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    I'm old. I have made a few things a long time ago but I have to look up how to stitch stuff. :)
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    Simple stuff for now.
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  1. NHCrocheter

    Help please

    Hello! I am starting a new row of db crochet. Now we are supposed to start at the fourth st, correct? And it says to skip two double crochet so do I start on the sixth stitch or just two from the needle? This is a new row in the middle of a pattern. Thank you. NHCrocheter
  2. Hello from NH! I'm retired and I don't know where the time goes. If I find myself alive in the morning I hope to be able to do some crocheting. I am no pro. I am not even advanced. I have not crocheted for years and years. But I wanted to say "Hi" and read about all the fun projects and take a hook to some of them. Thanks for listening. God Bless!!
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