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  1. well all more rain we got over 8 inches in 24 hours in the streets closed and flooding rampant but we are high ground way south and west of the city so no flooding here thank goodness east of us too in iowa also got dumped on so we should be caught up for the most part with rain deficit lol a drenching like that though really doesn't o much good too much run off and weakens the tree roots so some trees in omaha went down too, coupled with a strong wind most of that time no harm here though i bet bgs got a drencing too though huh well that is all over and out for now see ya a bit later if i can, take care all
  2. hello all well that is such sad news isn't it my goodness i never expected to hear that, again prayers rushing in to help cope with it for you and family Lyn funny about the peanut butter when i was pregnant with daughter i dont remember many cravings cept maybe reeces peanut butter cups again with the peanut butter lol and i listened to a lot of air supply and to this day her favorite candy is reeces and she loves air supply lol said she always wondered why she liked air supply so much cos it wasn't her generation?? lol Hers was Usher, m&m, spice girls i think i remember, uncle cracker and so on and so forth lol so without further ado oh i was complaining the other day that the little plastic stand on my glue gun broke off and i wondered out loud i guess, what or how i could make a stand and out of what lol today handy came in with a stand for it and i love it i will post a pic of that too works perfectly!! got the last 10 days of hats to show you all and been going to town making poms lol im getting better now at rhem but i will say for the record you are Never Done trimming a pom there will always be a stray no matter lol so here goes drum roll please???
  3. oh lyn so sorry to hear that our blessings and prayers are with you and family
  4. well bgs it is the ending of one era for you both but look ahead many good things to come my gramma always said that thing about one door closing yada yada but it has proven true many times for me who knew right lol sorry piney hopes and wishes to all the family she improves it has been raining since about 7 pm last night thunder is still rolling i thought bout staying in bed all day lol flash floods in th area and to our east as well like i said we needed rain but we cant ever get normal rain anymore lol its always either a drought or a monsoon finished up the hat i started yesterday and made a red pom for it it turned out really nicely it is gray and red striped with a roll up brim my signature hat i guess lol next one will be i dunno yet lol have to see what i have in the old hat yarns pile lol i have my fleece poncho draped over me this am its chilly in here handy went to replace some wall outlets for a gal up the block so its quiet here, albeit the low rumble of thunder and the sound of rain on the roof maxie had his advantix spot on stuff this am should be his last before the colder weather sets upon us all hopefully to kill all pollen too lol ooops dropped my can of diet coke twice this am, i just opened it and it fizzed over just a little lol sheesh i dropped it unopened bout an hour ago lol light is very poor today so i wont post my hat lol it is just another hat it will wait lol i love this poncho and sometimes use it too for a bed jacket when im sitting there watching tv its so warm lol now as stated before, these hats im making are mostly for kids and teens however they do fit my head so just saying lol but most will go to the womens shelter and youth group at pine ridge depending on the yarn used some seem snugger on me than others lol but they all will fit someone lol i figure those that can will make mittens and or gloves right i just do the hats and maybe a few scarves now and then and i have 4 sets of 2 washcloths each with a bar of soap wrapped in them fo the womens shelter too maybe make a few more of them yet i dunno yet seriously dark out now gonna flip on the weather more later ok take care
  5. oops hit send prematurely lol i was not quite done rambling lol seems like a chilly rain to me but probably just in here as the ac is on again lol we made jello-cake cupcakes yesterday so i guess we'll have to eat um all lol we had planned on watching The Game on netflix but since she was in bed most of yesterday she watched it then lol i have seen it before but remember liking it it has michael douglas in it do you all remember the movie?? another thing i love about netflix is there is never any particular time something comes on you can watch it anytime lol no schedules to keep works out well for us lol has/does anyone seen the movie The Villin?? we have that on dvd and laugh our heads off whenever we rewatch it rings of the roadrunner and the coyote cartoons has Michael Douglas and ann margret, and arnold schwarzenegger hilarious show one of our all time favs and we like Second Hand Lion too another hilarious one at moments lol and i love Little shop Of Horrors and mama mia i think for the music too as well as the characters i just watched one called Remember, very good show as was No Country for Old Men with Tommy lee jones both good so that is it for now got the day free going to try more pom poms maybe lol see ya soon
  6. it just started to drizzle here damp and dark more a'comin im sure daughter has a we talked about a good grilling out weather permitting lol summer cold so is not coming today but next weekend we will get together for sure we talked about a good grilling out as we havent done that fo a while so planning on it next weekend now
  7. i try to make at least one hat a day lol and that way i will have a good bundle for prr and some for the foster kids sandra helps too lol thats my short term goal anyway lol
  8. oh the grater is its just the right size to wrap my yarn around one end mary jo and it slides off easily for my poms lol i cant seem to use a pom maker lol but i have one 3 size one too oh well i have ordered some 2 1/2 inch poms for very good price so just waiting for them to finish off some hats some might not like poms so i will leave some without
  9. hey ya happy birthday legalwoman17 nice to see ya tribble too glad you came on in
  10. so anyway kept me busy huh lol had tuna salad for lunch and a pickle lol just like the deli oh had the best sandwich from subway the other day too, it was the sweet onion chicken teriyaki and was loaded with so many good veggies it as taken the top spot for sandwiches take out from my normal tom turkey at jimmy johns and dont even ask me about that other sandwich place lol jasons deli lol daughter used to like quiznos, and worked at blimpies for a time in her sophomore year but i only ever liked the turkey club and tuna salad respectively lol and lunch review is now over lol this lunch time was home made on toasted wheat bread made with sugar free mayo and relish i also had a few chips lol ok end now one tutorial said she puts a sheet on the floor and clean up is to pick up the sheet and throw it away i dont have so many sheets that i could do that i just trimmed over my small craft room trash can lol i watched them all and picked out the things i thought would be helpful to me i guess well all of you seem to be doing well how is bo sandra? and mil piney, how is she now?
