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  1. hi ya. snow i can take it with conditions, or leave it lol i have learned through the years the key to any weather predicament, is Be Prepared! lol I guess , you know i like to have plenty of food in the house and of course electricity, and i can deal with it i guess I prefer however to at least have had FALL, before the cold and snow but here, it is seldom the case unfortunately lol we have the four seasons though but two are becoming a thing of the past soon we will be reminiscing about, "remember when we had FALL. OH and a spring, i miss that lkol and it will become a fond memory somewhat like horse drawn carriages, and the model T's lol just fond memories from way back when lol bgs, i dont trust gas appliances, so most of ours from the dryer, to the water heater to the stove to the fire place is electric and if we could swing it, so would be our furnace lol but that if we live long enough, that will be a future happening thing lol
  2. wow bgs, nice digs~!! love your fireplace too, is it electric, i love ours, it is electric and we have a remote for both pic and flame oh and heat if so desired my mom always complained of the soot mess on the two wood burning ones but upstairs my dad had put in a shoot in the bottom of that fireplace, that you just swept in the soot, and closed it back up it fell 2 floors to a door in the first garage, and you opened it with buckets or i dunno something to catch it and clean it out, i only remember us doing that once all the time i was there lol and i think the other one you had to manually sweep out but it was not used as much as the living room one was weather has been cold and sometimes a flurry or two but maybe just for a couple more days, then we are to get back to more seasonable temps and weather well i am excited for you bgs, have fun and enjoy you neat new digs!! oh i gotta go getting dark out already, losing my light more tomorrow all take care
  3. hi all, good to hear MJ!! my time lately has been used moving sme things around, going through some more, and dusting it all lol and i have to take advantage of handys willingness to help sooo lol we bought an electric fireplace with the screen you can change from fire place with logs and flames to snow falling or a few more, plus it heats too, no chiming needed lol so we had to make room for it, we got the corner shaped mantel and it fits nicely in the room lol for the first time in years, i can hang our stockings on the mantel!! i grew up wit two fire places in our home and have not had one since, handy surprised me with it yesterday, when he found the one i chose, no one had that particular one in stock in town, , but he went out of town and found one, and it is the exact model i picked out!! I was surprised, as i had given up the idea, till next year lol its just great, i love it I guess i can count it as an Xmas gift, least for a couple years lol close enough anyway huh got is assembled, and in place last evening, and the big tv fits on the mantel tooo, i wasn't sure it would but it did we have no extra top space on either side as the tv is at least 55 inches long but it fits lol and the fireplace casts a warm glow over the room even without the heat part on, it seems warmer in the room lol Maxie is overjoyed lol putting it together was all handy,, with parts called a and aa, b, and bb up to like k and he couldn't locate the two kks, i told him im here, im here lol he was not amused lol but he finished it finding the kks in the bag of hardware, two small rubber stoppers for the glass door to open who'd have thought that would be in the screws bag huh lol oh yeah it was me lol our good neighbor helped handy two wheel it in, thank goodness for the back ramp lol and now today he came over to see it, says mom Alice now will want one lol so we have been busy the last few days, although if i had known about it coming yesterday, i could have had a lot done already cept the moving stuff around thing we only had to scoot the grandfather clock over a bit, and mess with the cords and such moving the tv but everything works, the cable on the tv for cox, and the vcr/ dvd payer all in place on the glass shelf and the tv on the top mantel just as i thought it would look he had doubted, i did not , cause I measure things before i get them lol lol I think last count for remotes now are up to five out there on my end table lol i need one of those remote keeper things out there lol reminder to self check amazon lol anyway we are almost winterized handy just now went to get new furnace filters, and a low wattage light bulb for my clock hutch and then we are ready for the snow lol my ample supply of candles for aviance* and good luck are at arms reach for at least the first real snow if not all season lol Daughter and i are set for candles lol but we will have to be patient, as mother nature is in charge of that i guess well all i got, back to the chores at hand lol later all
  4. hi all. say has anyone noticed that the font size button seems to have vanished?? it used to be on the right of the preview button up there fourth past the icons button i think i miss it, i say put it back and take away another like the italics or underline buttons! lol so, nothing doing today, having a sunny and pleasant day and working around inside doing things like dusting and such and a load of laundry is all so, back to work for now see ya next time lol and lea, im never moving again lol i hate moving that much
  5. hi all well carol how nice about the jammies lol keeps you busy huh Lyn, i have read or listened to Gray Mountain, and it was a good one too seems to me its about some coal co and them trying to save the mountain, good story, lots of twists and turns as i can recall .. oh wow lyn, size of a golf ball, how precious for humming birds you are working hard. huh in the way of snow, not much measurable snow however how was everyone's Halloween? hope the kids enjoyed themselves Daughter and hubby celebrated at a work party, and she went as a strawbeery, lol i forget what she said he was.. i think she said he went as an accountant, no costume needed lol did everyone remember to do the time thing, spring forward, fall back right lol Maxie is still on the old time and insisted on mama to get up at 730 lol i didnt get my extra hour of sleep, he is not a fan of time changes lol we are now re listening to Sycamore Row, Grisham's sequel to his first, which was made into a movie, A Time to Kill had forgotten some but mostly just refreshing memories of his older books I have read or listened to all his books, cept one, called Bleachers which was i understand was about football, and i dont do football, lol but i did read Calico Joe about baseball, lol i like baseball!! Oh and congrats to the Nationals for their winning the world series too!! Another sip of coffee, as she ponders what to say next lol it didnt help, lol i guess thats it for now, so ill see ya soon take care all!!
