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  1. hi and bye headed off to watch some tv see you all tomorrow!!
  2. well welcme back lacey and kariebug. seems like a lomg time no see huh. glad you both made it back to the ville and this thread especially!!. just stopped in to say night all im going offline for the night so everyone have a super night. ❌⭕️❌⭕️
  3. thanks bgs. i am a worrier too same as My mom as well so are my rwo sisters. one is really overboard with it and sometimes makes herself physically ill anf the other she justfrets till it passes. sometimes id you quit thinking about stuff your mind clears a bit and suddenly a solution comes to you!! Sometimes i dream a solution!! lol. Sandra those fur babies sure keep you busy! How did you come about having several doggies anyway. i had my hands full with my one and the cat(s) plural then singular now lol even though i really want another dog i feel i just cant go though the future of losing one again gingers passing was a devastating thing for both of us and daughter as well cant do that again. Guess what every one . you can no longer write or should i say carve or chisel your name into the living room surfaces lol i fianlly got it dusted. and pledged and some thing windexed lol.and i seemed to have stopped sneezing out there so much so may be that is what was causing it. much better too to open the window out there and without that flowering tree we lost there we do get the sneezing down a bit too so thats good. glad you had a great weekend brenda now the next few days is recooperating time huh lol. i hear that i will rest more tomorrow but feel i got a few things done today that were bugging me out lol handy found what he was looking for at Menards and then after his search he cut up an old box for me that max liked to play in but itwas too big and made it too hard to manuever for me around the living room so that can go out with rhe trash tomorrow too and the wheel chair that i only used twice is folded and bagged or tarped and out of the living room and into the shed so good for that as well handy did those two chores for me lol tomorrow is trash day and i usually clean out the fridge day before lol but it can wait i used up all my spare energy on the living room chores today lol well i thought i like making squares and pinr idge needs some so perfect marriage huh i think she would take some stash i have too even though they are finished off and all tails woven in but u will ask her before sending them to her its hard to not weave in the ends for me as grandma always taught me its not finished till the back looks as neat as the front and like i have said before i find it sort of zen like to weavethe ends in a few here a few there gives me somthing to do wwhen i just dont want to start something else right away haha i never have mindd them im sure she just wants to make sure they are secure so she does it hherself is any one collecting or wanting a couple 12 Inchers i found that are looking for a new home they are woveen in as well lol lmme know if you can use them one is ppurple and bluish i think the other oh i forgot alread ill try to take a pic but they are back i. the vottom box again now lol Neighbor just called we have a flat on my car he and handy will take care of it i im sure that same neighbor mowed for us today and the yard looks so nice daughter had gotton mr some daiseys in pots to put inthe flower bed by the wood burner and gingers grave and theyare just-gorgeous and they survived the hail we had too a couple days ago i hope they spread does anyone know if they do so?? they are the brightest yellow little faces with dark centers Daiseys are my fav,, Ginger never bothered my flower bed or dug holes or chewed up lawn furniture lol oops dont laugh cos our black lab did all those things and so much more ,, Labs seem to stay in the puppy stage much longer than a lot of the other breeds!! honest was so in Oreos case anyway lol she was mostly a good girl too though once past that stage she loved the lake and the hose and all water in general!, lol she was alwayas the first one to dive off the dock daughter not far behind and the two of them would swim together across the lake and back with daughter hangin onto Oreos harness they had so much fun We had a little mini schnauzer at the same time and he hated water lol But he could and did fully walk at full stand under oreos tummy !! they were best friends Or looked out for little Moses aka Bubba) lol he was a small mini but a fierce protector lol. as long as oreo was there thst is. tee hee well its raining now and handy is going to put the donut on the car tomorrow and take it up to Firestonre in the am sigh and let them either fix it or put on a new tire. seems she picked up a and i quote Big A$& nail somewhere lol oh my im gtting hungry dspite the fact that i has a slice of left over pizza wt around 2 lol so i gonna go and grab a chobani yogurt dauhter found the greek yogurts have way less sugar content so i dont have to give up my yogurt at all!!!! am d Oiko and chobani brands are less sugar. . my yoplait has like 30 grams of sugar and these two have only 5 and 7 grams wow big diff huh this one is raspberry chocochip flip. very good and on ly 7 of my daily allotwed 26 lol and since i eat no other sugar thats really good. well all thanks for listening im gonna go for a bit will talk to you soon. !! Take care. ❌⭕️❌⭕️ such is life as granny would say!,
  4. and why can't we have spell check here lol. hit a button and boom fixed you know. or am i missing it??