  11. oh nice lapghan bgs very pretty and coloull me likes colorful lol well spent some time this am making or trying to make some poms to finish up some hats lol the first pic below is my tools pic lol i use our old hand held cheese grater to wrap yarn as it slides off very easily and is just about the right size and a ruler, a HEMOSTAT is what handy calls the pinching things lol some yarn of course, a big eyed needle some thread or i have used floss as it ties up tighter, and my glu gun lol oh and sharp scissors too i finally found what i needed to make it easier and it works for me i made at least 5 poms this am in an hour or a little over make it easy for you, dont listen to the tutorials lol one said to double strand the yarn and wrap it 75 times??? wow too much for me lol these i used one strand on the cheese grater, with about 50 or 60 wraps then when i tied my first knot i used the hemostats to pinch it tight and then wrapped my floss again and a tiny drop of hot glueccand tie the tightening knot down this pom is not coming apart lol second pic is the hats i finished with poms this am i have some poms ordered 48 for 8.oo was a good deal about well less that 20 cents per pom but i wanted to try it one more time to see if i could do it and i can lol im still not good on the trimming but each one i do comes out easier and better even the trimming part lol If i used yarn to tie off i wet it first and then pulled very tight put the pinchers on and did another overhand knot added a drop of glue to that as well then attach to the top of the hat lol enjoy my eye candy lol its colorful too lol
  12. oh suh a day piney lol poor thing yhat probably would poop me out running in and out and back and forth lol another over casty day with spots through the clouds of sun to come so the day holds some good news perhaps lol i havent decided what to do yet today lol its one of those days you know i did finish a hat off this am so that is off the hook literally sister finally called me late last night she is fine but had that test with the tube down your throat to check out why she was appearing to be jaundiced flushed out some stones in her gall bladder and she will have a sore throat for a few days at least just yet another proceedure she has had to endure i guess all those hard drugs are taking a toll on all her organs i think it has been one thing after another for years now but still they keep prescribing them although harder now to get more than exactly she needs at least she cant stock pile them anymore.. well all thats it for me i guess till later abnyway as im off to do some chores around here see ya soon take care sorry too pinrey to hear about mil hope she improves soon and never saw caron big cakes lol have to look that up lol
  13. hi all i think it is a lot more today's society and drugs infused into all our lives that is perpetuating this horrendous behavior A too permissive and dangerous and lackadaysical society with no really serious consequence or too mild for actions such as these, and too much legalizing of weapons that kids can get get their hands on legally or illegally these days. Couple that with the violent games kids play and the running rampant of drugs infiltrating almost every house now in America, not to mention the bar of values has sunk so low, and current events seems to teach us lies and violence and destructive deeds and actions seem to carry no punishment and not even a plan to cease the rapid desinigrating and erosion of american values but to instead remain silent or do nothing to restore our values but instead looking the other way to ignore serious problems or causing more upset i never thought i would live long enough to see some of these things that are taking place these days but here i am bewildered by every news report, every day seems like there is almost no or very minimal hope we will ever be that America again any time soon ( im glad i got that out but my rant time is now over too forgive me soap box now replaced to its resting spot under my chair lol on to a brtter subject now sunny and bright rained a bit we needed it more on the way perhaps later on into the night im going to eat soon so ill go for now just do the best you can with what you have i guess what other choice do we have you know better times ahead to be sure
  14. well thank you sandra im glad to know you get the donations to the right one how many kids for this years xmas party do you know yet?? funnymom how horrifying daughtersgood friend worked in mall a few years back in von maur * store she was off the day it got shot up she never went back that was probably 2007, and 8 people were killed i think http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/12/06/gunman-kills-eight-then-himself-at-omaha-shopping-mall.html yep here it is just checking my facts that too was by Gods grace she was not at work that day its too true that this is way out of hand anymore i fear for anyone these days in a crowd no matter where i hope it all is worked out for the better soon and your daughter is safe at home soon .. working off some stray cotton lol making a few washcloths for prr i suppose wrap them over a bar of soap trust me i got soap lol and send them out to the womens shelter there at pine ridge in a month or two sandra i will have some remnants of cotton for you after this small project is over lol yay it is hard on the wrists i think but im managing one stitch at a time lol ill pic those up for you when i am done with making them ok oh well i succeeded finally in making a decent pom about 2 inches is all though handy brought me in a tool i use now when i tie them off lol its like a tweezers but clamps tight in the middle of the pom so i can use both hands to wind and tie it worked good he is going to get me my own next trip to the tool store lol in both sizes lol 8 and 10 think lol well i have about 6 washcloths done so laying down the hook for now and taking a break to catch up on some chores see ya soon
  15. omy lacey lol is jade potty trining?? too funny