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  1. My mom taught me (with thread) when I was 7 or 8, crocheting edgings on linen napkins and attempting to make doilies. I began crocheting with yarn in college during the '60's knitting craze. I crocheted until my children were born, then didn't have a lot of time thru the years except for the occasional scarf or baby sweater. As my children left home, I got back into it, and now I crochet every day. BTW, my mom's 81 now and still crochets about every day, with thread. She's on a tablecloth kick right now, making tablecloths for her daughters and granddaughters.
  2. Carol

    WIP Wednesday

    WIP's as of today: A Drops Design shawl in Paton's Grace (in champagne), about 1/4 done. Shill Shell Shawl in Paton's Grace (cardinal), just started, only about 6 inches along. A doily in lavender DMC Cebelia that I started about a year ago. Love the pattern but just haven't got back to it. Gotta get moving on the shawls. I'm making them for summer, and it's going to be half over soon.
  3. I"m in Oak Park. One of my LYS (Tangled Web) closed last month, so now I'm going to Chix with Stix in Forest Park. Very nice owners, very supportive and helpful.
  4. Carol

    WIP Wednesday

    Hmm...well...This is my first WIP Wednesday posting: 1. Polka dot baby afghan, for my cousin's pregnant daughter -- I'm half done with the last strip. Then I have to sew the strips together and crochet a border around it. 2. Wedding garter for my daughter. Yikes. I wonder why I started this; it's all lace and much more difficult than it looks in the picture. 3. Looking at shawl patterns. I'm actually going to make myself something this year!
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