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    Mary McKinney
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    Mom of 6 beautiful children, 3 absolutely perfect grandchildren, and 1 husband LOL, that's plenty!
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    Morgantown, KY
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    mom and grandma
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    my children and grandchildren, crocheting, doing things around the house and yard
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    since pregnant with my first in 1987
  1. I haven't mastered, or even tried the tunisian, though one day I probably will...it looks simple enough. That's how I meant that I do mine, by the rows, no turning...they do seem to come out neater, in my opinion anyhow.
  2. I'm not asking how to do it, but how do YOU do it?? I've always did mine right to left, right to left, instead of right to left, left to right. But I'm doing my John Wayne right to left, left to right. I find that it's faster but the picture isn't quite as good. So, what do you guys think? Am I being too hard on myself or do you experience this too?
  3. Thank you everyone for the kind words....and I agree, it is cute, but for Cicilia it has to be the best I don't know how that little girl stole my heart so bad, but she did... Now I've got to redo one for her, try to find one for Dante (her baby brother) and Ronan (her cousin). I seen one on here earlier when i was here, I don't remember what it was called but it was flowers and catepillars, it was way to cute. But working on John Wayne right now...
  4. OMG, this site (crochetville) has so many people on it to give interesting ideas too!! Over to the site to order the pattern now!! I guess I know what's next on my list...OMG OMG!!
  5. Oh, I'm definitely going to have to make a few of these!
  6. This is an afghan I've made for my lil doll baby, my granddaughter, Cicilia. I've, note that I've said, me, not her, has always loved Holly Hobbie, so when I found this graph I had to have it. But I'm not at all happy with it. I mean, it's cute and all, but, as much as I thought I would like the purple, I really don't..so, I'm going to redo it in pink and a different colored background. The first is the afghan, not quite finished, the second picture its finished in, and please, excuse the mess!! LOL Oh, both pictures didn't load...sorry And sorry for the shotty picture, taken with my phone and apparently it doesn't have good pixels
  7. Oh now come on girls!! And to the people of what not to...now I have to admit, you wouldn't catch me with that thing on but my teenaged kids loved it and I'd love to make one for my granddaughter, but I would worry about a strangulation risk...maybe I could try to make one but make the tenticles not so long and maybe make him look a bit like squidward on spongebob!!
  8. OMG, I bet you were swamped!! The horses are cute as a button. I may try my hand at one once I finish the afghan I'm working on. My granddaughter would love it!
  9. Thank you for all the welcomes!! I'm loving the signatures showing what you're doing! I'll have to work on mine...
  10. Hi everyone! Just a quickie about me, I'm a mom of 6, grandma of 3, wife of 1 (thank goodness that's all the law allows, lol). I've been crocheting since pregnant with my first in 1987 and loved it. Took me a bit to learn all the techniques but I think I have them all down now, and even after all this time I still love picking up my hook. I've taken a break while raising my first grandchild, a little girl named Cicilia Emma, who is now 2. Her daddy (my daughters ex) now has her and it's breaking my heart, but I am finding more time to pick up my hook again.... My favorite is graph crocheting. Well I look forward to being on this board and meeting lots of you.... but for now... on to my John Wayne 'ghan.. Oh, and my avatar is my beautiful Cicilia Emma....I'll change it from time to time so you can get to "know" the family...
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