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  1. Thank you everyone for so many encouraging and kind comments.
  2. Felting is so much fun and there is a lot of information on the web about the process. You just have to try it and then you will be hooked!
  3. http://www.solitudewool.com Tunis and Karakul Here is a photo of the unfelted bag:
  4. http://www.solitudewool.com/ The fiber I used was a special yarn purchased at a show by Solitude Wool. It is a blend of two types of yarn: Tunis (in shades of green, rust, turquoise) and Karakul (in dark teal). After making the bag, I felted it to blend the colors and they look great together. Note: All stitches were single crochet worked through BOTH loops. I also made a felted bowl working through back loops only and it gives an entirely different look to the finished fabric.
  5. I recently finished this felted tote and just had to share. I haven't made a bag in quite some time, but I think this one is a keeper and has inspired me to make more!
  6. Hello, Sue. What an awesome little bag! Nice job.
  7. Love this bag. I have only tried tapestry crochet once in a sweater I made quite a long time ago. I saw the blue birds first. Unique design.
  8. What an awesome tote! Great job!
  9. Great job on this felted bag! May I ask what the name of the pattern is?
  10. Just beautiful! I have been anxious to try one of her patterns. Thanks for the inspiration to do so.
  11. You ROCK! Those are fantastic!
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