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  1. That is just beautiful. I love it!
  2. Hi I made these and there are several styles they are not to difficult to make I didn't do the sock. http://megan.cc/Soccasins/pattern.html
  3. Would you be willing to let me give your pattern a test run my dil loves sunflowers?
  4. If anybody makes this would you please post pics so that I can see how yours came out. Thanks for so many nice complimants. Bluemorpho
  5. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=28445&d=1286493022
  6. Thank you everybody for the nice compliments.
  7. A lapghan that I made using my rosary pattern.
  8. Mobius shrug I made with three different types of yarn: angora, boucle, and mohair I think it came out really pretty.
  9. this one is easy though it says there are 26 groups of dc starting ch is 183 divide by 26 you get 7 per group plus 1
  10. bluemorpho

    Pattern Help

    You need to continue with the hdc ch 1 every 6th box you need to jump over and not put your hdc ch 1 into it but the next one. you have done 6hdc in each space take those out to continue with the pattern jumping every sixth box. I hope this makes sense. The stich markers are where you make your decreases.
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