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  1. sandvi

    My colorful giraffe

    no dear suggest me any name
  2. sandvi


    hai friends how is my kokeshi
  3. sandvi

    My colorful giraffe

    hai friends have a look at my colorful giraffe
  4. thanks janni,kathryn.kattyallen,cshort,holly,sandy,tampa doll and peggy
  5. this is my blue and white dress set how is this friends
  6. hai friends here is my try in another blanket how is this?
  7. hai friends how is my indain bride?
  8. i made this for an order.hope u will like this
  9. sandvi

    minion and owl

    here is my try in minion and owl
  10. hai friends here is my new try .earflap hat and minion hat.(1) Handmade Gifts in uae. this is my facebook page pls have a look and like
  11. hai friends how is this my new try
  12. hai friends how is this dress,model is my son
  13. hai friends how is these ?these are my new attempts in baby booties
  14. thanks cshort,shellie.katyallen,pineknott,and tall girl
  15. hai friends i made this for sale
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