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    I like video games and computer stuff in general. Buuuut I do also love crocheting~
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    well so far, its just been scarves and experimenting with different patterns, but I would loove to make little animals :)
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    hmmm.... since....... 2009?
  1. Hiya! Well, I'm Keera, and crocheting is really fun to do and it takes my mind off of things~ So, I just turned 17 and I feel weird for crocheting at this age. I've crocheted for a couple years off and on (mostly off), but I've mostly only been able to make scarves. I've always just known what my sister originally taught me which was double crochet and I didn't even realize that there was so much more I could do! I didn't really look into crocheting much until a few months ago and got really excited about it. Right now, I'm trying to make a little bunny but.... well it ain't turning out so great But it just takes practice, I guess. I would love to be able to make little animals and such because I absolutely LOVE cute things! So.... yeah. I'm excited to be here~
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