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  1. cold here today too another below zero wind chill too handy took the trash to the curb earlier and didnt wear his gloves and soon was back in for them just fridgid out glad mom is going home soon arlene we were all worried about her owlvamp glad to see you again too lol brenda i have read stories on pine ridge but this one is a heartbreaker why doesnt the gov. take care of its own first instead of sending millions to other countries ? these people are our own you know tell me what is wrong with this picture if you can i understand the constant need for them better now as winter is upon them too in full and severe force its easy for us if cold at night we turn up the furnace a bit or throw on another blanket but waking up freezing day after day is simply unfathomable to most of us, and the children there suffer the most <shakes head in disbelief at this atrocity saddens me greatly to read of such things awaiting a mail from arlene or word on colors or groups of colors she might want for her 8 inchers this time around then i will start on that today all keep warm and say a Little\ prayer for all those that are ill or suffering and ill be here again later on thanks to all those that give to others with their work time and services and materials just got my anwer arlene aka snowbear would love pastel 8 inch squares her bday is in Feb so heads up if you work ahead a bit lol
  2. where the hec did the check message icon go now have things changed??
  3. all three are so cute and their personslities are so cute lol
  4. oh the doll is darling mj i meant the cold weather could be worse lol
  5. hi all everyone is so busy today huh i have phoned in my refils for my pills and my test strips so should be able to pick them up this am sometimes oon handy is headed to menards for cat food and cat litter so he will probably stop on the way back for them it snowed again still not much but keeping the ground White anyway loved the hot pads and the hat brenda!! welcome back sandra missed ya!! tampa could be worse huh lol carol is a busy bee today!! Wonder how holly and immafreak are doing? did my annual cleaning out from under the bathroom cupboards lol and got rid of some junk that collected there including an old shower head or two, that leaked now why would handy save that?? and a rack thing i used to have in the shower and two of those suction grippy handles as i wont need those again handy put up a couple nice sturdy bars in the shower, many a night we would be sound asleep and hear a big boom in there and get up and one of those stupid suction things would have fallen in the tub found a lot of beauty type special bar soaps i forgot about them lol so will break those out periodically they are triple milled and smelled so good lol so old shower curtain hangers, a small bucket i kept, and two plungers and two spare towel racks with hardware went back in lol now that and my cleaning supplies are about all that is in there i keep my paper goods in the towel closet lol threw away 3 count um three empty liquid soap holder dispenser things too and a baggie of tiny rose bud soaps too small to do any good lol Used to keep those and sea shells in a bowl or a baske ton the back of the toilet but long ago a cat knocked them into the bowl and cost us a new toilet lol so bye bye baby!! we never could get the sea shells out lol so that was yestersay what new hec will today bring lol??? all for now gonna go and see what i can find to do today lol later all stay warm!
  6. morning all another overcast day im afraid but no more snow to speak of anyway but looks like what we do have on the grounf is going to stay around for a while at least a few days it is still rather cold here Tuesday low of minus 7 burrrr lol i got kristy's squares done and will post out whenever i send Feb bday squares out if that is ok kristy two birds with one stone right i always thought that was a horrible thing to say throwing stones at birds and the like how uncivilized huh finished watching all the history channels stuff on ancient and otherwise aliens i have always known they were out there i guess and found these true stoies or based on true stories very interesting when i was younger i saw several ufos above, hovering and darting i think we counted five of them before they all merged into one and vanished from the sky it was an eerie and ominous feeling ill never forget for sure so have always been interested in that kind of thing you know we even back then called the air force about it and my older sister and her boyfriend tried to follow it in the car They chased it for miles on dirt roads and then coming over a hill it was just gone poof and they didnt see it again strange but true i swear so i know they are out there anyone else have an interesting story about that i would love to hear it and compare notes lol ok well i believe in that and bigfoot and ghosts too for a myriad of reasons too as sure as i know the sun will shine lol the news depresses me so i usually only watch up to the weather anymore nothing good is ever on it you know well im off to find something to do that needs done lol so see you all a bit later ok have a good one today !!!
  7. hi all just thought i would pop in and say hi, been a long cloudy day here, but so bright out from the snow dusting, lol..cold too..we finally had the rest of the bean and ham soup today, tasted so good on such a chilly day too, now all done, till we have a ham again, lol lasted a long time, we froze a lot of in zip locks and tupperware, lol. Been watching history all day, good alien type docs on, i wanted to see and its pretty good,... handy watched Five came back on netflix, about four or i guess five duh famous directors later in life filmed so much of what we see now on the world war 2 and such, they came back unscathed, and wrote and filmed about it, one was Capra, one i remember might have been,oh shoot it just lef my mind, lol all were famous directors in many movies, most bout the war.. he said b ut was good, so i might watch tomorrow or part of it anyway.. dot feel like comitting to 2 and a half hours of anything tonight, lol im tired, cleaned out my small dresser's drawers, packed away some stuff to give or throw away, so have three more roomy drawers not filled with junk now, lol im happy, lol took the stuff hanging on the hook on the back of the bedroom door off,and hung up or put away several things too, tomorrow, the bathrooms, lol daughter said cd drive is on its way again, first one was faulty, second one took a while, lol so soon i wil have the lap tops crive up and running. haven't missed it too much as handy got us a portable dvd player, i use for the audio books but it will be nice to have my lap top whole a\gain, cos i have some cds full of pictures to go through, and either develope, or decide to keep on cd, lol bout all i got today,hoping everyone is feeling so much better today, and back in tip-top shape!!love to all brendsm your pillow cases make me wanna get out my embroidery 12 inch quilt squares again. ;p; ithink i only have maybe two done out of 12 lol!!!!
