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  1. I really like the Kollage square needles. I've used dpn's to knit socks, and single points for many other things. I haven't really noticed a difference in hand fatigue, mostly because I usually find knitting to be less tiring to my hands than crochet anyway. I just really like way the aluminum holds yarn - they seem to have a bit better 'grip' with many yarns than other aluminum needles, but are still very smooth to work. That may be because of the needle shape. The stitches also stay even, which is nice if you have to put down/pick up a project a bunch. I don't know that I'd spring
  2. I've made several of these using a pattern from Lion Brand's web site. They have a number of them for a variety of yarn thicknesses. http://cache.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi? I've made several using Lion's Wool Ease Thick & Quick and can get one done in a couple of hours. They are easy, fun, and make great gifts. Have fun!
  3. Wonderful work! I love the way that this gift also helped bring you two a little closer - I love when a handmade and heartfelt project becomes something a little more. Crafts really do have a bit of magic for the maker and the recipient!
  4. These are fantastic! And especially on short notice! I love the colors in the one for your niece, and the one for her boyfriend is very cool. Great job!
  5. In my experience, the numbers that yarn is labelled is often just a guide. Number 4 is worsted weight, and is the most widely available but some are much thinner or bulkier than others - and they work up differently. In choosing different worsted yarns, consider wool blends - they are nice to work with. Cotton is another good choice. It depends a lot on what you are making - a scarf would be great in a wool/acrylic blend (a blend is usually washable and warm), while worsted cotton makes great dishcloths or washcloths. I agree with FrLopLady about Ravelry - the pattern search func
  6. I'm constantly amazed at the works of art that people here at the 'ville create. Every time I visit I'm impressed. This, however, has to be one of the most stunning and artistic yarn creation ever. The feeling of being inspired is one of the best feelings there is, and it came through in your work. Kudos!
  7. I can highly recommend taking a class. I tried to self teach for years, with very limited success. Then I took a class at a LYS. The teacher demonstrated both Continental and English style. She and I both thought that as a crocheter I would prefer Continental style knitting, but I'm much better and faster at English style. In any case, having someone who really knew what she was doing made all the difference. Good luck!
  8. Thanks to everyone who has put in an opinion - I finally saw these for the first time at a JoAnn's last weekend. And was...underwhelmed too. The extra soft wool blend felt really nice and had great colors, but I agree that the skeins were small. Otherwise, nothing seemed different or great in any way. From reviews I've seen, a lot of people aren't interested in these yarns because they aren't fans of Martha Stewart. I'm pretty much Martha-neutral and I usually like Lion Brand's products. But given the number of different yarns that were introduced at once, I thought I'd like more tha
  9. Really pretty. I love the color!
  10. Recently, I was perusing the Lion yarn web site, and they have several new yarns listed, but you can't see all the colors, etc. yet. The web site says to look for an announcement in September (but I want it now!) Names of the new yarns include: Jamie (seems to be a reboot of a yarn I don't remember) Luxe Fur Martha Stewart Alpaca Blend Martha Stewart Cotton Hemp Martha Stewart Exotic Wool Blend Martha Stewart Glitter eyelash (starting to sense a theme here...) Martha Stewart Lofty wool blend Martha Stewart Mambo (doesn't seem to include any actual dancing) Martha Stewart Rovin
  11. There is also a new one getting ready to open near Pittsburgh, in Robinson Township, PA. So excited - I would go to one when visiting family in another state, but this is so much more convenient!
  12. Very pretty! I really like the color, and it is a clever pattern. Nice work!
  13. I recently purchased this book, and I love it! I could not believe the amazing doily - the blending of the colors is breathtaking! This book is a wonderful "someday..." book to read through, especially after a long day. They made some of the more challenging techniques seem approachable as well, which was nice. I give it "two hooks up" :hook
  14. I love the colors! They bring happiness.
  15. Craftonite

    mitre ghan

    Amazing! I'm sure the recipient will love it!
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