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    just started learning via internet, may 2010
  1. absolutely amazing!!! Can you please tell me how to find the pictures on your blog. I clicked on the link and found the final picture with the baby, but can't find the rest. Maybe it's just me, I'm not too good on computers, but I can't find them. Thank you. Tricia. OOPS!! Sorry I just found them on your flickr link. Thank you anyway. I have to say this '' I'm so Jealous of your talent. Awesome really Awesome ''
  2. Hi All. Is there some way of finding a particular type of pattern on this site, I am looking for a pattern that I can use to make myself a longline sleeveless or short sleeved cardigan/waistcoat. I've tried the search button, but nothing comes up. Is there a certain way of searching? I need something not to complicated but not granny squares either. Thank you. Tricia.
  3. tritzia

    help please

    Thanks Kristie. I did that but they always look out of line somehow. Thanks anyway. Tricia
  4. tritzia

    help please

    Hi All. I am trying to make a strap for a pair of baby sandals that require a button hole on each end, but, no matter what I do I can't get them to look identical each side, is there a secret to this? why is it so hard? any advise would be much appreciated thanks Tricia.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know you all. Tricia.
  6. Hello All. My name is Patricia, I am usually called Tricia, but these names are already in use here, so I used Tritzia as a log in name. I have just found this site and am looking forward to learning all about it, and of course being able to ask for help is fantastic. I have only just started to learn how to crochet about a month now so very much a newbie, I can knit, but never learned crochet and I do not know anyone else who can actually crochet either, so I am learning via the internet. I live in the UK so there is a big difference timewise, unfortunately it is 23.20 pm here now, and I
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