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  1. have a great weekend all and thanks to all past or present for your servcies to the red white and blue
  2. its once again memorial day weekend please take a minute and give thanks to all those that fight for our freedoms listen to this it says it all All Gave Some, Some Gave All some stood true for the red, white and blue, and some had to fall and if you ever think of me think of all your liberties,and recall some gave all .
  3. hi all gee funny mj i was just telling handy this am that there is no such thing as a gentle rain you know lol i remember rainy days as a kid our windows would be open a little we had really wide eaves and nothing came i n at all and we would lay on our beds and read the books we hauled in our bike baskets the day before, and just read away to the sound of mild thunder and gentle rains ah the good old days lol yes very hot here too and humid but no rain and they say we still are running a deficit for rain so could use some i guess lol if tonight it will no doubt be a gully washer lol with all the humidity in the air sorry about your team mj well in other matters asked pam on her thread id she accepted varg red whie and blue yarn as i found a skein behind one shelf today and wont use it its left over from when i made a ghan for the vets bazaar and was in red/white/and blue years ago but was is still so plush and soft hated to just discard or donate it you know i told ya I waste little yarn lol so glad to find a home for i lol here is a pic of what they will look like hardly much white at all and a moderator on pams thread said said it would be fine soo ill make it up for a good cause my other idea was sending it to bgs to make little stockings for the vets had prr said no lol i still will send what i have left bgs if you are interested ok i wont be using all of it im sure as the squares will be interspersed with re and blue randomly was not sure the res respected our colors you know sort of a grey area i guess something patriotic i thought though would be the key what else handy finished up the deck/canopy job yesterday so is taking a day of rest today lol he was so glad to be done with ladder work!! and just in time as it is going to be hot hot hot all weekend and we all know it will rain lol always does w e are putting in a small turkey Brest on sunday see if i can lure the kids over to do my printer, and oh something else lo i wrote down somethin tekki uou know and she says if they come she will bring a thumb drive too for me i have one but i think it might be full can you erase a thumb drive to use it over?? oh before i forget heres that square in freedom ombre by ILTY there is not a lot of white so its a go for prr lol i have used vargs before and i guess you can if they have not much white they dont stay clean in white i guess and i dont know why one cannot send all black squares i mean i wouldn't but but that is not wanted either any other colors are though so free hand your choice im getting somewhat concerned about chsaort anyone hear from carol lately?? and wonder how lacey is doing now and trib? arlene seems to have lost our thread lol as does lea and katiebug check in ladies so we know you are ok!! well all for now hope you all have a grnd weekend!!
  4. hi all good afternoon hot today here too possible storms tonight but with the humidity this high i worry storms nay be severe just organizing and tidyng up today nothing major lol too hot to do much lol is this a secomd wedding sandra with a second daughter coz i thought a short time ago one got married?? if that is the case no wonder you are a bit stressed huim a bit tuckered out so going to sit back for a bit talk to you all later h how s bo doing??-
  5. yes bgs i agree as she has been suffering quite a while wit it i lookd it up and it is quite life threatening especially with it leak-through a fissure into other body parts and it could choke off the blood supply if left alone and unattended for long i hope this feels her better she just got the respirator taken off this am and cant talk strongly yet but i will wait till she calls me i feel as though i have accomplished a lot in the past few days just keeping busy of course the yarn balls were busy work i guess but got a lot done besides that and it sounds like you did too bgs lol i did notice too that some of the weights in rhss are just really thicker for some reason like that darn paddy green and now i noticed cherry red as well those two are kinda harder to work with and dont measure up to size as nicely either almost have to use a g or 7 hook to get them close to 6 inches fissy fussy arent i lol its very hot and humid here and will be for the next few days i guess broken up by some more rain tonight perhaps we were running a deficit in moisture now i think we normed out lol i cut up an old flannel gown i just got too hot in and made the nicest softest dusting cloths too i used the long sleeves whole as they fit over my ceiling fan blades nicely and catch any dust too like a skinny pillow case lol just one swipe per blade and top and bottom are done and toss the cloth in the washer with your towels lol just my own little discovery lol so i dusted all the stuff inn the bedroom and craft room too all tv screens i could find !! they do tv screens and mirrors and comp screens lol all for now taking a break and kicking back for a bit have a nice day everyone
  6. i had it worked off pretty good as this small basket was overflowing lol till i added more that is 32 squares though so far!!
