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  1. I am over the moon with what I received from Janagain! Tis the season and it's true! I really enjoyed getting to know Jan and to find out that we live, as we say in Texas,a stone's throw from each other was a plus. She really went over and beyond the swap expectations and sent me some lovely stuff: A lovely coffee cup filled with assorted k-cup goodies for my keurig A jar of harvest spiced potpurri A crocheted hen potholder A Christmas wreath potholder, where did you get the pattern for this one, it's lovely A pineapple laced doily A pair of Christmas socks A jar of bath salts a bar of Ellen Tracy bar soap and bubble bath A kitchen towel set complete with oven mitt, whisk,spatula,and pastry brush A crocheted hath and body set 5 skeins of cotton yarn A crocheted floral drawstring basket A beautifully crocheted, cherry blossom tree, did you make that? An Annie's Attic handy dandy dishcloth pattern book A double ended crochet hook A beautiful Christmas card. Thank you so much,I love everything I received and it was great learning more about you. I can't figure out how to upload the pictures, I will keep trying
  2. I was very surprised that only two people signed up for this swap. In years past, this was very popular! I guess social media can be blamed for this, everyone's attention span can only go so far
  3. Great job on a wonderful pattern!
  4. Glad you liked it, hope you can crochet away on the clothes for the AG dolls. I love Knitpicks yarns, hope you like them as well. Happy Holidays!
  5. Hello all, I received the most beautiful swap package from Kathy yesteday! I love everything I received and I know she put a lot of thought into what she sent. I received 7 skeins of superwash wool, in various hues of color and weights, that are in colors that I am going "wow" over. I also received a kit that includes a beautiful hank of alpaca from Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe along with a pattern for a knitted shawl, that's easy enough for me to do! In the box of goodies was also 3 handmade beauties that included a crocheted acorn with a removeable top; the top had a tag that said, "open me" and when I did, there was a tape measure with the words crochet happy written on the front. The other crocheted item was a muliticolored ornament that I will put on my miniature Christmas tree when we put it up. She also knitted me a burgandy dishcloth that I will be using promptly. I also received a beautiful post card from Missouri. Loved it all and thanks for being an awesome partner! Sorry for the poor quality of the picture; first time I've ever taken a picture on my Ipad
  6. Kathy, I've got it ready to go; it's hitting the mailbox today, I will instant message the confirmation number. Hope you enjoy it
  7. I've done all my shopping, now to get it in the mail. I hope Kathy enjoys it; I had a ball picking them out!
  8. Oh gosh, did I reply? I do check my email, so I will go through again, sorry if I'm having a senior moment
  9. Well, I must say that the new format here kept me off for a while, simply because I was too busy to try to learn to navigate. However, I'm here now What's going on on Facebook that they can't do here? I don't FB too often, so I don't have a clue.
  10. I am surprised there were so few signups, this was a popular swap, hmmmm.
  11. I love this swap I haven't participated in one in a long time, but I'm ready to get this party started
  12. Hello Everyone, I want to thank Ankh for really stepping up with my wonderful swap package, thank you som very much and I love everything you sent! Please forgive the late thank you. Ankh sent me: A gorgeous crocheted fishnet market bag filled with: 5 stitchmarkers, they are very cute 3 skeins of RH soft in tangerine, really red and dark leaf 2 skeins of silk/wool blend by elsebeth lavold:hug 1 lb. bag of mill end assortments Queen Anne's lace bookmark; very handy A thread crocheted Christmas Tree ornament recipe cards 2 boxes of Lipton green tea (My favorite!) I absolutely loved it all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday I travelled out of state and it was nice not having to cook, this time:lol
  13. Oh, so glad you enjoyed everything, it was fun making that snowman jar!
  14. The booklets are on the way, if you contacted me with your name and address, then you can start stalking you mail. I loved being able to do something for the kind folks on this forum.
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