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    Christian Mom of 3 Grown Sons
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    Salisbury, Maryland
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    Crocheting, Beading, Music, Writing
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  1. Tawnya, nice to meet you. : ) Linda
  2. Lyyn


    Kathy, welcome and best wishes to you. : ) Linda.
  3. http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa032898.htm <-- You might want to start here. Welcome back! Linda
  4. It is very nice to meet you. This is a great place for ideas! Linda
  5. Lyyn


    Very nice to meet you. Crocheting is certainly a relaxing hobby. Best wishes for success here. Linda
  6. Welcome Amanda. I'm new, myself. Lots of pictures and ideas here. Nice to meet you! Linda
  7. Although gift giving is currently where my crocheting projects are going, I try to make myself something for every project I make for others. And, I'd like to eventually make money at crocheting.
  8. About 4 years ago, I needed a window sill covering as part of a Christmas display. I used Christmas yarn to weave a fancy crocheted pattern. Took very little time and was exactly what the window needed.
  9. I like to crochet anything. From easy to difficult.
  10. While crocheting, I like to watch a movie, sit outside in a chair on the porch, or listen to relaxation music. I do take a crocheting project with me at all times. During the college school year, I find it hard to make time, therefore, I crochet while waiting in a doctor's office, visiting with family, etc. If I'm watching a movie while crocheting, I most enjoy seeing hand made items in the movie, such as a quilt, crocheted and knitted items. Gives me ideas for my own home.
  11. Chenille - which has been discontinued. Last year, I crocheted an entire project using Chenille. After I had finished, I washed it per the instructions and the fiber became irreparably separated, shed, I could not give it to my grand son for a gift.
  12. Lyyn

    Lacy Blocks

    Red, white and blue lady here, as well. Am nearly finished with one using Red Heart's "Stars n Stripes".
  13. It is absolutely beautiful. Don't give up! : ) Can't wait to see the finished product.
  14. I love the colors of yarn used. Hard to tell the size.
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