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  1. ok here are my project linuus donations, i guess there are four of them, you all have probably seen them one at a time in the past, as i couldnt get them donated cause of that pesky hospital stay, lol.. so off thy go this week, with handy, only gonna cost me four crispy cream donuts too, lol.. enjoy.. the top one is a round ripple, so that is why it is forlded wiefd,/ ;lol
  2. Ok back I have tw stylus!s now so hopefully the mis strikes cos o of f my fat fingers will be fewer and farther between. Lol wel its good to have a dream right!,,cute little tree bgs!, love it!, Hi all. Coming to you from the tablet courtesy of daughter getting me a cp0ouple of stylus! Pens lol hopefully now the mis strikes will be fewr and farther beteeen now!, well its good to have a dream right lol,, Had a good kfc finger licking meal and a good nano cream pie too so was nice I had a tiny slice lol Yhey are hunting dl low w. Mt the best d3al out th he 4e for a lap top for mr so wont be long MN now. Yay!, Till the. I will togle between the d3sk top and the TinyScreen lol Y used 6up a couplr scraps of some lavendar a d purple I had squeezed two more 12 inch squares out so if you want znt them for the ghan ill be gla d t o send them next week probably. O ok k All for. Ow im sofull lol gotta just lean back and do nothing for a b it. Lol. Take care all enjoy your evening!,
  3. More later. Ok.
  4. Ha ok laceg but in my mind c Cl lea is healthncare. Lol I like things jst so no clutter no mess. Handy on yh he e other hand ha no sence of tidiness lol. His mm was a neat person so I guess it skipped his generatio. My kom wasnt neat I men there were Cy usually dishes ith sink and the house was big so yhere were aways rooms to vac. I remember going over r and leclean7ng ing even after I was married. She still wrked the and I would spic and span the house and put something in the crock she.could warm up ld have for supper. She would a alway be so thrilled at a clean house and suppper to boot. Lol. Im glad I could do Mt that for her now and the when I wasnt wo4kinhg.
  5. Oh I know iinda I am sure it does and I commend you for your takent and dedication to them. They sure do well under yor care!, good luck with the neck thing too. Nother er sunny and fairly mild day today. At some point today we have e to nake a cake as the kids are coming tomorrow for a belated farhers day and we ill get chicken en but need a desert. Their fav is the strawberry hole cake so. Either that or a cho. Silk pie from village inn he likes them and they do but I cant eat t it but that ok his day whatever he wants. Im sure too he would be happy with about half a d ozen crispy cream donuts too lol. But ill save that surprise for another day I will use it for a bribe to deliver my project linus baby ghans next week. Ill just casually remind him that you know project linus drop locale is right across the street from y ou you k now what crispy cream and I am . buying!, lol that will do it!, I wont eat t them but he sure will!,, All for now more later its hec being diabetic when handy has such a sweet tooth lol. Take care. The kids They are hunting me down n h p laptop my only specs are 11 inch or up screen windws 10 tuch screen ok and I dunno if they come with a camera but yes if the do lol. I have some jar r money saved u at this month and a part of it t for a bed at the end of the month if do_able. We will see. I will post a ic of the ghans before he runs them over for me its still on my camera sno ill do that from the desk top. Later. Handy is out recoating a deck then s going a couple pkaces to gather bed prices ces. so . We hve nebasks furntue mart here ad sverall wl other strictly bed stores so he will be back this aft enoon or soonrr r wi7th some ideas.
  6. Fhi all. Well todays post IS COMING TO YOU FROM TINY SCREEN so ill make it. Ig so I. Cl Oh poor lea hope she enjoys her mini vaca though. Ha Not so hot here today thankgoodness. Rather pleasant actually. Oh mary jo sent you out two 12 nch squares ths aft too hope they work in 5our ghan let me know if you need more ok. P I neknot your flow-ies must love you!, I bet they just thrive in your yard!, you and bgs are two of our ★green thumbs♥ members. Cute name for a garden thread just credit me if you use it and make a garden thread. Lol lol. Mght be a good thread to share questions or better yet eye candy!,, hummmmm Well getting tired handy is at grocery store and I will busy soon putting things. Things away so off for now more later on.
  7. hu all glad to se carol amd jessica back, long time no see, you know..so a big welcome back to both of you, you were missed!! .. believe it or not, i had some lavendar mary jo, so hope that is ok, i don't usually work with dark colors anymore like purple, so hope these are ok and with any luck i will get them posted out to you this week how many are you planning on and how many so far have pledged ... let me know i can always do more if need be..they are mostly lavendar and a grape fizz, as i don't work anymore with the darker colors so mcuh, hope tht works.. The grape fizz is somwhwhat darker so hope that suffices... nothing much here else happening, here woke up with a back ache, i know it is from this desk chair, so can't stay long here tonight, it's better,but don't want to re do it again, by siitting here too long, you know....nothing seems much to help, no pillows, nor a chair back rest thing i have nor well anything, so it is just the dang chair, but i have a couple other expensive things to buy before i get to the chair, lol (new bed, new laptptop ) hot, humid, might rain tonight, hope nothing serious, i always get somewhat nervous when it storms, not knowing what to expect, you know, and it always sounds so much worse than it is, most of thetimes, thank goodness.. had a pic of something, but don't have it off the camera yet, to the computer, so ill do that tomorrow... hiope yu all have a good evening, and I am gonna see you tomorrow,,, take care now.......... ..
