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  1. hope all is well with everyone. back to the minus temps for now, and hanging out listening to books, and watching movies now and then working on squares usage, i still have ebough for a year or more lol worth of ghans my yarn stash is not going anywhere, cause i hadly use much seaming now and trimming but little by little i guess it has been working down a bit handy is condencing some of his funnier memoriy tapes into one, who knows he might find a publisher, they are real stories , hillarious, someone would really enjoy a book like that im sure lol Max is happy cu
  2. hello all oh mj i just used a vannas color, i think it was goldsenrod or something, not a darkish gold but like what is in you puppy pic lol might give vannas a look-see also have a very true light gold, in Landscapes yarn good luck looking and Christmas Carole, welcome back to the thread, and congrats on the movr too!! did everyone sign up for covidtests free on line at Covidtests.gov ?? easy sign up, good to have, 4 per household take a look if you are interested ok
  3. Hi all typical Monday here. Sunny 48 for now -11 on wenesday we hear.. toliet overflowed, wet mess, towels washing now, afghans all trimmed, and sorted into 2's probably have enough to send out 2 a month for at least 4 months lol Out of boxes at the moment, handy will gert more next he goes to home depot both vaxxed, and boosted, staying in when we can, and carrying on our covid threatebed lives, best we can not funny, people fully vaxed and boosted are still gettin it, my cdc says probably another booster coming soon so hang in there peeps, one day we will be through this i hope
  4. hi people nice day out there today upwards of 50 and sunny listening to a book another Steven King but whatever lol so, about to pause the audio, and do a couple things and then back to it see you all a bit later noyhing new here,
  5. here are Jan ghans first 2 of the year
  6. email me, i will send my addy thanks
  7. i am so glad that uou all are still coming in,lol if people dropped a lot, i thought about closing thread, but as long as you all come in im here for the duration lol Got my closet finished just the clothes, lol and handy took a bag to thrift world for me this am, car is oiled, oh and handy bought me a small electric can cooler. Holds 6 cans of diet coke at arms length!! bout 712 inches by 10, sits on my left table, just perfect, without moving anything lol really keeps cokes cold i was surprised lol and, its blue just right for in here!! Got 2 ghans done for Feb now both are pretty
  8. wow hi carol, you were gone for a while glad to see you friend!!
  9. hi all how are we?? had a good start to the new year i guess, nice dinner, and finished a book we were listening to, got another lined up for later lol oh cleaned out my closet half way yesterday, found a couple newish hooded zipper lasdies sweat shirts i think i got for a gift some time ago, tags stiill on,dont wear , asked my neighbor if she might be able to wear them she said sure, so handy took them over, and theyfiifine, she is thrilled lol , and that is 2 bulky things out of my closet lol will finish the other side today or tomorrow.. some of my stuff was buried way back
  10. Christmas eve and Christmas was over 60 degrees wow huh we havent seen that for a long time here anyway was delightful!! we still had the fireplace going though, as we cant have a celebration without it lol Im so glad you are better Mj. that was something huh!! Did you bells palsy clear up as well?? nice to hear fro bgs, pineknot, bailey4, arlene, and a few others by way of a cherry Xmas card, thank you all Poor excuse for me but i didnt find the time to even do that!! Finger shake to myself, lol but thanks to all of you, it made my season brighter!! We are now listening to R
  11. hi ya all how are we all here after Christmas I hope everyone had a reasonably goodone!! ours was good, kids well daughter and hubbb as we only have the one, lol were here, and we had a great time we are all boosted and fully vac-ed so ebjoyed each others company Still doing good here, i need to go in for a shingles vac the end of this week, but then im done with shots till they get another to take lol I didnt think if you have b=had shungles once, you could get it again, but dr. days you can, so Friday am going for that..
  12. ok all for right now i think those are most most recent, i dunno, lol do so many they all seem the same somtimes lol
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