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  1. Aw shucks. Okay well thanks for that info!
  2. Thank you for the information and suggestions, all! Becky - I thought about just throwing the blanket out and starting all over again because even that seems preferable to frogging and starting half way through lol! I like the idea of something to cover it up - maybe I can crochet a big heart patch to stitch over top of it. (Although I'm secretly still hoping someone knows of some top secret dye that works with acrylic yarn.... ) Collette - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, too! I won't be doing it again, though, haha! At least it was a small project.
  3. Hello all...I did a bad thing. I left a project in the car for several months and it got sun-bleached. I pulled it out to work on it the other day and realized that the part of the blanket that was near the opening of the bag is now a kind of white color while the rest is the original pinkish lavender color of the yarn. I thought about dyeing it but I realized you can't use Rit dye on acrylic yarn. Any suggestions on how I can salvage this poor little blanket? The sun-bleached part is right smack in the middle of the darn blanket, so I don't really want to unravel back to it. It's only a baby blanket so it's not that big, but it's basket weave so that's a lot of stitches! I thought about maybe bleaching the whole thing to make it white(ish?) but I'm afraid that will weaken the yarn. Help!
  4. Thanks everyone Wandering Violet, the yarn colors are: Red Heart - Turqua Red Heart - Lt. Blue Red Heart - Light Periwinkle Caron Simply Soft - Limelite I Love This Yarn - Turquoise I Love This Yarn - Peacock I Love This Yarn - Pistache I Love This Yarn - Navy I had a really specific vision for the colors for this one and had to combine brands, which I don't usually like to do! lol. It worked out okay except if I had to do it again I probably would have skipped the Caron yarn. Even though it's a worsted it's a little thinner than the other yarns. The Red Heart and ILTY went together great though.
  5. One of my good friends dating back to middle school days is due for her first baby December 13th, very exciting! Just finished up this blanket to send along for the little boy. I used Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern and put rows of half double in between two-row stripes. Double crochet border. This was fun to make. I hope it is well loved and used!
  6. Love it! I have been crocheting for years but I am learning to knit now also, and have a similar experience of getting frustrated and chucking the whole thing! lol Glad you finally got it going to your satisfaction.
  7. Hi all - I've been commissioned by a friend to make a blanket, and they requested wool in different shades of pinks and purples, but gave me a little creative license. I'd like to add in a few other colors, and I think rather than wool because it's so expensive and can be itchy, I'd rather use a wool blend. I was hoping for a recommendation - Lion Brand Wool Ease doesn't have a very good color selection and would be fairly expensive to make this large project. Is anyone aware of a wool blend yarn with a good color selection? If I can't find one I will just tell them the heck with it, you're getting 100% acrylic, lol. But would like to make an effort to find a wool blend first. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm definitely going to price it out and check with them first about using wool, I told them it would be more expensive. The reason they want this blanket is partly for nostalgic reasons but also partly because they said the way it was made with wool yarn and the two layers it was the warmest blanket to ever exist, lol, so we'll see. I'm thinking that because what I would charge a stranger to make a blanket like this is way more than I would feel comfortable asking a friend for, I might just have them pay for the materials and make it as a gift. I like the idea of having them coming yarn shopping with me - that way they can pick out the colors and see first hand the difference in price between wool and acrylic. I'll start out with nine pounds and take it from there if I wind up needing more, thanks RoseRed.
  9. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm slightly allergic to wool...does anyone with the same problem know if a wool blend is less likely to make you itchy/sneezy?
  10. Hello all, I've just had someone commission a monster project...he wants a king size granny afghan for him and his wife for the their bed. And it needs a "cotton" backing, so I'm not sure what that means...a bed sheet? A flannel sheet? A blanket? I have to get more details. He said he's willing to pay big bucks, but I still don't know if I want to do it...a king blanket will take me a long long time and most non-crocheters don't seem to have the same conception of big bucks as I do lol! But I told him I'd figure out how much the materials would cost and get back to him. That's where you lovely folks come in. I was hoping you all could give me an estimate based on your own experience, of how much worsted weight yarn it would take to make regular granny squares (and sew or crochet them together) for a king sized bed. I'm terrible about buying yarn for projects..I usually buy a few skeins and then run out and buy more as I'm running out (dye lots? what dye lots?). But since I need to have an idea of the total cost up front, I can't do that this time haha! Even if you have made a queen or full granny ghan and know how much yarn it took you, I can do the math to get an estimate for the king. And if anyone has any recommendations on yarn, I'd appreciate that as well. He asked for wool yarn. I asked if a wool blend would be okay too and he said sure. (They are trying to sort of replicate a blanket the woman's grandmother had made that they lost in a flood.) Is there a good quality wool or wool blend yarn that comes in pretty colors (they said probably pinks and purples)? Lion Brand comes to mind but I know that can get a little pricey. Anyone have a favorite worsted wool or wool blend? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give!
  11. Gorgeous! Blue is my favorite color so I especially love the color combo!
  12. Oooh that is GORGEOUS! Great job!
  13. Oooh that's very pretty! There aren't a lot of afghans with one motif and color scheme that really grab my attention - but this one sure does!
  14. Oooh I like that a lot. Those are my kind of colors! Nice job.
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