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  1. bekons to snowbear, lacey, katybug tribble and all our absenteeism members lately lol hello you there?? come on in and catch us up!!
  2. well darn don't want you to leave us carole your posts are always so full of good cheer and humor and i love reading them i will take you off the bday list but i dont want to lose you! I'm sorry for the news but things will work out eventually so don't give up yet you have added so much to our thread!! we dont want to lose you !!you were a winner of posting so we need you back very soon to keep all of us in good spiurits!! sandra so glad to hear bo is better and hope her vet appt goes favorably too i have been wanting to ask so glad to hear the news what is her health problem do they know? lyn are you getting pelted or did the storm miss you? mary jo how goes the pt? getting better or not yet? or is it too soon to ask? brenda we are both "on a break" as i am not willing to commit to any project right now either but our mojo will return so dont despair' and it will come bak with a gusto we will be crocheting fools once again lyn if i tried to do even a few of those nests right now my wrists would ache they ache just thinking about it lol weekend is coming carol a couple more days you will rest up then! sorry if i missed anyone but a hi to all lol just in case ill try to come in later and spend more time ok later all take care hugs to all, till later now
  3. hiall just another drop in, i cleaned out a drawer in the small dresser, where oh, i dunno a hundred different bottles of lotion were stored i wonder if pineridge could make use of them some are full and some are not but i wonder if pine ridge would have a use for them.. not for sure i can mail liquids, but i picked out a couple 3 or 4 and will try to use them up...before too long .oh and a bpx pf WALLETS AND BILLFOLDS,I CAN HARDLY SEE MYSELF USING THEM IN THE NEAR FUTURE, BUT NICE TO HAVE A SPARE OR TWO, LOL SO THAT IS A BOUT ALL FOR NOW, ILL SEE YA LATER
  4. hi, just wanted to stop in and thank the gals that sent me a card it was a pleasant piece of mail ill take those over bills any day so thank yo one and all supper is going to be left overr chicken noodle soup i thawed it out for tonight snyway took a while is was one large container of solid soup ha but i finally got it thawed handy worked on Laying his footings for a neighbors ramp he is building and we neither of us feel like anything heavy so soup and rolls it is got my russel stovers delivery today with a new supply of sugar free candy so im good to go again i was jones-ing for a mounds bar you know lol hope this therapy works mj do you feel any less pain so far? i didnt feel like committing to anything either bgs, that is why i got my balls together and worked on them here be the first few the rest are in a basket `
  5. hi, well a cloudy day here but the rain has stayed away at least Handy ran out this am for bread and milk o was it milk and butter i dont remember ha and anyway came back wit a large electric griddle which i always wanted to get another one when mine quit so that was nice now where to put it huh!! boring sort of blah day the trash man came right as handy got the two small bags i gathered up the last couple days in the can and out to the curb he just made it boy i use the plastic store bags for my room trash can liners they work fine for small amounts of trash and i had to order an electric pencil sharpener too as the one i have ends up chewing up the ends so this time i got an industrial commercial one nice i think with steel blades for my colored pencils and while online ordered a book handy wanted so that will be a surprise for him in the mail soon other than those things i have been working on some of my smaller balls of yarn to make 3 inch or four inch squares to work into 6 or 8 inches later if needed just a keep my hand busy sort of thing you know no real color planning just the basic outlines for a perhaps bigger square sometime in the future, and using up those little balls too i keep my balls of yarn in a laundry basket so it is handy and cleaned that out as all the smaller balls fall to the bottom and i tend to forget about them you know Iv'e only just started on them so only have three or four done but no real hurry just keeping busy and dont want to start anything major right yet! speaking of libraries, i remember me and little sis riding our bikes down there on a hot summer day and were always so glad to get in as it was air conditioned lol we always had a few to pick up for our gramma and then ours so we took our time till it wasn't so hot as the load going home was going to be way heavier our bike baskets would be full!! we went everywhere on our bikes as it was a smallish town I remember the library and the smell of all those books to this day well everyone have a decent day today and ill see ya later ok good luck on the dr visit Lynn!
