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  1. Did you make the green & white dress for the 15" doll...those are the types of clothes I am looking for so my mother-in-law can make her porcelain doll a victorian type dress. I know you can find patterns for Barbie but it more difficult to find one for an 18" doll, which she has come into. Thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks so much for your ideas..I have looked thru many doll clothes but they seem to be mostly for American Girl Doll Clothes. I appreciate the time you took to respond to my note.
  3. I am hoping someone can help me in correctly sizing a pattern for an 18" baby doll w/10" chest. When I went to the site for Shifio Patterns (UK) I fell in love with the dresses offered there. My dilemma though is they are for 0-3 month old babies so I am not sure how that corresponds to an 18" baby doll. I am looking this type of pattern up for my mother-in-law. She could not find any patterns in the stores & does not have a computer. So I am her eyes & ears so to speak. If there is a sizing chart somewhere that I am missing, I would be most grateful for guidance. You are all so very talented..I want to come to your homes so you could teach me. (I am a visual learner...lol) Thanks so much for any help/advice you could give me. Bobbi:think
  4. Thank you so much for warm welcome & wonderful ideas..as I was reading thru several of the blogs I came across people who have used patterns from Shifio. I did go to the website & found some beautiful patterns. I am assuming if I dare that those patterns are crocheted? Also, since they say they are for 0-3 month old babies..I am wondering how to convert that to an 18" baby doll (chest is 10").
  5. I may be a tad different from all of you who have the creativity & talent to crochet. I joined this in order to help my mother-in-law who does not own a computer & has just received a gift of an 18" porcelain baby doll. She went looking for a crochet pattern for a christening dress she could make. Needless to say, she could not find anything out there. So that is where I come in, since I am on the computer a fair amount of time. The clothes I have found on the web seem to be for American Girl Dolls so the dresses seem to be a bit old for a "baby doll". The items I have seen so far into your site are absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for any help you can send my way. Bobbi
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