  7. hi all rough morning weather wise rained to beat the band and the thunder was all one 2 hour roll i have never heard it that way before just rolled on and on renewing itself as it went tornado sirens went off a county over but not for us but we are only a couple miles away from the county line and daughter is right on the line soooo had news last night, sis entered emerg. room via ambulance and went into emergency surgery about 8 30 pm for a colon surgery apparently part of her colon was twisted and had a fissure where part of it was damaged leaking into other body cavities at first they could not guarantee they could remove the damaged part or take a lot more but as it went they were able to save enough so she does have a colon still and wont have to wear a colostomy bag so that is good news she was just out of surgery when he called at about 11 last evening so i hope to talk to her today at least she sure has been through the wringer with all of this, poor thing they have treated her for diverticuitus, crones, ibs and an asst of other intestinal problems but nothing ever seemed to help so i hope this does the trick the y were kinda leery about surgery because of her weakened health condition but had to take the risk or she would not have made it it was like a 50/50 odds they said so someone was in her corner huh well with that said i guess i will move on to a cheerier topic i have still been working off my balls i added some small balls of little varg balls to my basket and so doesn't seem the basket is going down much. bu quite a few rubber bands ahead lol i have 32 squares so far just the last couple days and when i work them all off i wont have any smallish balls left lol woe is me huh lol i am very happy about that to be honest lol i think a vow to work them off BEFORE so many multiply is my new creedo lol well hec about all i can think of today sooo ill say adios for now All of you have a grand day ok!
  8. o oh lyn get some rest lady!! Bgs so glad you got to enjoy it i have only seen a grand production of River Dance which was simply amazing and saw the Celtic Women here too but im sure i would like those you both mentioned but no one to go with anymore as my sister cant do things like that anymore i have been busying myself with working off some balls out of the ball basket i reclaimed 18 or so rubber bands lol that is how i keep my balls together lol but still i have more lol i think left alone in that smallish ball basket they must multiply you know in the years of wire hangers i think they did too cos as much of them as i gave to goodwill there was always more lol i have long since then had plastic hangers but the opposite is true i think with them as they seem to just disappear overnight lol like at night i go to bed with several hanging by the dryer and in the am i dont see them anymore they have taken leave of the laundry room lol not even leaving a note mind you!! How rude huh !! or they have transported themselves to a laundry room far far away in a different dimension perhaps ??? maybe where hangers roam free, and wild its a dilemma i tell ya!! so i have at least 20 more squares for pr res just from scraps and balls lol if the amount of the ball can not even do a yo yo then and only then it goes into the bird nesty jar lol i waste little yarn and the birds love the yarn pieces course first i have to cut it into smaller pieces but that only takes a minute i am struggling through the darker color balls and mixing in some varg or off white here and there as i go cause otherwise working with just darks would not be fun for me lol i am all about color lol ok well other than that lol nothing much new weather has been warm and sunny so wash-tub of flowers were moved back to their spot where they can soak up the sun today there are so many buds sheesh!!and i never worry about the succulents ( cacti and such ) as they pretty much take care of themselves lol we have an understanding lol Handy is home early needs 3 more long boards to finish framing in the canopy frame and didnt feel like walking Menards today that ladder work really bothers his hip, even with the tems unit full force so he is home now resting his hip how is your leg mary jo?? and who was it that sprained something else?? hope all are well and enjoying the day today have a good one ok!!
