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    I saw this cute bag pattern in the Winter edition of Interweave Crochet: http://www.crochetme.com/media/p/129074.aspx I have made a couple and wanted to share. I changed things up a little after the first one, different tops and measurements. I also used ponytail holders as I only had one ring. But the little girls like to put the bag on their wrist, so it worked out!
  2. http://www.caron.com/projects/ss_party/sspar_mohawk_hat.html See if this helps
  3. Kathryn, now I am embarassed that you saw my rendition of your design, I have some glaring mistakes. BUT, it is a testimony to you since I almost ALWAYS have difficulty following patterns and I was able to make it through yours. I have another book of patterns but I can't get through one. So I stop when I get stuck, I have several mini-doilies. I do love the trim on this heart, all the fancy poopie doops were fun and rewarding!
  4. Thanks for the lovely feedback. I made the flower that is supposed to go on it, but I like it without the flower. I worked with yarn last night after doing thread all day, it felt like I was crocheting with rope!
  5. This is my first completed doily. I don't really need a doily but I am quite pleased that I can make one!
  6. I agree with RoseRed, I am not sure that your rippling is what the "gentle waves" name meant! I did Lynn's RR for my first one and I still made it too complicated, but once you get it, it sticks. I also saw this link, I didn't look at it real close, but it had pics which I thought might help. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple
  7. Nope, do not add one like you are thinking, the 3dc or the 2dc IS THE INCREASE. You have this empty ch2 space and you are doing a 3dc (or 2dc). THAT is what makes your increase.
  8. Ignore everything I say if it confuses you more and wait for the experts! I think she is ingoring the slip stitch at the beg of round 7 because maybe she is changing colors?? So she is just joining and then starting anew? Maybe? If you ar not changing colors, then you are correct, slip over to the chain space. For that note and the adding the dc in between: you don't have to figure that out, when you do the 2dc cluster or the 3 dc cluster, THAT is when the increase happens.
  9. Thanks, the second and third are like an afghan I made called "harmony" from a LA leaflet. It was made up of these strips, they were fun to make so I just did scarves. Here's the blanket:
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