, you are high risk no where to go, no where, safest in home i guess, our only defense so far if you are not worried, you are not human this will affect everyone and is estimated that each of us, before this is over, will know someone we care for, a friend, a neighbor, a relative that will die from this, scared, is justified, totally ok in other news, i think, or have deduced, from scant info available hat Pam has corona and will be in hospital for several weeks with serious complications I understand, so squares are on hold till further notice i wish i could sew masks, but as you know gave away my machine darn it so like i said i am on alert, i am trying to stay somewhat occupied, and still, it is always there you know stay safe, stay in if you can, tak care of each other ok
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