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  1. I love, love it! Tom Baker would be proud!
  2. It looks amazing! You did a wonderful job! Love the colors! I'm working on the same afghan so it's nice to see a wonderfully finished product!
  3. She's so adorable! You did an amazing job!
  4. TheWhip


    He looks amazing! Great job!
  5. TheWhip

    Yellow Lab Puppy

    That is absolutely adorable!
  6. TheWhip

    Bo the Wonder Dog

    That's Adorable! Awesome job! May I ask where you got the eyes? I love them!
  7. Thank you everyone! Thanks! That is exactly who I was going for
  8. In a very long time. Very basic pattern. Easy to do! Have been making way to many of these. I would make a killing selling them, but has just been giving the away Thanks for looking!
  9. It's been over a year since I have been able to crochet, so I definitely made up for lost time this month! Please to enjoy my latest works! Thanks for your time
  10. TheWhip

    A new Hippo

    Thank you I gave him to a friend and she does not let anyone touch him XD
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