  8. I dont know why that was a striike over nor why this pst is undrlined ?nevermind it seems to have corrected itself. Lol. ..
  9. Hi all I will make a square too mary jo or two however long the no purples/lavenars hold out how thoughtful of you to yhink of this !, thankyou. ,,
  10. A big thanks to amy for fixin me. Im on the tablrt now got new passwrd an new email I feel brand new!, funny how something that seems incidential can fstefester r and brew e and cause so much stress huh. I have that info now written safely in a book so hopefully no more problems huh. Well just touching bae so will go for now thans0ks to all and have a good night. See ya in the am from the craft room no doubt as I am mobile again. Oh this was yesterdays post lol So here will be todays I guess . Gonna be a hot one here today for sure. Already rather humid if you ask me. Lida good luck I he blood test. They used to take 3 tubes of bood from me every week TO check i guess if the infection was esing up ad that went on Well till mARCH h I guess THANK GOODNESS THE VISITING N6 YRRSE DID IT AS I COULD NOT HQVE G INE 7Natt ofteas I 7 was too weak and still could n It provides ut any weight on my foot. Doc no w ow doc only has his Pa take one ti0ube. I thought I would run out of blood to be sure. They had to put 3 bagsf of blood in me for one of my surgerys and im pretty sure ur ive givea all back and then some ,,lol Well my tolerance for Tiny_Screen is about gone!, talk to you a bit later ok. Hav a specially super day. I think it is the first whole day too of summer too s o enjo y our day!!,my fingrrs ae too fat for his keyboard. I will have to have daughter bring me a st tylis soon. Stylus ?.
  11. ha, yep puerple andyellow are striking together, pansys prove it. lol nothing m uch going down today, weather is good, and no complaints I will try the tablet again tomorrow moning,and see if it posts for me, lol tonight, Im just too tired to domuch at all, but lean back, and flip channels, lol im glad daughter is coming over on sunday for belated fathers day, i have some questions abou computer for her, lol I don't know what to do next,crochetwise, but ill think of someinthing im sure......all for tonight, you all have a loely evening, ok...........
  12. this is just a test.. posting 123 i hear ya sandra, lol i hear ya....
  13. i did post earlier, but its a no show apparently.. I give up, I can't keep up with this stuff anymore, lol hot here today too, humid, storms for tonight maybe or tomorrow, or both.. nothing much else, just plugging away, doing what I do, hope all is well with all of you...
  14. well all, got a re[ply and i think i can get signed on on the tablet now, haven't tried it yet, lol im afaraid, but i will do that soon... Question, do i have to use the new temp pass word on that device as well, as i have signed in on the desk top now with a passwod change, and email change, so was wondering if i have to do that too, on the tablet. I wrote them down this time, lol... so wish me luck!!! amy was busy moving to a new retail loaction, and that is why the delay.. she is usually good about helping us though, so my panic is subdued a bit now, unless i can't sign on the tablet still, lol again, later friends... take care...oh no luck with a reponse from yahoo, so guess i just will forget about tht email now, and use the gmail, cos im tired of waiting on them, and getting screen after screen of verifying just to be bounced back to start again, lol no more yahoo email, but the only bad part about that is that my contacts are gone too, darn it... well, so be it, that'll teach me, l i guess. i learned from this, trust me...
  15. yes those stroms weres omething... they say now there were at least 6 diff. tonados that came through the area, all doing equally destructive damage all around the area/ we were lucky just getting rain dumped onus i guess, thank goodness... Its a bright sunny day today, and very mild, no humidity much to speak of!! I ave been putttering about, did a small load of whites, and a few dishes, and took out some hamburger I guess for supper to thaw, i really don' like much meat anymore in my diet, but can tolerate now it now and then... having a hamburger patty, minus the bread or bun and a nice green salad for my supper later on, leave the buns for handy, lol well, got a pic of the pile of a dpzen even 12 inchers for Pine Ridge, that is complete now.. i will try to get that on the camea today, before i leave the bed room again, for spaces unknown, lol.. here they be in a roll of color for you. lol there, all done, that is my roll of 12 of 12inchers.. you have seen most of them in other pics, but sometime before i mail them i woulk like to lay them all out on the bed, and see them al at once, lol... more storms due tonight and tomorrow, as i understand, so will be on the lookout for those in these parts... I have not seen such a stormy june for a while i tell ya... flowers are loving it, and the trees that don't get uprooted, are getting a good drink, im sure,but a for me, i could do with more sunny mild days, like today, for sure.