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  1. I say hooray to your son wanting to learn! Just remind him that being unique is what makes cool people cool! and also - THANK YOU, what in the heck is the purpose of "food related cozies"?!?!?!?! I have wondered this for so long!!!
  2. Ah, i was typing when grannysquare posted her answer. Go with what she said - it's much more concise!
  3. I'm assuming that your v-stitches are dc - correct me if I'm wrong of course! But assuming they are, then your ch3 counts as a dc, right? So if all my assumptions there are correct you will be fine to do 2sc to a ch3sp. Let me know if I'm wrong there - i'll be happy to adjust my answer if you need me to!
  4. Well i had a lovely birthday doing exactly what I wanted - absolutely nothing. Well, I did work on a couple squares and not at all on my WIP! Thanks again everybody for the birthday love!!
  5. Thank you so much everybody for the warm welcome and birthday wishes! You are all too kind! Just got my list today and can't wait to get started!!
  6. Hi Brenda! Thank you for the heads up on the pg1 list - i hadn't noticed that info, I thought it was just a list of everybody who's participating (that's what I get for skimming!) Just pm'd my info to Sue a little while ago and I'm so excited to have a new project!
  7. Hi guys! So I was saying this morning that I'd been wanting to join in on the fun over here - but I've been the queen of procrastinators on my WIP afghan. It's seriously taken me 6+ mos to do what I shoulda had done in 2 tops! It's about 80% sc so I'm sure you can see where the momentum got stale on me at times! Now I'm down to 2 1/2 motifs, and getting sluggish again, so my "justification to self" is that now I can make you guys some squares to break up the monotony! I am sitting on small mountain of RHSS so if anyone has specific colors that they've been wanting a square in but haven't received yet, by all means let me know - I'll check the stash and see if I can whip something up for you. I also have 1 skein here and there of all kinds of different things so I'm really excited to have a chance to put them to good use! Oh, and by the way my "real name" is Cameron, it's nice to meet you all. I joined about a month ago and I just love it! You're all so sweet and helpful - it's hard to believe this is an internet forum!!
  8. It looks like the body is done in puff stitches in a v-stitch pattern. The band actually looks knitted, but I think you would get a pretty similar effect either doing sc "back loops only" or doing it in tunisian.
  9. cammiearl


    CAL = crochet-a-long It's a group that is doing a project together to make friends and offer support and encouragement. I've actually been wanting to join this one but I keep telling myself I've GOT to finish my WIP afghan (that I have procrastinated excessively on) before I do! The great thing about the friendshipghans is that everyone is making the squares for each other - so you look at the list and they tell you what pattern and size they want - you make it and send it to them - and they do the same for you! That's why it's called a friendshipghan - your friends made it for you! There are lots of patterns for squares on the site that you can use, and I'm sure I probably speak for a lot of folks when I say, I love to help a newbie. I WISH that I had known about this site when I was new - would've saved me soooo much frogging! So see, you should totally join! As a matter of fact, I think I will go ahead and join too!
  10. I've never used circulars or dp's because they both seem so intimidating! Funny thing is, i learned to knit before crochet - but i'll take on an "experienced" level crochet pattern any day! The minute I see anything knit in the round, i turn and run! It just seems like it would be so easy to make a mistake. You guys are alot braver than me!
  11. Teapot, you might be in luck - they just came out with a new color called "coral" but it's not what i think of as coral - it's more like a nice medium peach. I haven't had a chance to pick any up yet but i saw it on the website just the other day.
  12. You could make her a babette in purple, black, white, red, and gray. They are so beautiful and you don't really need a pattern. I think she'd love it - and before I went back to school for career #2 I was a store manager for Hot Topic so I'm pretty familiar with her demographic!
  13. The lion brand site has a bunch of stitch patterns too. At the top of the page under the "learning center" tab, there is a link that says "stitch finder" - and they are all patterns you could do with whatever yarn and hook you like.
  14. Hey that's great advice. Makes perfect sense when you think about it. Thank you for sharing that, b/c one day my stubborn self is gonna get in trouble and need it! (I never check my gauge either...)
  15. Really gorgeous blanket! This is sure to be a favorite at the baby shower!
  16. That is too cool! What a sweet mom you are to do that for your daughter's friend!
  17. cammiearl

    Cheery Throw

    I love it!!! What a lucky husband!
  18. Awesome afghan and album! Really amazing work!
  19. Great job on both! That pillow is really impressive! I think it would be "macho" enough for my super picky "no frilly stuff" boyfriend so I think you're safe:) He'll love it I'm sure!
  20. I'm thinking you mean kitschy? I could be wrong and kitchy may be something else entirely. If I'm right though, it means cheesy/campy/ironic, that sort of thing. For instance, garden gnomes, pink flamingos, and super frilly 50's style aprons would be considered kitschy. I hope that made sense!
  21. One more suggestion for the pile! Singer makes one - not sure of the name but i know the tube is HOT pink, can't miss it. I like it because the nozzle on it is very small, so you can really get pinpoint accuracy and make your glue spots as teeny as possible. I've used it to do small repairs and it stands up to washing in the machine. I got it at Kroger of all places!
  22. what pattern is this, btw?
  23. When it says - for instance - "sc in 1st sc, FPdc around next sc 2 rows below, sc in the nest sc" are you skipping the sc that you put the FPdc 2 rows below?
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