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    I am a SAHM & caregiver to my youngest son, who is disabled.
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    crochet, plastic canvas, loom knitting, reading, collecting cookbooks
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    FBB, afghans, potholders
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    since 1978
  1. Hello from Texas! Margherita, your work is lovely! I haven't tried making clothes. Everything else is fair game tho! I love forward to seeing more of your work. Shari
  2. I was about your age when I taught myself to crochet from a book! I was a lonely military wife in a foreign country with 3 small children. It helped to pass many days & nights. I wish there had been forums like this around back then( a really, really looooooooong time ago!) Shari
  3. Welcome to you, Crochet King, from Texas!
  4. Hi, Ginger! I am still pretty new here, too! I am loving everything about the forums and the people? Well......they are just fabulous,too! I am so happy that your son is on his way home! I have a nephew in the Marines. He has been in Iraq and Afghanistan more than once! He is my hero! I hope to see you around alot! Shari
  5. I never thought about crocheting a cover for my stand mixer. It isn't a Kitchen Aide; but, it works really good! When I get some of my WIP done, I'll attempt to cover mine up! Shari
  6. I really like the one on the right!
  7. my sister just finished chemo and is now getting radiation. I'm glad you've joined us.
  8. Welcome to Crochetville! I'm new here also. I think we're really gonna like it!
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