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    I am Australian. I am a Christian.
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    Moving about
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    crochet, tatting, spindle spinning, reading, old recipes
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    homeschooling mum
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    Things for dolls, anything really.
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    Since about 2006
  1. Thanks, I will give that a try.
  2. I have done a couple of small filet projects, and they turned out OK except that I noticed on one project which should have been square according to the pattern, that it was definitely wider than it was high, if you see what I mean. It seems my stitches are too short. Does anyone else have this problem. What do I do?
  3. You can also do tunisian entre lac (picking up stitches off the side of a square you have made) which is another possible solution.
  4. So perhaps I need to have a few and use the one I like for that thread. I suppose the thread could differ between brands too.
  5. I had an aero 1.25mm hook which broke:(, and I replaced it with a Birch 1.25mm hook. The Birch is a lovely hook, but I am sure it is thicker than the other one was, and it shouldn't be:think. Does this often happen? I want to work with no. 20 thread, perhaps I should try the 1mm Birch. Do you find there is much difference in size between one brand and the next?
  6. Koala-girl

    Starter Kit

    P.S. I just realized, the spindle in that starter kit is the same as the one I am using. You can use it upside down as a low whorl too.
  7. Koala-girl

    Starter Kit

    I have been spinning on an Ashford student spindle, which is good. I was able to buy it from a shop (in Australia, Petlins in Sydney) and the man spent time showing me what to do. This was VERY helpful. If you can't get to a spinning shop, a spinning group would be another good option. I love that spindles are quite cheap and portable. You do need to have some patience to start with, but I am really glad I did it. Now all I need is friends with sheep. You'd think that would be easy in Australia.
  8. Welcome, I hope you enjoy this site. What kind of crochet do you like to do? I like all sorts, but lately I have been trying out thread crochet
  9. Welcome! How cool that you are starting to crochet! There is a lot of good stuff on the internet to help you. I also recommend looking at books from your local library. That helped me.
  10. People don't use jug covers here anymore but it might look nice on a jug on display on a dresser to give an old-fashioned look. Also, I always thought they were cute.
  11. The pattern gives no hook size. A jug cover is a lacy doily type thing with beads around it that goes on a jug to keep the flies out. It is an old fashioned antique-looking type of thing.
  12. My five year old says, "She's gorgeous". I think so too.
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