  8. oh carole did you get a flu shot?? we both did and handy got his second year pnumonia shot as well but i was not old enough to have the ins. pay for it so i just got the flu shot so far so good for all the good it will or wont do i sent you katibugs addy sorry for the delay too hope you both feel better soon!! yeah many items needed at prr dont want to commit that far ahead yet brenda i will do what i can as always and that will have to do lol we only got a dusting but with ice undeneath too be careful gals if you trek out!! more expected i think tonight we will see arlene hope mom gets better soon make sure she eats!! my sis is outta the hosp now minus the feeding tube she pulled out herself i guess she hs been known to be a lttile impatient whlile waiting for her discharge papers!! chicken tenders tonight which sound good i guess he makes them more like chichen fingers which is fine with me lol i like to dip them in hidden valley!! yummy well nothing much else happening here for the time being so ill close and see you all a bit later ok
  9. wow pretty pillow cases i love them they are BLUE lol well i finally finished the last season last episode of Travelers!! I hope a new season becomes available on netflix soon lol it was pretty good! and i have gotten through zoo too kristy liked it i will see if our library has Shack either book or audoi lol ive got Glitch next on my netflix list sunny but really cold we got a dusting of snow the other day is all but it was cold and windy so glad to see the sun found its way up this am lol but was spotted with a warm woolen muffler around his neck!!
  10. haha i remember both max and mini both jumped and ran out of the room when they heard the woman reader lol it was not their mama!!!and they were not having it!! lol
  11. hi all bgs never got into blue bloods but dont mind tom selleck lol ncis too technical for me i like that kid dr show where he is a doc but autistic fogot the name and ( maybe the good doctor??) really not much else lol i totally dont miss the stupid inane commercials on network tv for sure so nice to watch a show all the way through without hearing about my pillow or a car ad so many of them must be geared towards teens as they sure dont grab the adults you know lol so if adolescence is their target audience maybe then i say good luck huh kids dont buy things parents do lol or grandparents which is whom i would think would be a better target audience for most commercials lol and commercials for feminine products birth control methods and alcohol and vaping now should be outlawed too i remember cable when we first signed up supposed to be no commercials remember that lol just FEW of my personal gripes about tv lol and dont get me started on all the prescription drugs commercials lol so with that saidll l lol awaiting an idea to come to me on what i should do next lol crochet wise i looked at that commitment page and it has good ideas on it but i cant commit to anything that far down the road you know i have one more box of squares to send and that will be it for a bit on squares till i feel like doin more lol i do have a couple baby ghans for our local project Linus but will have to talk handy into doing it ill just bribe him with crispy cream donuts like last time lol laugh but it worked!! the do nut place is right there by the country sampler a sort of quilt shop where i drop them off to and they get them to where ever they are needed lol i am not above either giving nor receiving a bribe now and then course for a good cause!! maybe you can look into the library bgs and see if there are any audio books you might like that way you are free to move around while you listen or sit there and listen while you crochet something im a big fan of them too these days but Grisham has spoiled me as his are all so good no one else compares to his stories a particular favorite of mine was Ford County short stories some of those i honestly laughed out loud!! another one to get if you dont wanta lot of legal-ease and lawyer stuff is The Painted House a really interesting story or Calico Joe another that is a non legal thriller story all very interesting but those are just a fracton of what your library might have to offer and you can play them on a cd player or a dvd player or your laptop perhaps if you have a disc rive on it passes some good time and entertains as well im down to two now of grishams total written that i have not read or heard or watched lol several are movies like his first A Time to kill and the sequel Sycamore Row a newer one that follows the story in A time to kill the Theodore Boone books he wrote too and we have completed the 6 audio book set as well and find some humor in all of them as well but make sure you listen to them in order as they are better that way and you get it better lol we only heard one out of order as we couldn't get it had to wait on a list but we knew the history so it was ok lol my favorite is Confession though i read that first then listened again later on and you will be so interrsted you wont want to put it down or turn it off lol i must warn you though you will absolutely abhor one of the main characters though to be sure i know i did ! there are 2 i haven't read or heard yet cos it sounds as though they are about foot- ball lol did i see you ears prick up?? lol they are called Playing for Pizza and Bleachers two you might really enjoy i cant get them here for a bit but will eventually read them or listen to them too and then read his next with gusto when it comes out in jun e i wss lucky to get Rooster Bar his newest so far online lol ok John Next please !!! mj have you had the shot yet and if so is it working??? im sorry you have to go through that but if it works well worth it huh! well so ends my book/audio review for today lol tune in tomorrow same thread same narrator lol oh richard thomas you knpw John Boy Walton reads all of the Theadore Boone audios lol does a good job too lol these audio books are only 4 cds long the others have gone up to 12! just an aside for you all most of the readers i like on audio one not a grisham i listened too though has a woman reading it didn't care for that lol but worked as it was mostly about a woman lol
  12. nope i haven't ben there yet this month thanks brenda ill check it out!!
