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  1. balmon

    My newest Attic 24 Bag

    Very nice.
  2. balmon

    Inga bag

    Very pretty. Love the variegated colored yarn and the white border.
  3. balmon

    My frist purse

    Very nice. Ur mom will love it
  4. balmon

    A felted purse

    Beautiful. Great job!
  5. balmon

    Oval Tote

    OMG, that's so nice. Love the bag very much.
  6. balmon

    Lily Sugar and Cream Denim Bag

    Gorgeous. Undoubtedly ur co-worker will love it.
  7. balmon

    Fat Bottom Bag

    Very pretty bags! I loved the second one very much. Great job!
  8. balmon

    beach bag

    Hi Mary, Ur idea of making 12 squares instead of 16 seems to be good. Lemme apply this. Many thanks.
  9. balmon

    beach bag

    Loved this bag very much..beautiful colors. Great job! Im doing one, but my squares seem to be big! lemme see after completion.
  10. balmon

    ds flannel ghan

    Great job! Love the colors!
  11. balmon

    My version of hexagon (Attic 24's)

    Hats off to ur hard work! It turned out very pretty!
  12. balmon

    Hexagons Everywhere

    Very gud!
  13. balmon

    Spa Day wash Cloth

    Very nice. Great work!
  14. balmon

    Sunflower bag holder

    Absolutely cute!
  15. You are excellent! Cudn't say which one is beautiful. All of them are cute and neat. Thanks for sharing.