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  1. Thank you all for your help. 4mm sounds about right. I tried 3.75 and tested out the gauge, but I felt it came slightly under. 4 came out just right.
  2. Cool thanks. I didn't realize it required such a small hook, but I'll test out the tension just to make sure.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Crochet-Pattern-Extract-Twiggy-Models-Mod-Suit-/110559690854?pt=UK_Crafts_Knitting_Crochet_EH&hash=item19bddf0066 Here's a photo of cute Miss Twiggy. Maybe someone here can guess the hook and thread size.
  4. Hi. I have a pattern for a 60s suit modelled by Twiggy herself. I bought the pattern and was really excited. Still am, but I don't quite understand the instructions. From the photo, it looks like it requires a small hook. On the pattern it reads: "Materials: 14 (15:16) 2 oz balls of twilley's stalite no 3 soft cotton or 29 (31:33) 1 oz balls of twilley's crysette no 3 cotton. Nos 14 and 12 wool crochet hooks. Tension: 1 patt. to 1 1/4 ins. in width on no. 14 hook." Really I don't get any of it. Please help.
  5. Thanks. So is that the rule to go a half or full size up from knitting size?
  6. Has anyone used this yarn before? I love all the color choices and the silky shiny look it has. Was wondering what size hook would be appropriate for it.
  7. No, no real specific yarn I was looking for. Just something lightweight and of decent quality. I've always crocheted a lot, but have been unfussy about the type of yarn I use, so I'm a bit unknowledgeable about yarn. The website just made it easy to choose what I wanted.
  8. Thanks ladies, but uh oh, I don't see it yet. Keep naming please.
  9. Hi. I think I might have found a link from this site some time ago. Anyways, I'm looking for a website that sells decent yarn for quite cheap, not like that stuff they have at Michaels. I remember a site where I was holding off ordering from. Now I'm almost done with my present project and I would like to order some yarn. I remember that the site had quite small selection of yarns, but they were nice yarns. Some of them Peruvian wool, etc. Lots of the fingering size too I believe. Darn, the name is completely out of my memory, maybe someone can help me.
  10. Thanks for the info. I would really love to make some bright and strong colored garments, but it's really taxing on the eyes to work with some colors. It would be great to crochet in white and then dye afterwards. Am I right in assuming the garment size would not be affected by the dying process?
  11. May I ask why you want to crochet a human nose?
  12. I want to crochet a dress in white yarn and after it is all crocheted I want to dye it. Is this possible? Also is it possible to dye acrylic yarn?
  13. Does anyone know this pattern and where it can be purchased? It’s a white 60s crochet suit and Twiggy is modelling it. I saw it in yesterknits, but I really don’t want to pay $9 for one pattern (shipping included). Please help.
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