  6. hi ho everyone and happy Halloween tomorrow to all you witches and goblins out there!! it actually snowed here a bit Monday, but jut a dusting i think some would call it , but the temps are very cool for the rest ofthe week anyway with another chance of a bit oh the white stuff again, so there ya go, Weather in Omaha is now concluded lol as always if you dont like the forecast, wait a day, it, is bound to change lol Finished our new book of Grisham's The Guardians, very good, he never disappoints for sure. We decided to re-listen to another audio book of his we also have, and it is good too, i wish all of his were on audio, but a couple i have not found yet darn it , but i keep checking the internet for them i prefer to buy them than get them from the library as so many people listen to them and we sometimes run across a bad section and miss part of the story so we buy them in audio form, i think John was able to buy his new Mercedes over the years just from us lol ok maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, lol so this one is a favorite of mine, if you chose a Grisham novel i recommend The Confession is your first read, it will suck you in trust me lol a little more tame and a good one would be The Painted House, also one of my favs but i have never read a Grisham novel I have not loved lol . one more The Reckoning, good one .ok enough advertising for John Grisham lol He will receive my bill soon lol I got not much else going on, Sandra, how many doggies a do you have now?? and Carol, we were happy growing up with a couple pairs of jammies, i can imagine your grand kids are the best dressed in the state for bedtime!! they are very lucky, indeed Tampa , the count down is on huh good luck and hope it passes quickly for you both.. BGs good to hear you are nearing the end on this move woman. dont wear yourself out before you even start living there full time lol well supper is a chilli dog and a salad and so ill leave you drooling?? to one and all. best of the best, for the rest of the rest!! lyn, what is the Newport news geting nests for??
  7. hi ya, im sorry i have been neglectful the last couple of days, lol got my new John Grisham audio cd and we are listening to that,lol and i cant do much else when im listening, cept crochet or something that doesn't take the thinking part of my brain as it is busy with Grisham's typical thought provoking story lol we are 5 cds in 5 more to go, its really good, as always, he never lets us down it came at the right time, as it was coldish and very windy and handy could not work on that house with vinyl siding as it would break or crack so we made chilli and stayed in pretty much keeping the audio handy lol today is sunny and warmer, and handy is long gone to work on that house, it was damaged on the west side in the hail storm, and he has some window screens also on it, but is almost done with the siding part, and the canopy on the one side is done too, it too, was shredded well so much for that then what is new with all of you, sandra, am i right to think this would make the fourth midnight brights ghan, or is this still working on the third?? You are one ambitious woman lol !!I have non of those colors anymore, and haven restocked them as i ordered last time from hershners, or mary maxim and got their store brand, it is not a match with the red heart im afraid i think i might have a ball or so of red heart black somewhere, if i can find a s,mall box, i could send you that lemme know i have one large box of hats and scarves left to mail and i may send that off in two smaller boxes for pine ridge, as that one bigger box would probably cost upwards of 25 or 30 bucks i dunno i just got stamps last time and what do forever stamps cost now, i noticed postage had gone up as well just like everything else, huh so i will wait for two medium boxes and mail that out to kimmie at the youth center nov and dec, probably other than that i am ahead of my game folks, course always doing something like squares, or i might do some pet mats for our local place, no kill center for animals too i hate double stranding, but, i will sacrifice that for the animals I will give her a call this week, she is always so happy to get my mats, lol I have always included in my donation boxes, the money towards some supplies or food, for the animals, mostly doggies, and cats. she is a retired nun and is such a good person and loves all her "Children" oh i ordered my Christmas cards early this year lol i found some i can color!! 2 birds with one stone lol all for now folks, i will crochet a bit, then go and see if there re any dishes to do lol, or do a load of wash perhaps see ya later, stay well all, and take care, till later then
