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  1. sigh now what im still weaving in ends on the squares i have and some ive done its a thankless job lol but seems to me the piles might be going down now lol albeit, slowely lol so that will be my job among others today to work on them and get them done before the next "shipment" arrives lol they are really beautiful squares, knitted and crocheted i sure do wish i would have learned more about knitting from grammybut crochet seems so much quicker lol, well people all for now more coming up soon b oh in the neighbor digest i get email every day for our immediate area, someone asked if anyone else had seen what he thought was a shooting star, BUT it was followed by fighter jets?? I couldnt stop myself, from repling, They' re hereee !! seriously i do beleive we are not nor ever have been alone on earth, much less this or any other universe, so ....and we did see a ufo so i know they are here that afternoon, ET was on lol cooincidence, i think nnot lololol .... insert twilight zone intro and music here please!! and then read about a couple lost dogs, and a couple found dogs none the same two dogs so then i closed email and moved on lol such has been my day so far!! lol take care all!!
  2. heard that on the news this am and i was utterly shocked my gosh they wont beleive it till it happens to one of them or their family i guess shakes head in astonnisment
  3. hi everyone well after two days of stress im back tommyself more now lol phone had no dial tone, so had to try to robot talk on my laptop to get a teck here soonest they said to come th 14th not acceptable fought with them for a while borrowed neighbors cell and called and asked for a supervisor not even an hour passed and the ohone rang!! It was daughter checking to see if phone was back cos i emailed her lol it was and we dont know who, when or how but not complaining lol next day Daughter was coming over for dr. healh call thing we got the text and she texted back but no one answerswered we kept saying hello in text anyone there respons please for at least 45 minutes she left the app open and had to leave to pixk her litty up at the vet but bever got a call there either it was on their end, not ours i was there gonna find out more what happened on Monday for sure grrrr all day pretty much was a wipe out too, hoping that things good good today lol oh bgs im so glad to hear about sis, so happy for you all too.. and i misunderstood about the doggie, i thought she wasnt taking him with but now i know its ok lol yep i remember little TC and loved her too, just like all my own that are gone and have to beleive they are at Rainbow Bridge having a wonderful time and waiting for us .. no more to say or ill cry so ms sandra, are you feeling better now how are the girls and grands and are you still crocheting??? I am glad my daughter is not of school age anymore, cos Im not sure i would let her go back you know kids do pass it on MJ weather they have symptoms or not just not as much as adults do i woulnt want her bringing home or catcing it and infecting us both here either this kills ok this is dangerous to all no one is immune ill wait for a vacine before i feel reasonably safer anyway yep still one wonders where it really came from doesnt one
  4. hi ya sandra, sheesh missed you!! Glad you are back with us again!!!
  5. oh it washed bautiflly abd flattened out now as i knew it would it is bagged and waiting for a box!!
  6. oh thank you not bad for my first made with other than mine squares lol well for this project i guess
  7. now that is a very pleasant thought thanks bgs how is sis doing by bow i hope shes better abd jim ok!! are you and he going to adopt the little doggie?? You should lol
  8. o i know krys i was awful upset then but it was a long time ago, and she isnt a sis in law anymore so now i tell the story in hopes of everyone else avoiding people like that lol or my lack of knowlede about them anyway !!
  9. oh pic time my first pine ridge afghan is finished all but the laundering of it which is in right now i laid it on my queen size bed, and snapped a pic before i put it in the washer I started it in mid may, and finished it July 3 i think took me at least 2 and a half days weaving in the ends on the back!!! took me a while to figure out placement of that one big green square in the middle but finally got it centered i think or close enough lol took the work of many people besides me to make it but after its bath, I will count squares in it and recheck ends and seams and bag it and box it for posting out before winter rolls in there. whew its almost completly out of my hands now i did my best, and even though i weaved in very securely, and given the right treatment while washing, nothing lasts forever right lol reminds me of one i had made for a friend once, and she let her younger kids play hole big which was how big can you make the spaces with your toes??, , and then calmly asked for another, i did not make her another you have to really at least show some another i did not make another one for was a sister in lw then and i went to her back door one time to see her, and it was kinda icy and cold still and as i stood there at the door i glanced over to the window well, as my caught something familiar there stuck icy mud and snow down in the window well was the pretty varg and greenzig zag i had made for her for xmas one time I was like just a knife in my heart i never told her, i just vowed then and there, never again you know i could only then imagine all the time i had spent not only on that ghan but on each of her 4 kid'S hats and matching scarves too wow, an eye opener huh ah well i heard of one lady that her relative wanted or used an afghan she had made, to put on the garage floor to soak up oil on the floor have these kinds of people and others never heard of cat litter or oil soak!!! sheesh not to even mention the meaning orl ove or work that went into that ghan n i was without words when i heard that there are more horror stories in the naked city, this has just been a few of them lol
  10. well you can never stop learning, can you!! Good for you carol
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