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    I've crocheted off and on for years, most intensively while I was in college (we won't say how many years ago that was!) and now, when I crochet lapghans for the hospice program of a local hospital, and occasionally baby blankets or children's afghans for them.

    Otherwise I go to work, and find as much playtime as I can for crocheting, reading, listening to audio books and enjoying my finches.
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    Reading, crocheting, cross stitch
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    Evening supervisor, medical library
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    Off and on since around 1965
  1. olg - what a great story. I'm sure we've all had a few projects we would love to toss in the fire. I know I have! I crochet almost exclusively for charity, so like others who do that, I use acrylic for ease of care for the recipient. I've made a few hats and didn't much like it, so I stick to lapghans. Unlike some others, I choose simple repetitive patterns and use a few go to patterns over and over. I listen to audiobooks while I crochet, and I want to be able to give my attention to what I am listening to, not what my fingers are doing. What is hard for me sometimes is that I get compulsive about producing things and finishing things, working with too much determination to get something done, and I have to remind myself when that happens that this is a hobby, not a job. Ok, heresy time. Yes, you can have too much yarn. I do. I have been working through parts of it to weed it. I used up or gave away all the Caron One Pound that I had totally fallen out of love with, and now I'm working through my somewhat smaller stash of ILTY. I don't mind RHSS, though I admit some of the colors are dreadful textures and I try to avoid those, and I love the huge color selection. I have a love-hate relationship with variegated. I love it in the skein and generally hate how it works up, with a few exceptions. I have way too much of it, and I will be trying to use that up first after I finish with the ILTY. Eventually, I want to use it all up in donation lapghans, but that will be a work of years. What I am in love with now is DK weight. I have a large stash of Stylecraft, as well as some Paton's, James C. Brett, and other odds and ends, all of which I ordered from the UK. It's been on hold while I was dutifully working on destashing the worsted, but I agree that life is too short to always eat the brussel sprouts first and somehow never get to the brownies. So I've started an afghan for myself with this yarn, and it's great to be finally getting to play with that. With the lapghans, I generally use an I hook, though I frequently went to a J with the heavier Caron One Pound. For the DK afghan I'm using an F, smaller than anything I've used before. I'm making small solid color granny squares, and I thought the recommended 4 mm was just a tad too loose. I think I can use that on a ripple though that will be my next DK project. Probably. I like just about very color - except brown, which I find quite dreary, and never use it gladly. I like neutrals, but find them very boring to use by themselves. I generally prefer cool to warm, but, really, I like them all. I'm a card carrying color junkie. I'm usually a multiple project person. I chose the small squares because I can easily bring that to work for downtime, and I'm working on the one piece donation lapghans at home, two in progress.
  2. Friday we had a couple of downpours during the steadier rain that were the heaviest I have seen in ages. Both were of short duration, but while they lasted it was like driving through a car wash - think imported monsoon. We are way above average for the year. I love rain and would generally be very glad of it, but since the first of the year it's been unrelenting and it plays hob with my arthritis. I have a start on two more lapghans, a solid blue and one in three shades of green, but right now I'm focusing on getting a start on the Dk weight one I'm going to make for my bed. I decided on three more colors I wanted to add to the patchwork, so I've just ordered those. I actually thought they were on the last order, but at the last minute I apparently dropped them off. That penny-wise pound-foolish stunt is costing me extra postage and more for the yarn itself. I had a discount at Deramore's in the UK for the big order, but I'm picking up these three skeins from Texas Yarn Farm. Its good to find a place or two in the US that stocks it. Once that one is really rolling, I'll be doing the little squares at work, and I'll get back to the donation lapghans when I'm at home. Can we see a picture of the kittens too? It will just make me want a cat though.
