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  1. my advice, dont worry, come Jan new and better things ahead
  2. lea, sorry too, lea did you move?? have you always been in NC??
  3. well krys, look at it this way you are still alive, right so many, are not ..
  4. oh sounds so good cant wait till thanksgiving we are eating here just the 2 of us too, as kids dont want to risk ours oe their health either we are too having all og=f th above mentioned goodies, including a pumpkin pie, and a sugar fee cheesecake lol happy turkey day to all!!
  5. i have not heard anything about our neighbor, she is here quarantining, but i dont know how he is, in the hospital with covid , too close for comfort, you know he is old, diabetic, with other underlying conditions as well, so i dont know hope the best i guess, huh all for me here, i"m buggin out lol take care all!!
  6. hi ya, well im not all that excited this Thanksging piney, kids wont be here, on account of covid, and it will be only us, but we will be thankful we are at least still alive so it all works out lol
  7. hi ya holly i remember years back when after i moved here, i sorted and albumed and dated and got all my many boxes of pics in order, it took me weeks, but glad i did it then lol and now so good for you!!
  8. i do have a story about cows getting out, it involves, me, daughter, and a tree !! as well as about 50 cows lol ill let you all think on that a bit!!
  9. sorry i didnt get a message but i did get your card im just happy they arrived, and are useful lol thanks for all you do bauley4, katie 💜💙🤎
  10. hi ya bailey thanks for the cute fall card, lol did you get my dolly ghans i never heard you did
  11. oh my reni, so sorry to hear that wishing you a fast recovery!!
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