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    I'm 25, and I have a 5 year old daughter. I live in Texas, and have 3 loving puppies. 2 beagles and a pit bull. I also love to make things from crocheting...cross stitch...and so forth. I'd like to learn to knit one day.
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    Copperas cove texas
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    Crocheting, reading, sleeping.
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    College student.
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    Motifs. Squares. Afghans. Scarves.
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    Oh dear. I started when I was 9. So... 16 years now. 1995.
  1. Im finishing the whipsitching on the last of the strips now. Ill have about three blankets. They are lovely and warm. I use the first one now as a couch blanket to cuddle with, the second is used mostly by my daughter, and the dogs. The hat blanket is very pretty, but sadly my daughter wouldnt like it. the more designs in the blanket the more happy she is. She likes them kinda everywhere. She really likes to see a much of different things that I can make up, so I gotta find something more along those lines, great idea tho. My mom might like that blanket, and I have a chest (small of course
  2. Well ladies, after leave came, which he left on Easter Sunday I was informed that basically I have two months estimated of course and well he asked me to stop on the blanket, and work on other little things to keep me busy so I don't worry over the strips. So as requested ill be stopping. Thank you guys for staying with me through this, and all the wonderful encouragement. I'm excited that I'm almost done!!! Hard to believe I've made it this long!! Thank you again.
  3. Here we go! First up, Christmas colors, white and a verigrated red white green. Next, A Teal and golden yellow then we start the next month, which for me was a little dark, Jan, First Brown and purple then a bright! yellow and green, both pastels then its called berry something, I dunno, it was just really pretty with black. If you take a look, all of them look funny, some have extra boarder yarn as strips, because of short yarn, the Yellow has four rows (two at each end) of just plain green, ran out of Yellow, and the purple and brown has a SINGLE brown row LOL and the Mixed ber
  4. Sorry, my stupid camera was dead. So I had to charge it. He doesnt want a banner, or fanfare. or anything special. He just wants a normal home act like he never left homecoming. Guess thats the way it goes. Okay grabbing my camera...!
  5. Okay ladies. Ill be posting some pictures after I spend some time with my family, this lovely sunday afternoon. I HAVE BLISTERED through some yarn these past couple of days. I have however noticed, there is some changes in the yards of my skiens. Sadly, some of them arent holding up. Like....I was short on four of them. Its okay, Ive been able to work around it...as you guys shall see with these lovely strips coming about. Ill post pictures here in a few hours!
  6. Im really happy to have them posted as well. Makes me feel like IM back at it again. Off to border WOO enjoy!
  7. Okay so here is the weeks I have caught up on. Just so you guys can see Im back to stitching!! First, Thanksgiving. A lovely Autumn mix with white, Next, the finish of November, a love orange and maroon! I dunno why I love it. LOL Next, a blue, and pine green. Reminds me of the start of winter...that chilly air, the pines nice and green Next, A white, Like snow, and pine green. Next, Green and red. I know off our color choices, but only right to have the holidays play a part. The next one is a red, green and white mix, with White as the second strand, Im working on bordering the un
  8. ALRIGHT LADIES!!! Here we go... Im first going to show you guys the broken down monster. Right now there are three parts. one that is 12 strips, another that is 9. the nine ones ends in Halloween. Then November starts on the third blankets.... SO here you guys go on that.
  9. Thank you I hope you guys like the coming colors. :yarn
  10. Hello My lovely ladies!! Sorry for my lack of replies, but I have been working steadily on things. The good news is, I am on Christmas week. (I know Im behind still but getting better!!) I have Jan, and Feb yarn all bundled and set up ready to go in their pretty sets. The amazing part, I took a break from it. I think I was starting to loose hope with how large it was getting (I could barely move it, the weight alone was murder) so.... with the help of the exhusband, who said a break was a good idea, I got busy working on something else. I made Heart Pillows for my neighbor's daughter, my d
  11. Eee, sorry I didnt get my emails saying ya'll responded... After some hard thought, I figured I would break it up, I dunno how yet, but Im thinking, three months periods, or 12 strips per blanket, four sections for the four seasons. I dunno, Ill figure it out. A lot of troops just came home for Iraq, they had to be home before christmas, Obama's gift to military families I figured. Sadly, he wont be home for his Leave (R&R) until april, so 2 months away, and then of course I have another, oh say, 3 months there after for him to actually be home. Just the way it works I guess. I mis
  12. Okay! Week 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. Im behind after this. by...quite a few weeks. the story as to why I havent been posting is my Exhusband, and Daughter has moved in with me due to some....issues with his landlord not paying her bills. With the two extra people, the house and all its chores has pretty much doubled quickly and Im barely finding a moment to sit down and stitch a line. But, I have put my foot down, and made it clear from now on! as my Christmas wish, I will get at least an hour a night to stitch...so I should be back like normal. My darling man is doing great, got a me a BRAND
  13. SOO SORRY ladies!!! I have been so busy its been scary since the holidays started, I have actually fallen behind, like so behind, I dont have thanksgiving week done, the good news, that the rush is over and I can finally get back to work! MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY HOLIDAYS ladies, Im sorry for worrying you, Ill give a more indetail post of whats going on and what has kept me so long. Ill post pictures of what I do have stitched up by the end of the week!! Thanks for you wonderful compliments and concern! BUT IM ALIVE, stressed, but ALIVE. Making it day by day! See you guys soon! I P
  14. Pictures soon promise! Things got crazy. Have a slightly panicked wife on my hands lol. looks like her trooper is coming home early due to a spinal injury that he deployed on and she doesn't know what to do. So I reached out my hands to her. My honey signed his company up at soldiers angels. told me not to tell. They were pretty excited when they got their first boxes! Lol Should be done with week 17 soon, I like it so far lol
  15. Week 16 down. Week 17 almost done. I'll take pictures before I border and attach. Once they are there I'm caught up. Thank goodness!!! On the surprise, it's something expensive after a check to the bank account....like 136.98$ expensive! Doesn't say where it was bought. He told me 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, and that it ships on the 14th. He's up to something! 33 more weeks. Can't this be over? I'm ready for him to come home. Does that sound bad?
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