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    I've crocheted off and on for years, most intensively while I was in college (we won't say how many years ago that was!) and now, when I crochet lapghans for the hospice program of a local hospital, and occasionally baby blankets or children's afghans for them.

    Otherwise I go to work, and find as much playtime as I can for crocheting, reading, listening to audio books and enjoying my finches.
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    Reading, crocheting, cross stitch
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    Evening supervisor, medical library
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    Off and on since around 1965
  1. LOL - I hadn't even considered this as a hazard of the craft. Short hair here. My only comparable experience is sewing my shirt to something I'm hemming by hand. Now that makes you feel really dumb.
  2. I was thinking medallion poncho. It's a beautiful pattern.
  3. I have some of the Stylecraft Special DK, and love it too. I've played with it just a bit, but it's on hold for the golden days of retirement, coming soon I hope. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to use up a lot of other stash. I have quite a bit of ILTY that I have picked up on sale or closeout, and it's nice yarn. It should make a beautiful afghan for you. I've never made anything larger than a baby blanket with it, and it was lovely for that, soft with some very nice pastel colors.
  4. I have always crocheted some, but I really started doing it intensively when I fell in love with audiobooks. It is a perfect match - the book for my mind and the crochet for my hands. I make almost exclusively lapghans for donation, so I can use the same patterns repeatedly, lallowing me to give my attention to the book rather than to reading a pattern. The pattern repetition is ok because the color can be endlessly varied, and I am a total color junkie. I love playing around with color and this is one reason the often scorned RH Super Saver (and it cousin Classic) are my favorite yarns - the
  5. I usually have several lapghans in progress. I try to have them with different colors so when I'm tired of looking at once color group I can switch off to another. Right now I only have two started, but I've been away from crocheting for a while. Now that's I'm back on track, it will soon it will be more, I'm quite sure. I dislike doing things with motifs because sewing them together is Not Fun, but they are so easy to handle at work that I plan to keep a project or two like that started as well as the one piece ones that are easiest to do at home.
  6. I like to crochet for an hour or so with my leisurely morning cup of tea (which may be nearly lunch time for most of you). I get home from work around 11:30 pm, so I get a bite to eat and then, if I'm really into a project, from midnight to around 2 or 3 am. On my days off, again if I'm really into a project, I will crochet some or a lot during the day, depending of what other boring stuff has to be done, and then give the whole evening to it, starting around 6:30 or 7 when the birds in the living room go to sleep and I exile myself to the bedroom. They have me well trained! I usually listen t
  7. The Herrschner's is worsted weight Triopical Delight. It's a mix of yellow, green, blue and purple. It not pastel - the green is about the color of lime sherbet, and the others are around the same intensity. I had never used their yarn and saw this one on sale for 1..45 a skein, so I ordered some. I shopped around with a skein of it today to see if there was anything in particular I could find to go with it, but there wasn't -- at least not in a price range I was willing to pay for the project. I'll probably just use it with RH soft white. That is, the Super Saver soft white, not the Soft yarn
  8. I was thinking of a baby round ripple with some lovely yarn I got from Herrschner's recently. When I work down to it in the queue - maybe not too long because I really want to work with the yarn - I'll hop in here. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy seeing your projects. I've only done three round ripples, all for babies, and I had fun doing the pattern.
  9. I'm 62. I must have started when I was 16 or 17. It's been an on and off thing. I've been crocheting pretty steadily the last couple of years. I mostly make charity afghans.
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