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  1. Probably considering it's just a simple DC beanie with a butterfly stitch at the bottom.
  2. I'm guessing this calls for Worsted weight Yarn??
  3. These are really neat!! I'm gonna have to make some with my stretch sock yarn, I hope they turn out nice! I've never used it before. Do you have this pattern up on Rav?
  4. Hey all, I looked through the VA thread but noticed it's a couple of years old, so I'll start this one and see if I can find any fellow hookers near me I just moved up here temporarily, my husband is in AIT at Fort Lee. I'm staying in Colonial Heights. Anyone up here or know of a group that meets?
  5. Oh wow - so detailed!! I LOVE dragons and this is by far the best crocheted dragon anything I've seen.
  6. This is awesome, I could use this in my crafting drawers!
  7. That's so cute, they're so colorful!! I might borrow your idea for the pillow and make the squares with some leftover camo yarn I have...if that's ok . I've never made squares before and a pillow sounds like a good use for them.
  8. Those look so comfy! Great job!
  9. That'd be cool except I'm not really going to be doing much driving around lately, I'm pretty close to the end of my pregnancy, and I don't wanna drive too far away from home.
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