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    Just about anything! Especially toys and jewelry.
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    2010 restart after 30 years away from it
  1. GingerC

    Army Minion

    That is a riot!! Soo cute
  2. Hi y'all! Haven't posted lately, I've been so busy trying to find a place to move to. Hip, Hip! I did finally find a place, so I will be moving over the next week or so... but anyway, thought I would show a few of the latest ceations.. For the new folks.. yes it all started with a little horse. Specifically a free pattern offered by fellow forum member KristieMN, available here: http://kristieskids.weebly.com/patterns1.html I made several as Christmas ornaments.. Then it occured to me that with hair it could look like a dog so I made my first dog, the black and white Sheltie...
  3. GingerC

    Busy, busy, bust

    Toot is too cute!! I plan to do a Pom actually. I love the breed!
  4. GingerC

    Busy, busy, bust

    Hey all! I haven't posted in a while. Been very busy, both with crocheting and trying to find a place to move to. Lots done on the crocheting part, not so much luck on the finding a place.. ah well, I am still looking I have done so many more dogs that I will post the link to my photobucket site where you can see them all. Otherwise it would take way to much bandwidth here! http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a272/RihadinK9/Artwork/Crochet/Crochet%20Dogs/ In addition to those, I finished this little (well, sort of little, about 10 inches high) critter... this is a Lionhead rabbit. I
  5. GingerC

    Another horse

    Well, it depends on how good you are at following a photograph. Here is a pinto Gypsy I did for someone. I just followed the photo, but I am used to doing that from my sketching work.
  6. from northwest GA! I was born in Detroit and have a ton of family in the Saginaw area.
  7. GingerC

    Another horse

    Just finished this one.
  8. GingerC

    2 Belgians

    Belgian Malinois (short haired one) and Belgian Tervuren....
  9. Thanks guys! Sopo, what a gorgeous little dog!
  10. The latest two.. the grey is a 'hairless' variety Chinese Crested and the gold/white is the Powder Puff variety
  11. Hi Tina! Welcome 'out', hehehe... whereabouts in GA are you? I am in northwest GA.
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