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  1. Great job and very pretty!
  2. I can say that it doesn't look like too much, I'm not even going to go there with what I have, not only in yarn, but hooks, needles, yarn winders, etc. I have probably 10-15 pairs of scissors and can never find any.
  3. Wow, that afghan is going to be soooo pretty, reminds me of icicles and snow. Where did you get the pattern?
  4. I'm debating between this one, I have two unfinished afghans in my closet, and the Mystery CAL hosted by Bernat. Now if I start a new afghan with the mystery CAL, does that mean I have crochet ADD?
  5. The jury is still out with me, I will make up my mind nearer the time of the first clue!
  6. Your afghan is stunning, kudos to you and your talent, don't think I will even try to to this one!
  7. Simply beautiful capturing Audrey's image, I bet your daughter will love it
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to consider this one:), ok I'm subscribed
  9. Beautiful, you should be really proud of it and your niece will love it!
  10. Could it be Paton's Katrina? When you said stretchy, I immediately thought of that and I think it's a heavier weight than worsted. Can you take a picture of it?
  11. While I'm not a native Memphian, I've adopted Memphis as my go to city I love the place and visit often. Hope all is well after the recent flooding. Are the two yarn shops there still thriving...I'm speaking of Yarniverse off of Poplar; Mendenhall, I think, and then there's one on Poplar, forget the name? Like I said, I've been to Memphis too many times to count and each time I go, we try to find and EAT at places off the beaten path. The last time we were there, we went to Uncle Lou's on Millbranch, it was sooo good, oh my gosh, miss the BBQ joints, too, namely The BBQ Shop in Midtow
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