  13. well mj that is great about your knee hope it lasts a foor a good long time time for you as for the movies bgs i dont watch much network tv other than nova or history or msnbc or educational but as for the three major channels i find really nothing on them but dumb sit coms and stupid realty shows lol so i use netflix a lot now no stupid commercials either just movie straight through unless i want to pause it lol i got two more episodes of manhunt done today and hope i am on the last of itt lol it has been good though as is the travelers lol there are a lot of documentaries . on netflix too that look interesting i watched wormwood about a cia situation based on a true story and that was good i guess my taste runs more on this stuff than stupid sitcoms lol least i always learn something!! handy watches lots of war docs on world war one and two and even viet nam they have lots of those for him lol he is a history buff on that stuff having steak tonight on the grill its not bad out lol well all caught up with chores and little jobs so will relax till supper is grilled lol see you all later and a hope of good weather for you all for a change lol
  14. hi to all i see pineknott and katiebug tampa and carole and kristy too in my manic mirrror lol ~ you kristy and katie are welcome glad you liked them and to everyone a hearty dreary morning here but supposed to climb to 50 degrees so that is a good thng The snow almost all in our yard anyway melted yesterday but they say a new storm moving in soon handy had ro clean out a downspout or two yesterday that was clogged with ice and the neighbors helicopters from their tree grrr i wish that old tree was taken down one day im sure it will fall on their house!! ah so much to worry about so little time lol not much happening here as of yet got to finish up the movie Manhunter today about the Una-bomber Ted Kocinski which im half way or more thrrough on netflix and Travelers, about time travelers half way tooI just got tired last night and couldn't stay awake any longer so i have paused them both one on my laptop and one on my bedroom tv and the nice thing about it when i turn netflix back on it will pick up exactly where i paused it so wont miss a thing lol i watched one movie the other day called The Wave too which was about a disastrous tsunami wave which was interesting too i remember all the disaster shows like oh i dunno ,Towering Inferno and Backlflash and avalanches and there were a ton of them years ago lol and Poseidon and Titanic and all of those i wonder if they are on netflix too lol and Earthquake lol i think i watched every obe of them in the day more than once too lol so that is the plan i guess does anyone know the name of another good movie and ill see if i can get it on netflix they hive the newest star wars what is that called the last jedi or rouge something i forget but its on there i got pretty lost when yhey started going backwards with the story big mistake in my opinion so stopped watching abything Star wars related altogether lol t so open to suggestions lol the world of netflix and hulu and two more movie vaults are at my finger tips lol well im off to get a few things started at least talk to you latwe have a happy day and happy bday Missy!!
  15. oh carole we only have maxie now the others passed on before we moved here mostly they were all about the same age but all lived a pampered loved life with us and we miss them all still well i didnt watch the golden globes the other night who won what lol i watched another couple of episodes of manhunt the una-bomber then went to sleep i will most likely finish that up today sometime Talked to my sis and she seemed calm but her speech was still like she was heavily drugged i dont know anything else cept they cannot continue chemo till she gets healthier anyway we talked a bit but it was short as a nurse came inn for something so she let me go i told her to have the nurse check her phone too as i had tried calling her room for two days straight and she gave me some crap about the phones weren't working but what i suspect is that the jerk probably un plugged them when he left tp go home he never gives her my messages either just erases them they are not married and he is not any kin to her so i am thinking about reporting him but still just thinking hopefully something will come of the fact that he is the one that should be making her eat something and that is why she got in this mess as he is never there always running around for himself so basically its his fault hers too for not having the sense to find something to eat if he is not there you know but she just doesn't do that for herself so if he cannot take care of her then it is time to find a place for her that will but i dont want to upset her while she is in the hospital either for i fear if she keeps up the death and suicide talk there they will just put her in the mental ward for a while on suicide watch so im stuck for now but soon will have some more answers i hope I have never liked him which is what is between us as i have known that he doesn't now nor ever has treated her very well since the beginning that is why i am totally at arms with him most of the time we dont talk at all my other sister stays cordial with him only to glean what info she can from him she too dislikes him very much to put it mildly on to other things huh oh kristy i got a good start on the white squares for you and when finished with 10 i will post them out ok so you can take those off you list 10 down and a lot more to go for you huh lol gotta ru latter ok take care