  8. hi all so sorry lea for that best thoughts headed your way sorry too mj about your ghan dilemma, that would be a bit frustrating to me too glad to see sandra back though and bgs, ya gotta be closing in on a wrap on moving, right lol lol we moved in here in days with the two of us , two vans one long one his and my shorter one. the only trouble we had was with my good fridge, and the china hutch lol the couch we got after we moved delivered, the bed we hauled, the futon fit, and the small freezer fit in his, plus it took us one rental truck full of boxes lol to move out and i think 2 days to get it all in then the rest of that year, lol we spend sorting things to charity, and trash lol we just brought everything we thought we needed, and when we got it here sorted at our leisure, and only had to stack the stuff we didnt want out to be picked up by a charity, or the trash people it night have been easier had we sorted first but we only had the truck for one day and two helpers lol they could not stick around after we got things here so most of the million boxes and bins we brought in by ourselves i dont ever wanna move again lol we have gotten rid of so much since then too, as we dont have the room we had in the other place to store anything it sll worked out but I too, thought i would never see the carpet for years lol luckily, thanks to planning ahead we got the new carpets and floors installed before we moved anything in lol Oh and we painted too before hand we worked all summer re doing things, and finally moved in in august that year whew so i know the hassle
  9. hi all good to hear from so many today life here is moving along, quietly for a while now, which i dont mind at all lol I just watched a program on nova or nat geo. about if there were an alien invasion, and it was not friendly how or if we would be prepared i for one, I say no, if they have the tech to travel in space they most assuredly, have superior weapons, to ours, and simply, said, we would be doomed my opinion i guess lol ah well if that will just hold off for a hundred years or so, id appreciate that i too hsd my sheets changed this am. was going to put on the electric blanket, but umm not quite yet perhaps lol nothing else much going on everybody be well ok till tomorrow then toodles
  10. hi all sandra, sorry for your loss everyone else seems to be ok i think, far as i could tell anyway handy is doing a siding repair job up the street this week and we are having homemade pizza tonight lol I think bgs is really stressed though, and hope it passes soon i will be happy as a lark when she is done with this move and all it involves, who knew huh sandra do you take vitamins i do centrum and supplement c tabs, im no good without them lol well all things are moving for everyone got my new scissors, next day as promised i ordered 2 so i have a spare lol just in case lol now, where did i put them LOL nothing much else here, i told ya, we are in a quiet spurt right now lol we are enjoying it lol ill see ya all later, take care all
  11. hi all well i read above posts and have come to two conclusions actually number one., , either everyone is relaxing and enjoying a quiet spurt, or synopsis 2, everyone is busy, sick, or tired or even rained in , and conclusion of my own devices i belong to the f irst group today, of having a quiet spurt of ny own cept oh yeah lost my scissors again lol and feel lucky that is all i have right now, this day, this hour, this moment , to fret over lol I feel your pain bgs, truly but it will all come to pass and work out soon im sure sandra, y es y you need to take better care or yourself..i have your box going out tomorrow, with the hats and scarves and such, so that might cheer you up some, i have had it ready for a while and we keep forgetting to take it when we go that way!! as for the constant rain and sogginess lately, our lawn finally got done this am too that is dependent on weather as well but the good news, we are fully re-wired now lol we went one side of the house at a time, and handy finished up yesterday i heard so many words like, breakers, jumpers, rolex and circuits, , splits and junction boxes, lol shorts ( and I left out the naughty words lol ) i think if we need it again i can even do it lol kidding of course, he did a good job and put a small cupboard up over the breaker box, so that we dont have to cut a hole if something else goes fooey, just open the little door, and flip a breaker back on if need be lol piece of cake > (Before, we had to unscrew the darn thing) well, other than that, things have been peaceful oh i saw three small dogs running around the yards, and a large bird seemed to be chasing them so i opened the door, the doggies didnt come in but the large bird flew off, and i called people i knew with small dogs but all theirs were home i hope the owners find them before some witchy person calls the pound, or they get hurt one im pretty sure was a yorkie, one looked like a beagle youngster and one maybe a poodle mix haven't seen them now for an hour or so, you know i was busy looking for my scissors!!! lol no luck i guess if they dont turn up then i will know they must have fallen in my trash bag but the trash came yesterday so if they are gone, they are really gone lol I can almost hear Amazon calling hey we have scissors!! lol and we ship in one day you lucky prime member!! lol well folks, bout all my news for this am or pm, whatever it is now lol take care now all and heads up, its bound to get better!!