  6. ohh i just knew you would cindy!! congrats!!
  7. they are both perfect the way they be! I love them and it took me a min but i finally got ti her skirt is reversible!! How unique nice job!!
  8. well i think they both are perfect and no need to chnge a thing!! I love them the way they be so cute and cuddly!!
  9. well morning all cloudy, almost a low fog out there but supposed to warm up today here is that pic of the package i got from bgs such a nice package i was thrilled with it all is here but the fridge ,magnet that is on the fridge now lol thank you so much and the little binder clippies are in use lol bgs i love it! nothing much on the agenda for today till i think of something that needs done but no one but me will notice lol so im off will try to check in again have a nice day everyone and see ya soon to all i used two of the note cards already on those two boxes i packed up yesterday too!!
  10. pretty baby items up there too cloudy here today and sis and i ordered a big bouquet to go to hubby and family and i too think even though we dont know for sure they have the ashes home or i dont think the kids would have left today but i think son and dil have left for home by this aft when the the flowers were slated to arrive according to the florist there but still no word from brother in law yet but giving it a few more days before we worry so i kept busy had two under the bed type bins and had handy dag them out one by one to sort through Then had handy put them back way lighter i might add in their place under my bed found some winter wear, and gloves, and asst things i dont want anymore so packed them up this afternoon for kimmie at the sacred shawl at prr.. she makes sure those that need things get them i threw in some winter headbands and some bookmarks and other asst useful items and got that carded and packed up then decided to fill the other box i had with the multi color squares and more i added in ad got that carded and packed up too Est about 40 not including some 4 inch squares if she wanted to finish them or use them as is I figure April is a slow month so i will send them out first of the month then i ordered some vitamins online and finished a movie i started yesterday but couldn't get into it then so today i thought it was ok called Murder at the Lake house just ok about a 5 now tonight we will watch Lazarus? I dont know dont ask what it is about i did like Martian Child had both Joan and John Cusack * playing brother and sister like they are in real life it was id say a 7 or 8 today was cloudy but i really got quite a bit done and hopefully will be able to sleep better tonight The nights seem so long to me well gotta go call daughter see when she wants handy to put up a ceiling fan in the bedroom of their new place as she has the keys now the owner said they could have one put in but it was up to them to have it done and they wanted one so dot dot dot so off for the time being every one enjoy your evening ok !!
  11. yep bgs never tried corn beef didn't think by the looks of it I would like it anyway'so i never missed i t i guess yes they are bright for sure i had several full skeins of that multi and wanted to use it up i have one skein i will put in pams box in case she wants to either trim some more or put it together with it im so sorry about little tribs doggie too When my daughter's cat she had cremated she chose a title locket to have the ashes or some of them anyway so she could keep her close to her heart its hard i know on kids 30 nests lyn is amazing!! im afraid my wrists would ache and or my shoulder if i tried to do that!! nice job! i didn't read all the posts i missed but did the bday girls all confirm receipt of squares we sent? Just curious if they arrived safely I dont remember seeing any eye candy posts mary jo i sure hope this therapy does some good it didn't handy till he had acupuncture and that is what helped the most so good luck with this short post but have a few things to do today so its best to keep busy i guess huh till later take care oh shoot the reason i got on was to say i got a bday package from bgs with about 9 or 10 packs of note cards and some petty binder clips and a note card oh and a fridge magnet too which is already on the fridge! thank you Brenda pic later that was such a wonderful part of my weekend I will use those cards believe me and in so many nice assortments of them too some for each season i think What a thoughtful package than you so much!! i will pic them later today !!
