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    47 yrs young and getting married soon
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    crocheting, sewing, quilting, cooking, animals and my fiancee
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    retired student
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    anything I do
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    about 37 years
  1. She's absolutely precious please include me in your drawing thank you Reg
  2. I am in love with doiles and would be honored to recieve one of yours
  3. This is so awesome I am definitely going to have to make a set of his and hers lol
  4. My name is Regina but some people call me Reg, Reggie or Gina doesnt matter really. I am 47 years young and divorced. New to Ohio. I enjoy crocheting but not crazy about filet. I also quilt, garden and enjoy my dogs. I have a really great fiancee but he is still in England at this time. Have been crocheting since I was knee high to a grasshopper and was taught by my greatgrandma in the beginning with the basics and I taught myself everything else. Looking forward to meeting to everyone and getting involved with the crochetalongs and being involved.
  5. Will definitely be watching for your list I had almost every copy put out on Workbasket and more patterns than most have seen but unfortunately lost all of them in my divorce in '08 even had a book dating back to the 1800's lol. Oh well its ok I am going to have fun recollecting.
  6. hi I'm in Ohio also south of Akron and North of Cambridge off of 77
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