  5. morning all. bright sunshiney day today maybe rain later not sure. im back to wearing my winter weight nighties to bed as i get chilly. who'd a thought here in Ne that late may you number 1 would get chilly and number 2 not have the ac koi kicking on lol crazy weather. im going to try to get those puffies ready so maybe handy can post them off tomorrow. oh wait is it a holiday is it mrmorial day today? to orrow then i have quite a few squares done for my afor mentioned charity aPine Ridge Res the grand thing about it is you dont tuck in the ends she likes to do that herself so you are to leave a 4 inch tail. you can still knot but do not clip them short. i have always knotted when i tie in a new color as that is how my grandma taught me i guess. also any pattern but this month they are going with a flower theme. but you dont have to do that as any pattern is still welcome. so much good can be done here if we can help. a little i'm i. happy!!. towards winter i will look through my hats and scarves bin to see what i can do in that way also but not a prioeity for me right now lol the bin is on the bottom of the stack anyways hard to manuever that for now. My sister is going in today to have a port put in she is scheduled for chemo and perhaps rad too as her lung tumor is inoperable. it is too far down on the lynph nodes at the end of the bronxhial tubes and they are looking for a complete recovery/cure if she follows through with her planned tretment. keep her in your prayers wont you. her name is Vicki. thanks i wonder how ms snowbird is doing?? anyone heard from her recently?? i will drop her a mail this am see how she is doing and tell her we all miss her that i know first hand how it feels to be missed and hearing it said!! I never meant to worry you or anyone brenda but there is no wayi could let anyone know i was too out of it too sick and wasnt even thinking about anything but the day i would feel better once and for all i apologize for that deeply even if i hadi had my ipad i i wasnt too coherent enough to go on it for the time i was so sick sorry to worry you though handy has the morning at least off from his ktchen job as some of the wood. needed replacing and such and they did that but the wood filler over the screw insets is still wet so they cant lay the new flooring yet till it is dry and . sanded so a day off so he went to look at shower wands a nd faucets for us this am. well everyone have a great and glorious especially scrumptious day and ill see you all later!!
  6. hi all. typical ,sunday but sfter days of rain at least the sun is out today. so that's. a+. - plus. just piddling today i guess nothing much else to do that i can think of anyway lol least not right now anywy so hope everyone is doing well sandra sorry a bout your friend tampa glad to see your shiney faxe and pinknott too everyone seems so busy lol i will find somthing too after while i guess as i should move about more lol till later then take care enjoy your day ❌⭕️❌⭕️
  7. ok then my important announcements will be in red then lol and i know you are right i guess it does depend on that. ok no problem. i hardly use my desk top anymore. but the options on that were different too like the emoticons and suh . hope you all are enjoying your weekends!!
  8. vits 6 or 12 preferred but the takes any size even if she has ro add a row or somrhin the link is a lot of i info and she also has a question page with lots of info too. take a peek and believe it or not i thought i did proof that post lol. that link is http://www.ravelry.com/groups/afghan-squares-for-pine-ridge-reservation and there are several branches for instance one specializes in baby things one hats snd scarves and warm winter wear . i am doing the squares for now and will graduate to the other branches when i can.
  9. since we now hwve our colors back i suggest we save thr red for special announcements gang like when and whom squares go out or advance warning of a weeks absence or things like that. what do uou all think. i also think the size setting in 20 works well for those sorts of posts and you can bold it up too This would make it easier to find important osts faster too just look for thr red lol i found the bday squares for our birthday gals so mini ni owl and pineknot heads up for next week. i also have anew to me charity and the more the merrier i will include a link. i have read about it before but ladies this is a very good cause and i hope to hear that you will at least consider joining me . its simply making squares knit or crchet 6 0r 12 inches any color any yarn any pattern. more info and link to follow and hope to see you on the boards at ravelry,,,
  10. you are most welcome and yesi i give handy and my daughter all the credit and thanks every day as if it werent for them i would not be here they were my support team nurse maid cooks and therapists. provider of all needs. they never let me give up. . thank you.
  11. honestly there is more truth to that han you know.
  12. haha yeah im big on fiber!!!!lol wow good mornong to all. thanks donna for the info glad it all worked out and we are all back in biz again!!! i love the new look it is a cleaner more i dunno sophisticated format and everything i tried has worked so no complaints just happy to to be back. 👍❌⭕️❌⭕️ seeya in a while again still smiling. that we are back!! Gonna be a good day 🌞🌻
  13. a taco and red jello with redi whip. more than i want but. handy dosnt coomprehend too mwell portion sizes. so this is good compared to what he normally would fix. lol so no complaints lol
  14. wow nice uh lunch is ready