  12. hello all, been a busy week here so didnt get on much, my apologies Im thinking by now, bgs is all moved in and set up in their new place , lol am i right or not?? and is everyone else doing ok? i have not read all the past posts yet, so catch me up if you will lol having a problem with a couple outlets here, so handy is rewiring, i trust him he is a retired electrician lol among other things lol so i am with/without power at intervals i guess, right now i have it lkol Kids were over this weekend, and it has been a rainy few days so dark and gloomy we caught over 6 inches in our rain guage!! country is falling apart, climate is crashing and in 2040 we will be low on fresh water i guess, so i ask ya, now what??I guess im just fortunate to get up each day huh well enough of the doom and gloom for one post, what is new, and exciting, and good news you have lol I am still taking antibiotics for this sinus thing feeling better, but will take them till gone as told lol there was frost on the truck windows today!! could this mean an end to allergies lol cos im ready for that lol Well lemme me hear from you all, and ill see ya soon take care!!
  13. hi all yea lyn i am like that with bug sprays, inside or out so i know about that lol i dunno then mj, maybe put in a note to please dont break up the baskets they are meant to go together thank you thats what i would do lol we are having pulled pork bbq sandwiches for supper, umm umm good with toasted buns!! had bit of a power thing earlier, my stuff in one strip didnt work so i unplugged it all, and the re plugged them tight, and flipped the power strip on and off a couple times well whatever it was worked i guess so i survived it but was worried 1. about my coffee warmer, 2. about my pencil sharpener, and 3. my ott light lol 3 main things i need you know lol in order to get through my morning lol handy brought his and neighbors pencils in to have me sharpen them all lol tis done which is why i needed the sharpener early this day lol what do you do for an ear infection, heat or cold?? i felt one coming on as i can usually tell, so i slept with a warming pad it is a bit better, but started to take some of those very potent antibiotics from when i was sick and i think they are doing the job as i can hear a little bit now lol sheesh huh always something oh paid my bills this am too, i just pay them all at once but i have one not due till the mid month, but if i wait that long ill forget it so i always just pay them all at the same time that way, no surprises at the end of the month lol i learned that lesson, the hard way lol also, i learned i really always hold the phone to my left ear,so my right hand is free, but couldnt this time, it was a bit awkward lol just say'n thats about it this time around folks you all take care now keep on keeping on ok! has anyone ever watched an older movie, called Inherit the Wind?? I heard from a friend it was good but haven't looked it up yet on hulu or netflix or now prime, free with my membership lol I love prime, saves me a lot i tell ya, ans is always on time !!
  14. hello everyone gosh mj that is not right somehow to me either bout the dolly and blankee, you know why not just make them without a blankee then if you do them again!! i always wonder if people take apart my squares too but if they do, i guess once they are off they are theirs to do with what they please i guess but i would never dream of ripping out, or harming in any way, something some one made for me so there you have it huh takes all kinds i guess maybe they wanted to make more of a profit if they sold them separately, was it a sale, an auction or a lottery type thing?? Bgs what is the kitchenaid, the dishwasher?? lol i like my big washer too, and dryer as my old washer worked still but the dryer was not in a good operating mode lol so glad we got these and to hec with the old they went long ago l l I think my mom had the same washer and gas dryer since ever, as i dont remember either ever going out and being replaced, but this is a new throw-away society so what ya gonna do, no one really fixes stuff anymore they just toss it and get new these i have were my daughters, used less than a year when i got them from her, as their new place had them there i lucked out huh just in time i dont know how much longer that dryer was going to last lol we are always the busy ones huh bgs lol I am an expert it seems on finding things to do while others sit lol and i have been reminded too, that i am really good at delegating the things i cant do too, to someone else lol i tell ya huh its like a secret talent lol so shhhh well rain is gone hopefully for a few days, i watched a doc. called secrets of the Universe, what a good show, went from beginning to what all the other planets are like and next summer, when it gets hot again i will consider us the lucky ones as Venus in particular reaches a normal average of 800 +degrees or more always with winds at over 1000 miles an hour and storms that make our hurricanes look like one single drop of morning dew it was really interesting i tell ya well folks all i got i guess for now, will see you all later ok ta ta
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