  9. well i had a long post and poof it went bye bye so hello lyn hi to all for now be back latrer on ok have a great day
  10. hi all well we escaped the storms yesterday but dreary and rain expected today i had handy move that tub of budding flowers to a sheltered side of the deck and then he put a little roof over it with two pieces of wood so if we get hail which we usually do anymore with rain it wont knock them down there is no such animal anymore it seems ass a gentle rain you are right about that brenda i started watching a ken moore documentary on The West and will finish watching that today i guess as i have no real daylight to do much else lol it just started sprinkling now poor handy will not be able to work for sure he just left but will soon be back standing on an aluminum ladder with a power tool is not good in the rain (can you say zap!!) thought it was useless to try but you know how they are they dont listen lol ill have too look up and see how to clean a touch screen today probably soft cloth and water but just wanna make sure i have never used anything but just dry wipe it with a soft cloth is alll i mean how dirty can it get right but with a touch you do get fingerprints sometimes oh now the sprinkles have stopped its still gonna rain more but apparently not right now lol so, just checking in sorry about mil lyn and sandra i had to laugh at the reference to the wizard and oz! Dorothy really got the best of that deal but not from the wizard really but from the ruby slippers lol classic movie one of my all time favs so see you all soon have some special kind of a day today regardless whether the weather is cooperating or not in your parts ok!! unexpected but fitting pun lol oh now it seems to be brightening up a bit well that is appreciated!!
  11. bright sunny day today and its friday too this weekend storms moving in though. grass needs it i guess the moisture not the storms lol i watched all i could of zoo on netflix, and travelers, i dont remember where it left off butthey both left me a hanging lol watched another good mystery i call them twisteries cos of all the twists and turns lol called Fracture very interesting just like a book with pictures and voices lol hate to walk away till its over but if i have to nice to pause it and come right back to the very spot i left off at lol that i watched last night, and watched or am wathcing one called Safe about an affluent gated community and murder and cover up also on pause for now as i went to bed at the half way point lol lots of new arrival shows on netflix thanks on the bailey-ghans lol they are packed up only needing a note to go out soon lol i hope she likes the colors as i had a lot of fun making them they are my "little stockings" bgs lol well they are having some sort of sports thing in omaha this weekend but fear bad weather and storms so we'll see how that turns outi think it is a track event perhaps i dont know i pay very little attention to any sports events but a craft fair is a diff story lol well all for me right now bgs quit working so hard woman lol but glad you are making progress with the outside work!!
  12. hi everyone well lyn i guess the heart night have been in the right place for that flower but maybe never thought ahead beyond that point huh hi sandra good to hear from you i hope things are moving along for you all time works wonders but does not offer complete healing just eases the pain a bit and makes it easier to cope i guess bgs and mj must be busy bees lately huh?? its ok we are here when you can come to see us lol n0ot nothing much in the way of chores today so taking a me day i think unless i get bored lol the ill find something to do well slim pickins here today huh ill just go back to my game and sulk awhile lol see ya soon
  13. in the third one i used a neat color from ILTY called glacier it is in the center and towards the outside again of the square i like that color lol h a d my doubts about number 4, fuscia lol but it worked out i guess i think it is ok do you??just working with that yellow on a bright sunshiney day was a bit taxing at times lol they all measure 20 inches approx and most were done with my trusty i hook since dollys dont mind air holes lol the pink one that is a very light light pink in th middle that i wanted to use up well mission accomlpli' tis gone lol
  14. morning all sunny out today all is right with the world,( i wish) lol got a total of four bailey- ghans to show you so here goes first one is in pinks, next in blue and aquas next one soft green and varg with aqua and last one i finished up this am in my quiet time lol before chores start it is a varg with yellow and a fuscia in it which i was lucky to match with a joannes store yarn skein of fuscia lol (craft smart ) so that kept me busy this am i have them boxed ready to add a note and post out probably first of next month though now im going to go and get some chores done before handy comes home for lunch lol take care all!!
  15. hi ya bailey4 got a few more dolly ghans done for you heres a preview packed up and ready to seal check on the granny thread for more pics of hem!!