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  1. This has to be one of my most favorite shows ever, I love love love it! I did see Farmer John crocheting when he was recovering at the mansion before he decided to go home before he went crazy...lol...I dvr every episode so I don't miss anything!
  2. Thank you! The nurse at the dr's office yesterday loved it! It did make me feel good to tell her I made it all myself.
  3. The Summer Breeze Bag is now available on Ravelry - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/summer-breeze-bag I will also add it to Etsy later after a visit to the dr this afternoon for anyone who is not a member of Ravelry. This bag works up in a few hours, and really turns out quite pretty. I have had so many nice comments, both online and in person. Makes a great gift as well as a bag for yourself! I went ahead and added it to Etsy really quick, so here is the link - http://www.etsy.com/listing/50180085/summer-breeze-crochet-purse-pdf-pattern
  4. Thank you! The pattern is now available at Ravelry, and I will be adding it to Etsy later this afternoon. I have a pinched nerve - saw the Chiro yesterday and will be going to the Dr. again today. I am not getting much relief, so hopefully they can do something different today or I will be going "postal" on someone!
  5. To be honest, crocheting the bag, takes me about 2 hours, adding the handels and the button less than 1/2 hour...the lining takes me up to 4 or 5 hours! But it is looking better and better, it's almost worth it! Pretty soon it will look perfect and I wont mind it takes 12 hours right?
  6. Bag is in testing, will be available soon. Final size is 9 x 6, uses less than one skein of Peaches and Cream cotton, size 4.5 hook. I found another set of handles at a thrift store, this one I added a wooden button that I purchased at Walmart. And I have gotten good enough at the hand sewn lining that I am not embarrassed for anyone to see it.
  7. This is the prototype for a pattern I am working on. I used peaches & cream cotton, size 4.5 hook. The handles are reclaimed from a thrift store bag that had seen better days. I love these handles, they are long enough you can carry the bag on your shoulder. :hookI actually sewed the lining in with a tag! Sewing in the lining took longer than crocheting the bag! The bag itself took less than 2 hours! Love to hear comments on the pattern to judge interest.
  8. This is a pattern that I am working on. I only had one set of handles, so this one doesn't actually have handles attached, it is laying on top of the Summer Sky bag. I used what I think was Bernat Cotton for this one, the label is long gone.
  9. Used Cathy's pattern, and Peaches & Cream in Guacamole...love this pattern, and really like the way it turned out in this color. I didn't line it, as I meant it more for a tote.
  10. Love it! I finished one the other day, and it is my very first attempt at lining a bag on my own - I usually con my mom into doing it! I will take pictures and share them soon.
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