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  1. reached 4 this am, gonna be another cold one but sun is out so...
  2. howdy all, icy here too, cold and windy, but the sun is out for his tanning session i guess, isnt it amazing that how far the sub is away from us and we still feel the warmth on our skin wow it is about 92.96 or 96.92, million miles away either of those is a way long way lol and yet, through all that space, where is is icy cold, the heat still reaches us that is very amazing
  3. howdy all, icy here too, cold and windy, but the sun is out for his tanning session i guess, isnt it amazing that how far the sub is away from us and we still feel the warmth on our skin wow it is about 92.96 or 96.92, million miles away either of those is a way long way lol and yet, through all that space, where is is icy cold, the heat still reaches us that is very amazing
  4. take care please, we are probably getting freezing rain overnight, everyone stay safe ok later all
  5. oh my what a cutie, and that part doggie, i want her she looks what i can see of her in the pic anyway, anyway, like my girl Ginger!! well bgs that is cute, that he is feeding the kitties anyway lol i would not doubt he bought some paper plates too lol very nice jewelry too!! pizza night, so we have just gotten it ready for the oven , all to do now is bake it, and then eat it lol
  6. l am afraid i have nothing quite as good today, but the day is going good so far they called for more snow but nothing which is good lol im all for less snow ugh Laugh of the day award goes to Brenda! !rofl!! oh krys, i cant watch those kinds of things, i always have to quick flip the channel when those shelter animals commercials come on, or leave the room muting the sound just cant do it I really dont even want to think about it๐Ÿ˜’ Holly baby, good to see you woman, we thought you went like to mars or something to check out the yarn supplies there lol welcome back to earth, and the ville!!!!! ratdog how nice of you to help out!! well im getting stuff ready to cook so ill check you all later or tomorrow take care all!!๐Ÿ˜
  7. got a dusting of snow it seems, sure was pretty while it lasted though!! wind was up too and then today, sun was so bright, i had to slant my blinds upwards to avoid the glare lol im not complaining mind you, just saying lol Found my wrist bands, started that doll blankee yesterday, and when i stopped my wrists hurt, so will wear the bands today if i work on it more its a good size, but want to mike it at least 24 to 26 inches square, just a big granny square, and in blues, and aquas, with white i seldom get to use the white or pastels making squares lol so will follow my own color scheme on this lol it goes fast though and im sure the wrists will survive it lol seeing bgs pretty ghan gave me the inspiration to do one lol and, the big one piece granny is a whole lot easier than sewing a bunch of them together for me anyway lol ill pic it when it is completed first project of the year well, besides the squares, and they are a constant lol like to stay in practice, in fact it felt odd doing the granny square, and not doing it in a solid pattern instead if the reg granny lol must be more diverse lol ill probably put a shell border around the blankee when im done we will see i think ill do the big vacuuming in the craft room today so ill go for now see ya soon, enjoy your day!!
  8. well its snowing lol candle has been lit since noon or so, supposed to get from 2-4 inches, windy, blowing snow, yada yada yada ;lol its 20 out now, but low of 8 on the way thats our weather, lol shiver!! worked in the kitchen most of yesterday doing counters and cupboards, and the fridge too, so today, im resting lol
  9. hello all, bgs, what a pretty dolly ghan i am inspired now, im going to start one lol thanks.. i was wondering what to do next, as i have my box full now of 6 and 8 inch squares for Pam all packed up, they number just short of 100 in all i got the last few barely in, then quick sealed up the box and will mail later on, but tired of working so many now, lol so ill make a dolly ghan to keep busy lol thanks for the inspiration!! expecting snow tomorrow probably just flurries, which is a ok with me lol note to all, snow bears mom is in the hospital and she is hoping for our prayers for mom gong to be a cold one the next few days i think for us here anyway well i guess that is all i got so far, ill be back tomorrow with the inch -age of snow lol stay safe and healthy all tata!!
  10. hello all well its another week to sift through lol i got aa lot done in the weekend and the past two days, and just have left in the craft room to big vac it all, i occasionally use the handheld for immediate messes, but this time big mama vac is summoned lol i have restacked and minimized my shelving units ans to add to conversation, i never burn a candle unless i am right there as i have maxie lol so if it is lit, im sitting beside it water noises, not particularly fond of, i do like the nature- scapes cds, birds singing, and things like that, that and i have a Celtic music one i really like too had a sound machine it had about 9 tracks built in, ocean and rain, and frogs, and storms, and a freakin' heartbeat that freaked me out lol i sold it at a garage sale a long time ago i wonder if they still make those lol i dont miss it though, and i have several great classical music cds that are completley my fav lol well back to work, see ya soon
  11. ohh lea, i have played "yarn Chicken' MANY times, just never heard it called that, how funny!! More times than not though, i come out good on it lol its good to have a name for it now lol for those that might not know, its when you are working a row, or a round, or a piece with a small amount of that particular color, and winning the game is having enough to finish, loosing the game, is running out mid row and having to frog it lol i do this a lot when using up my small balls for granny squares lol but most of the time i come out ok lol I use the wrap trick though, if there is at least 30 wraps around my two fingers, i save it, as it will most likely make a center of a grnny, more wraps would be at least two or three times that for a six inch lol just my own trick lol bgs IS a busy bee these days, and i bet she has not had a moment free for her yarn and it feels so lonely i think.. lol Carol, you too have been one of those bees lol buzzing around and keeping busy!! i was pleased with my 6.0 i was sure it would be higher lol im so glad though im doing well its been a long time and i have sacrificed sugar, and sweets, and a whole lot of carbs too, so who knows huh glad it helped, i dont wanna do insulin either mj my neighbor got his two orders, and i got mine from prime, i ordered an 8 compartment flatwarer holder, i guess one could use it for that lol, but i