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  1. icon is my mini up close and personal lol she knows shes pretty !!! lol
  2. itits like we never expet to be thanked for anything that is not what is is about but now and then sure is nice to kn ow it was appreciated huh!!
  3. here we are the 500 stitch 12 inchers lol
  4. i should have sent out thank you notes for mine!! my excuse is i didnt have any and couldnt get any as i still wasnt feeeling well but i did thank you all involned in this thread as i d0 remember that lol but it was a nice 0surprise and her note as did my ghan made my day
  5. its over here just witnessed the ominous light reduction but really just looked lkike a really bad storm was coming then a minute or two later it started to brighten up an the street lights went on again we watched coverage here on a local news channel and it was good coverage however still left me sort of under-whelmed i guess is a good word lol all in all next one is 2045 lol those are adorable mary jo!! and hi to holly glad all is going well Glad potty training is done sandra lol take a well earned break now Thats funny about the rooster lol i asked handy what do you hink the animals thought about it he said two words short day/?? lol i dont think birds other than the hawks and owls and such do fly much at night truth is it didnt get that night like darkness here though ok well back to work got to wipe down the cat carrier tpday and wash bed linens and have handy catch the cat boxes yet so im off its chore day lol seee yaaa soon
  6. omg adorable all of them!!!!
  7. oh forgot to tell you i got the nicest thankyou card from Teri the other day for the small part my squares played in making her ghan that was so thoughtful of her huh ok over abd out
  8. aww love those so darn cute well trivia tiime depending l. of course the pattern an yarn used it is my experiences to say th. i made 2 more 12 inchers this am and not counting the chain stitches and only the double crochets i beleive a little over 500 stitches(dc) went intoEACH ONE wow did you all realize that 500 i tell ya so i have accommplished at least that much today lol good to know too i think dont you next time i do an 8 inch or a 6 inch i will est that as well lol Caarol I had chilli for lunch but no cornbread lol just some crackers lol rained a lot overnight so darkish and gloomy and humid here today so far but there was a break in which handy finished staining the deck two coats so far looks good it was an oil based as it soaks into the wood better but costs more and dries slower but in the long run lasts lonnger and wont fade or wash out as much lol just so you know now what i was informed of lol who knew huh lol danged if ya dont learn something every day no matter how hard you try to avoid it ha ha i always say better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it lol or something along those lines huh well gonna go and find something to do while the cats are both sleeping or otherwise occupied else where lol talk later take care now all
  9. hello to all yes i hear that about staying in to watch lol with a diet coke on thr table snd maybe a bowl of popcorn between us lol glad you knew how to do that thing we used to do with the poster board and a hloe to see it but i probably like you say will stay in anyway lol owl vamp i have some things for your winter drive charity that i will be sending off probably at the first part of next month so i will let you know when i post ok i am waiting to pay the spay nueter clinic befor i post abything else out or order any thinc else lol i think the hardesr part of her surgery is not feeding her tues morning and coaxing her into the cat carrier lol she is an eater to be sure shes going to be a big girl me thinks my Cricket was female an started out small too but grew into a big beauttiful calico and i have even called min min as she likes to be called by cricket by mistake i have no further doubt anymore that she wouldnt weigh enough for the surgery but she is definately 2 pounds or over now when she first came to us you could feel every vertabre in her spine course im sure some of that was not only not eating regularly but dehydration as well she has bounced back from the brink though really well and is on her way to big cat-hood lol and a heathier cat-hood too !! all for now its lunch alreadyy glad linda is out of the area that saw so much unrest
  10. hi alll thays ok charis some people are ok without pets so no worries we both have always beeen pet people though just for the record but its just not for dome you know hot here but good day for syain on the deck to dry lol mini is normal again and just in time too for her surgery on tuessday they said they can still do it even if she is in heat but i thought it best to waitt as that is how we have always been told before lol cleaned out a bin drawer course both cats needed to supervise that deal lol the bottom bin drawe was getting hard to open and heavy cos thar was my dont know where else to put this or ill put it where it belongs later drawer my own lazy self huh but extension cord got put in the tool cupboard and alergy meds back in the bath cupboard and so on and so forth lol the drawer now only holds things like a plasric container of assoerted rubber bands some extra rolls of clear packing tape and a jar lid from a jar andle that i used to hold some of my colored pencils for coloring oh and well i forget now but things i will actually use lol not junk i feel better now lol well luch was left over chiken for me so tha t is out of the way ha ha sure cant wait to see the pics mary jo and ny life is rather boring too but i always said when i worked that when my time came not to I would do only those things i wanted to do so i am i worked all my life doing other peoples things now is time for me no hustle or hurry to get anything done unless i feel like it lol so i am living the dream my dream and i am content doing it lol for years something always came first and i felt sorta lt cheated now i dont lol l