  3. Instead of one big dictionary, over time I have collected the four books by Darla Sims. Depending on what kinds of things you make, they might or might not be useful. I make afghans, so they are great for me. The ones I have had longest and so used most are the shell stitches and wave stitches. The other two are fairly recent acquisitions and so far all I have managed to do is drool over them. http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Shell-Patterns-Darla-Sims-ebook/dp/B00HH142ZY/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431887859&sr=1-1&keywords=darla+sims http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Wave-Patterns-Leisure-Arts/dp/1601405588/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431888192&sr=1-5&keywords=darla+sims http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Cluster-Stitches-Leisure-Arts/dp/1601409192/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431888192&sr=1-4&keywords=darla+sims http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Post-Stitches-Leisure-Arts/dp/1574861441/ref=sr_1_12?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431888192&sr=1-12&keywords=darla+sims
  4. I finished the yellow variegated round ripple, so I owe the thread three photos now. If we ever have anything but gray gloomy skies, I'll try to get them. However, looking at the 10 day forecast, that won't be soon. We edging up toward 40 days and 40 nights - at least it feels like it.
  5. You said you were in England. If you haven't bought yarn yet, you could check out the Stylecraft yarns. The DK weight would be good for a baby blanket. They are inexpensive and work up quite nicely. I'm in the US, but I buy it from the UK. You would have the advantage of being able to see it first. Special DK is 100% acrylic, Life DK is 25% wool (I haven't used this one). The come in lots of colors. The bank suggests a 4 mm hook, but you could, as someone said, go down a bit. For this yarn I wouldn't go much larger unless you crochet tightly. I buy online, obviously, but you could probably also find it locally. If you're not familiar with it, check out Lucy's Attic24 blog. She uses a lot of this yarn and makes some beautiful things with it. http://attic24.typepad.com/
  6. That is perfect, Darski! Of course, you had the sense to use my colors - LOL. I'm off to download it. I'm not fond of doing squares, but I'll make an exception for this. Thanks for sharing your pattern and your creativity.
  7. Well, it sort of looks like the book. Has the one in the book been blocked to straighten it out? Would a smaller hook make it more book like? I'm going to spend my days off this week playing copycat instead of actually crocheting, or at least some of it. I love Lucy's (Attic24) clothes pin color samples. I've always crocheted small disks of my yarns, but this is easier, and gives a better feel for what stripes will look like. I stopped by Walmart on the way home from work last night, always an ordeal, and bought a bunch of cheap clothes pins. I brought them to work today to label, and I'll be set to start playing with them tomorrow. I'm still just plugging away at the ILTY round ripple. I made a discovery. In the skein the long runs in the lighter one, seaspray stripe, looked white. When I starting working it this morning, it looked like a very pale aqua. I'm wondering if it was the light or if it really does have that hint of aqua. Hmmmm. It doesn't matter. What it is, is what it is. http://attic24.typepad.com/.a/6a00e551101c54883401b7c729dc60970b-popup
  8. I just checked ebay. I don't know what size head you would need, but there are some very cheap 20" circumference styrofoam heads. The ones I saw with free shipping were about $2-3. They ship from China or Hong Kong, but I have bought fountain pens coming from there and never had any problem. That is, unless you are totally opposed to getting anything at all from China. I know many people are. I making some progress on the round ripple with ocean colors variegated yarn. I am making zero progress on the solid blue one. I think I need to rethink that project and do something more interesting.
  9. I try to avoid patterns with a lot of counting. Since I listen to audiobooks, I either mess of up the count or loose the thread of the book if I have to pay too much attention to the pattern. I do try to do a quick count on the longer outer rows of round ripples though.
  10. Gardener, that looks challenging! I did a few rounds on the rings of change, and I think it's going to be ok, but I think I will like it better with a finer yarn and hook so the holes are smaller, so that one is on indefinite hold for possible future consideration. I finished the lapghan with squares that I was working on, and have two more on tap. A solid blue one, overall snapdragon stitch (boring to do), and a round ripple I brought to work to start. It will have sea colors (ILTY seaspray ombre and seaspray stripes) and purplish colors. I'm going to make it a round ripple because I'm not sure how far the leftovers I'm using will go and a round ripple is my go to pattern in that situation. After I get several done, I'll post pics then. I can't find the software for my camera, so to download the pics, I have to get out my old computer, which is a nuisance. Once I move, I'll probably keep it in the kitchen, offline, so pictures will be easier. I have some games on it that won't run in Windows 8, and it will be nice to have them again. Soup, sandwich, and mindless game. I'm going to love retirement!