wanted it for organizing my colored pencils, highlighters, sharpies, and markers and gel pens, at least more than four slots, and i got it yesterday, its hard plastic, lightweight, and i was busy this am filling it with all my wonderful coloring mediums lol it slides in my bottom table shelf and is ready and at my finger tips, just slide it out and put it on my table when i color, for hands on choices lol i love it good buy katy, high 5!! i need one more large folgers plastic tubs coffee comes in, i have three, and one more i will get soon, i tell handy to just get folgers cause i like the canisters, they have handle indents, and are easier to handle lol then when i have four, i have something in mind for them heheheh,, wait and see, some of my ideas, look great in my mind, but some, well shall we say, dont work out like i think they should lol dont ask me anything about the extendable cat hair picker upper ok lets not go there ok,should have worked!! speaking of Max, he is fine, just does his cat things and follows us around lol he hates thunder, and storms and usually hides behind the couch, and the dog, she would usually be in the bath tub or on the bathroom floor i guess she felt more protected there when the tornado that came through here a few years back, she was in the bedroom, as i was in bed, and she jumped up on the bed, and roused me and just as she did that, i felt my headboard shake, and dived out the door for the living room where handy was catching the weather, and we both felt the walls breath like, in and out it was too close.. hit a couple miles away, took out trees, carports, sheds,fences siding and roof damage, but only our flowering tree got a big branch down in front of the bay windows, which was bad enough believe me i never wanna be that close again but Ginger knew, and she woke me for it she also hated fire alarms and such, one night she woke me up and i thought she wanted outside or something so i let her out, no, she was still jumpy when she came in and nervous, she kept trying to get me up and out turns out my cell phone was quietly beeping, as i forgot to put in on to charge and she took that for a quiet alarm of some sort as soon as i plugged it in she curled up on her bed, and went right to sleep i miss her, in so many ways well time to leave you for a bit my friends, and find a chore that needs to be done lol glad everyone is staying healthy so far, so good later!!
  12. cute doll and yoda and what a pretty beaded rosary everyone has been so busy lol i just got in from the dr appt, 6 month thing and i was worried about this one as i thought i way over my 6.0 what with the holidays and all but lost a few pounds too, and my ac1 is as usual, 6.0 thank goodness, i told him my friends were all higher than that and why and he said, cos you have a good dr lol.. and more good news, i dont have to prick my finger anymore lol less i feel bad, and i never do, so keeping the meter and test strips out lol but dont have to use them much hopefully lol so 202o is starting out great here lol so far anyway ..fist bumps all around!!oh and i finally got my flu shot, better late than never lol dr office canceled on me twice, so i didnt get one when i should have in november but all done now Neighbor just called to borrow some printer paper, course im out too, as i never have used my printer since the kids put new ink in lol will typing paper work i asked him, he said he didnt know so i said i have some of that somewhere so will look for it soon when i find it lol and have handy run it over when he gets back from the grocery store, we are celebrating good dr visit with a chilli dog with cheese tonight lol we were gonna have mashed potato bowls at kfc, but decided we,d have that at lunch tomorrow lol just seems like a chilli dog evening today lol what about this Iraq thing, does this mean another 9 eleven could happen??or worse?? hope there is a plan.. all for now gotta look for that typing paper lol
  13. good mid morning-into-afternnon to you all ! bright sunshine streaming in today, max took a sunbath while i brushed him this am, with little sleepy eyes today, as handy gave him the rest of the turkey last night and he must have slept well lol didnt do much last evening so i watched the kennel clubs doggie show, i always try to catch that, lol such pretty dogs my gosh i wanted them all mentioned to handy i really miss having a dog, he does too, so one of these days lol he misses ginger, and the facts are there will never be another like her, but there will be another in our lives i think that will be a part of us too, likeGingie was Daughter said to me on Christmas, that i should adopt an older dog, and no older animal should spend that part of their life in the humane society, and that everyone wants young dogs i totally agree with her, only thing that stops me, is i would have to go through another loss and sooner with an older dog. handy and i are stuck between a rock and a hard place with t his but time has a way of providing solutions if we can just be patient right ? goodness bgs, more and more, this move for you both sounds like it was meant to be!!? i am so very pleased for you both i almost teared up when you mentioned a dulcimer group, lol so happy for you both I did look that up once, and now know what they look like lol as before, i had no clue i saw a laptop sized one too, on ebay i think lol and all your old friends, i know you are happier there now and hubby too I have been thinking here lately, about putting some yarn, red heart, on ebay full skeins only, for a couple bucks apiece, as i did some research, and im not out to gouge anyone like some do on there, but just maybe thin it out a bit, im really not sure at all though lol i waiver, from day to day on it as we do the dog issue lol new year, new decisions, i guess huh in answer to the question yes i will keep this thread, i think since the ville has improved so much ill just change the year on the thread and let them tell me if i need to do a new one, when its time i dunno about that yet either i dont know why i am so un-decisive lately lol or am I? lol im hoping too my ac1 stayed at 6.0 for this next time, but i have eaten so much this season, im sure it hasn't ,now to get back to the basics, 2 squares a day lol well time to i dunno what ill do, but something needs doing lol ill decide later lol ciao for now ..
  14. hi all oh poor krys, what a thing i think going postal is a real thing!! and mary jo, lovely new icon, you look so pretty!! i got not much here, going to be a long night of boring tv i guess, lol only to mercifully fall asleep and then to be rudely awakened by Fireworks!! Oh once a year huh, i can do this!!so merriment to all, dont drink and drive, and all good wishes to all for a really fantastic new year~!!
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