  11. hi charis good to ctch up with you and yours glad about the new job the new baby and the singing leessons good on you youre sure full of energy and ambition soyoiu go girl always so nice to hear about others good accomplishments!! it is inspiring to all poor lynda all tuckered out that humidity really does take a toll on our bodies for sure so keep an eye on it i have been this am rummaging through some booklets and stuff ill never use just gonna send them to whom i think might make use of them ok if you are one getting something and find you cant use it please feel free to pass it along to someone you think might ok thanks! They will go out next week sometime no further notice lol it will be a surprise you maybe knew about but not sure of type of surprise ok ok!! when i glanced through them i thought about each of them ooooh i bet fill in your name here ---- would like that and really use it lol so if i mess up and send you out something that juat isnt you pass it on with my blessings ok lol does anyone make slippers ?? lol just asking lol or purses or bags or totes?? ( i know of one tote maker lol) Dish clothes, pot holders or other things that my interest you to make ???do tell lol Mini is easing off the heat thing her appetite is back and she quit attacking maxie now poor maxie such a good boy she still deep down meows now and then but nothing like she did at the start of it i guess they can get cramps too just like some of us do ill have to have handy dig out the cat carrier before tuuesday and let her check that all out ill miss her but they say she can go home the same day if she is not getting declawed and for us declawing is not a humane option for us so we just prefer to get a couple cat scratching poles lol guess we can pick her up that same day good they recover better at home anyway just like us with my two sister cats they went in heat at the same time so you think that was fun lol they both lived very long good lives 21 years and 22 years old when they became kitty angels Rip peepers and squeaky l still love and miss them both well lovlies that is all i got for right now ill come back a little later
  12. over and out for now
  13. oh yes amazing squares mj also carol that sounds trrriff with all tha stuff spoiling you all!! wow ihope it keeps up all year for you teachers! pine knott keep it up youre doing it!! HI BGS!! i will probably do a few of the stockings they go quickly enough you know nothing much else here more rain on its way rained a bit early this am but has been overcast all day hope it does rain enough we are awfully dry here it seems mini is still in heat i guess but thank goodness it probably wont last much longer we hope as we think this is her first and will for sure be her last lol oops started this post last night lol anyway Holly good to hear from you i for one was a bit worried about you glad your eyes are ok and good luck to hubby on his upcoming surgery 7th grade huh now the real fun begins!! glad all else is ok and the girls are healthy and probably excited for school too but at the same time mixed feelings lol i was always glad to get back to school but sad too cause our summer was over you know ''well mary jo five days and bgs i think we will watch the eclipse on tv lol we will get it here but only 98 percent eclipsed here so it will have that two percent ring on the outside rim that is good enough for me lol south of us in Lincon will get the full effect but getting there for it on a normal day is too much traffic so we opted to watch it safely on tv they say those glasses they sell are really not that good protection for your eyes as i saw on the news last night are any of us in Va Pineknot you are right is there any overt effects of the protests near where you live i hope you are far enough away but it is a mess to be sure raining here this am has been alll night i think flash floods north and west of us in low lying areas we needed the rain but the trouble with rain is we never seem to get the right amount either too much or too little you know i find i still cabt wear my rings without fear of loosing them off my fingers i would have thought by now but nope still fall off as my fingers are just too skinny now lol Lynda be careful at the mall walking some weird stuff happens in malls speaking of weird stuff daughter had some trouble at work she was telling me about she is admin at an office that disspurses caregivers to clients snd she had some elderly couple tell her they thought a good amount of their prescription drugs were missing so they had a viisiting nuse regularly as well as the home care gal and ran drug testing on the nurses first they cleared and then daughters employees were asked to comply and all but one did and cleared but the one that didnt hought of all sorts of reasons she couldnt do it though but daughter told her then you wont work here anymore if it is not ddone by end of bisiness today she fiinally came in at the last moment and confessed to daughter that it was she that stole the drugs she was reported immediately to both the police and child protection agencies as she was pregnant not to mention interviwed in the office by a dective she of course was immediately fired by daughter on the spot and taken away by police such a thing huh but i have heard before ofthis happening as an easy way for drug addicts to lay their hands on drugs so just a heads up keep all meds locked up and or out of reah when you might have people like visiting nurses or home health aides in your house sheesh! amd at least they know now yheir people are all clean huh i gurss it was quite upsetting to everyone i remember our office had a sexual harassment charge once and how upsetting thar was to us all he got fired as well although i never really beleived he was guilty but someone higher up must have and a time too that the office cleaner lady stole some checks from our office she too ws caught and prosecuted and so what are you goiing to do,huh, watch your own back do your job and report anyrhing suspicious i guess huh is the best advice i can think of too much happening in the world now a days and there will always be crime unfotunately well about all for now and i will return again soon enjoy you day oh mini has an appt on tuesday and they told me it doesnt matter if she is in heaat or not but if dhe isnt in heat that works too but i put it on the day after the eclipse instead of the suggested day of lol too much traffic to contend eith im sure
  14. oh yes amazing squares mj also carol that sounds trrriff with all tha stuff spoiling you all!! wow ihope it keeps up all year for you teachers! pine knott keep it up youre doing it!! HI BGS!! i will probably do a few of the stockings they go quickly enough you know nothing much else here more rain on its way rained a bit early this am but has been overcast all day hope it does rain enough we are awfully dry here it seems mini is still in heat i guess but thank goodness it probably wont last much longer we hope as we think this is her first and will for sure be her last lol
  15. hi here too mj hot and humid rained a bit overnight but just short lived who is the princess ghan for did you have someone in mind or just making it for fun? i find for me i work better with a purpose in mind lol just curious lol i had to put ms mini in the craft room for a while this am am as she was bothering max with hissing and he wasnt doing a thing so closed her in for a bit she is now behaving better so they are both in thr living room for now poor maxie needs his mid morning nap you know lol sorted out a pile of squares today and might box some up later for prr im getting ready to micrwave a complete meal ( by Hormel haha) here soon and have lunch be babck later all till then enjoy your day