  11. I found another pattern I want to try for this CAL. Some of the ILTY stash will be good baby blanket colors. It will be a way to try it out, and if I like it, I may buy the larger pattern to use for myself later. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mini-rings-of-change
  12. I should be able to to finish up the first of the lapghans the next couple of days while I'm off. I have to do some boring training at work today - the same over and over, year after year. It's online and usually I just scan through the slides quickly and answer the simplistic questions, but this year for what I haven't already done I'm going to actually listen to it so I can crochet while it drones on. It's hard to believe they take it very seriously either. For the first time ever, in one of the questions on safe haven law, they asked for the phone extension of the ER charge nurse, the contact person. The phone number? Really? I'm supposed to remember that? There was choice of two. I picked one. What popped up was "Guess again." So I guessed the other - and got full credit for the question. Just how absurd is that? At any rate, I'll be able to finish the squares, and then I'll just have to sew them together and do a border. Then I'll bring the squares for the next one to the library and start one for myself at home. I keep saying I'll do this, but never do. I can't stand it - I have to start playing with my DK weight yarn. I'm not usually into brown and dull, but I like the coast ripple on Attic 24. I've just ordered the colors I don't already have that she uses. I may have to substitute a green. It was out of stock and I may or may not have that one. I found a Paton's that I think will do instead. The Stylecraft is all 25% off at Deramore's through the end of the month, and I decided that was a good enough reason (hangs head - as though I don't already have loads of stash and a house and new car to pay for.) This is the afghan: http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/2014/08/coast-ripple.html
  13. It looks ok in the picture, Denise. I hear you on the pain. It's been a grim week here, and not for just me. Someone else at work said her arthritis had been dreadful too. I called in last Wednesday and should have on Thursday, but I don't want to push it too much. No one in the library cares as long as I have the shifts covered, but I don't want HR to start getting antsy about it, though I'm sure my doctor would back me up. The reason I haven't been working with much enthusiasm on this project is that my hands have just been so achy all week. I hope your pain eases off. Mine will, at least some, if the weather ever settles down. We have had so much rain! The tally isn't in for April, but Jan - March, we are 6.5" above average, not counting an astounding 4.5" of snow. The reason my move is delayed is because it's just too wet to do the site work that still has to be done. It's months behind schedule. My friend who is doing it said her contracter told her the ground is so saturated it won't be totally dry until mid-July. That's not helping with digging for foundations. On the bright side, there's probably plenty of water in the well - lol. I have the same problem with squares and it's why I seldom choose patterns in motifs. Almost every one I do, I try the put it together as you go technique, thinking maybe I'll like it this time, and I never do and take it out. I got four together before I took them all apart this time. I just sew them together, and every time have to fiddle with it figuring out all over again which loops I use. If I had any sense I would draw a picture in my pattern notebook. Someday.... I'll do the yellowish one with squares too because I don't have as much of it and that's a flexible pattern. Then I'll heave a sigh of relief and go back to one piece lapghans. I've spent some time browsing ravelry today, chucking a lot of patterns into my queue. Dreaming of life beyond squares.
  14. I have half the squares done. I'm just doing boring old 12" standard grannies. The next one coming up is the weird yellowish one. It has some sort of almost fuschia with it - small bits - but I think I can get by with using red as the contrast color. I had to buy some black for the current one, and picked up another skein of red at the same time, so I hope that's true. With luck, that's all I'll have to buy to use up most of the I Love This Yarn. If it won't do, I guess I'll have to see if there is anything remotely close to the fuschia. When I finish the ILTY, I'll be down to the three yarns left that I really like working with - RH, because of the great color choices, Pound of Love, just because it's nice yarn and it has pleasant if unexciting colors, and the wonderful DK weight I got from England. I like ILTY, but not enough to make it a standard. I was going to do this as a short break from cross stitch, but my move has been off until November, so I may carry on crocheting. That's enough time to whittle down the stash a little more. The less packing, the better when the time comes.
  15. That's pretty Darski. Popcorns are one of the stitches I really don't like doing and try to avoid, so I'm impressed!
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