  12. well mary jo i hope it will help good luck with that carole sorry you have a funeral to go to my best to you all here are those brites i made for prr i dont think ill have any trouble finding them when Pam works her magic and puts them in a ghan do you? i usually dont remember my squares once they are gone these im sure ill spot have only about 20 done so far but have more mexicana varg too so more will be added before mailing and have those arlene made for them too and some other solids so will be a nice group of them when completed all for now have a happy st pats i can almost smell all the cornbeef and cabbage lyn!! i love cooked cabbage with spare rib meat and potatoes but have never tried corn beef
  13. well hi everyone i just wanted to pop in and thank you all for the comforting words and thoughts and prayers thank you brenda for the angel card i really appreciate it i dont know much else yet but waiting to hear so im lost in what to do with myself im trying to keep busy so i dont have to think much you know im sorry cindy and wish you well hope hubby is ok and good luck on the job offer i know it will work out!! sandra ' journaling is such a good therapeutic outlet keep it up girl oh poor mj i kn ow what it must be like as handy had that with his hip the thing about it that worked for him was get this acupuncture yep worked like a dream on a good note my little sis is doing better since the change in meds and is handling this pretty as well as to be expected how is bo sandra? is he ok now? when i can concentrate im working on some squares for prr or whatever all solid kind of brites with a Mexicali variegated edge so these i will recognize for sure in a ghan she puts together i will pic them up tomorrow ok thank goodness i can still do a granny ! its raining here too off and on and a pork roast in the crock forgot tomorrow was green day guess so happy st paddies everyone im where you all are stuck on what tp do next you know crochet wise but when i feel more myself im sure something will come to me im sure well till later all again thank you all and glad to see everyone is coping if not rocking their days! ok till tomorrow thanks for your patience all and see you tomorrow? wise words about grieving carole wise indeed late
  14. hello all just a quick drop in cremation is Thursday but husband and son and dil postponing a celebrate her life till a later date So I didn't have to travel and might us have our own in august on her bD ay as they probably couldnt come as y have much t do i think he will sell the hose an i hope the kids who are grown will talk him into going back to Utah with them s he should not be alone they were married for 48 years i am still trying to accept it but hoping to wake every morning and realize it was a nightmare Handy is taking good care of us so no worries i might be back next week ll see how it goes after thrus than you all for thoughts and prayers see ya soon
  15. Morning all!! well that is one cute Caterpillar lol love it I almost typed Cute-apillar!! lol well had a good birthday yesterday many calls and daughter and hubby were here most of the afternoon into evening we watched some netflix and ate and it was nice to see them without one or the other running back to the computers lol no work yesterday for all of us She gave me a 14 carat gold and diamond necklace it is just lovely and is meant to bring good luck to those that wear it!! Ill never take it off lol and before they move they want to exchange tvs my smaller one in the craft room that was new at Christmas for a bigger one so im game lol same brand same quality plus bigger and higher resolutuin i guess it wont hang on where they want it on the wall so they want smaller for that particular place lol no prob with me i could use bigger one in here lol we watched a movie on abe. Lincoln i was quite bored through it all as much of it was politics instead of what i thought his life with some civil war history though in this was mostly about him and his party trying to get amendment 13 passed in the then house and senate on a scale of one to ten id be generous to give it a 3 Then we watched one called Mercy now this one was very confusing and lots of violence and i didn't or wasn't able to follow a lot of it as it was filmed mostly in the dark woods or dark places the story was not really that clear i kept having to ask who is that or what is he doing or which brother got killed lol another i'd say maybe 4 just for the action and suspense i guess even though it moved pretty quickly for me you know lol The rock show sounds amazing! we have a museum in Lincoln we used to visit a lot and they have displays of a lot of rocks and crystals and things and a dinosaur bone display, Indian arrowheads and pottery and relics found here in Nebraska too that was always a fav day trip!! in school we had field trips almost every year there that and the state capital and then later on with daughter we took her a couple of times too another museum a bit further away ( west of here ) had some great displays too in or around Grand Island i guess called Stuhr museum fabulous place!! And Pioneer village a whole village of olde there much to see well crew i guess i have made up for yesterday not getting online huh , so i will leave you and try to start the day or at least think about it lol later then!!