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  1. I have a pattern that I want to make but it calls for a weight of 4 but I want to use a 6 is that going to matter? Guess I should tell you that it calls for redheart med. 4 and I want to use Lion boucle super bulky 6. If it does change the pattern how much and what should I look out for? Alyson
  2. I have a pattern for a fat bottom bag(so cute) the only problem is that the pattern calls for 6 inch handles and I have 7 inch. The first time I used them it came out just fine. I found really cute black handles however they are 8 1/2 inches so I would love to find a pattern that I can use them in. I have looked but can't seem to find anything. So ANY help would be wonderful. It does not have to be for a little purse.
  3. What a wonderful idea!!
  4. Oh wow can't believe I didn't think of that. Thanks sooo much.
  5. marygoround


    I have been looking for a place to go buy handles of all kinds for a purse any purse. I have looked at Walmart and Michael's and I am not finding anything. I also don't have any other crafts stores near me really. Any ideas??????
  6. I love making purses and I am now going to try making one with handles and a lining. I am so excited, nervous and well confused. I have NO idea how to put in a lining. Any help would be wonderful.
  7. I am a newbie to this craft but I find myself drawn to purses. All sizes, all shapes.
  8. I am sorta new to this wonderful craft. I was inspired to start when a friend of mine was making such beautiful and useful items. She is also the one who lead me to this sight. My first thing was a big blanket (was supposed to be a throw but boyfriend is 6'3) took me a while and when I got tired of doing that I would do other little things. I have 3 children son 15, daughter 13, and son 3 (4 on July 1st). I look forward to "meeting" new people and learning new things. Talk again soon!! Aly
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