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  1. I've had them in the past but the last few times I've sent for them they have never arrived. I found them useful but I expect all the info is on their website too. Zaraliz
  2. Me too. Maybe I've never made it because it uses a lot of yarn and I don't have anything suitable in my stash. I'm trying not to buy. Zaraliz
  3. I love the buttons on the middle one. I'm looking for some for my grandson's vest and went to the best button shop in the city and couldn't find anything just right. Zaraliz
  4. Look on Sarah Bradberry's site. http://www.knitting-and.com/crochet/index.html Zaraliz
  5. Zaraliz

    Boomerang Afghan

    I call it magnificent! Zarliz
  6. Interesting! Wish they'd been a bit slower and shown some of the back views. I also noted there are several other crochet clips to view. Zaraliz
  7. Beautiful. I had the book out of the library once, I think I'll get it again and have another browse. Zaraliz
  8. Yes, I had a little chuckle over that. Good for her! Zaraliz
  9. I agree with Karen, I find it very difficult to navigate. I emailed them but there is no improvement. Zaraliz
  10. I bought it and love it. Didn't buy Crochet! this time, though. Zaraliz
  11. There are a couple of really nice bags in the Spring Interweave Crochet magazine. Zaraliz
  12. I found a pattern! It's on: http://www.luv2crochet.com Zaraliz
  13. Time to get the knitting needles out, very interesting. Zaraliz
  14. How do they manage to make the models look good in clothing that, according to the description, comes in size 12 and up? And since when was size 12 a plus size? It boggles the mind. Zaraliz
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