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  1. nattypatcrochet

    2' Granny Circle Layette Blanket

    Hi Chelle, I have had another person note that the blanket ruffles a bit. They said they were a loose crocheter (which makes sense because I tend to crochet tight as I mainly do toys). I think I'll take another look a the pattern this week and see if I can improve it. Will let you know. Thanks - Nattypat (Natalie Gagnon)
  2. nattypatcrochet

    Alfie the Sheepdog

    Thanks very much. I encourage you all to try adding some latch hook to an amigurumi animal pattern - really easy and makes for a great and unexpected finish
  3. nattypatcrochet

    Alfie the Sheepdog

    Just finished another one of my pup patterns. Meet Alfie the Sheepdog. http://www.nattypatcrochet.com/Pup%20Series/alfie.html
  4. nattypatcrochet

    2' Granny Circle Layette Blanket

    If you are looking for a charity you could try the Snuggles Project which donates to small blankets to animal shelters. http://www.snugglesproject.org/project-overview/ Thanks for the comments everyone
  5. nattypatcrochet

    Lizzie and Philly the Corgis

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. What I can say, just had to design them - found out that the Queen of England has Corgis!
  6. I've designed a small baby blanket. At just 2' it's really quick to make and the perfect size for a baby car seat blanket or for the favourite family pet. [Pattern no longer available]
  7. nattypatcrochet

    New Easter Pattern: Bunny Patch bunnies play dressup

    Thanks! Now all I keep doing is playing with them! I hope they're still in one piece by the time Easter actually rolls around...
  8. nattypatcrochet

    I'm new and need help reading patterns!

    One of the best bits of advice I've gotten is that crochet allows you to do things you wouldn't expect. You can stitch a border around all four edges (even at the sides of rows if you position them evenly), you can add fringe to the bottom, you can change yarn, do lacework, etc. Don't feel afraid to just try something! If you do get a little stuck go on YouTube. There are many people who have posted educational video that can get you through a tough spot or stitch you don't understand. If all else fails, pop in to a local yarn shop and I'm sure someone can help. Keep at it!
  9. nattypatcrochet

    What items sell best?

    I suggest that you sell patterns via Ravelry. For a small seller who sells 20 patterns or less each month you don't pay any fees. It's a great place to start and see what works. With that said, for my own patterns I sell much better on Etsy, but there are fees then. If you want to stick with physical items, I would recommend doing small timely items, ie. Easter items, or trendy things. Try to not compete with the masses, pick something that you can do in a unique way and make sure that your version is the best option out there Good luck!
  10. It took me a little longer than expected, but at least there's still more than a month until Easter. Check out my new Bunny Patch pattern. Makes me want to do more bunny outfits!
  11. nattypatcrochet

    Mini Heart

    Forgot to post it on Valentine's Day, but here's a mini 1" heart pattern you can use to make embellishments, hair clips, decorations, etc. http://www.facebook.com/notes/nattypatcrochet/free-mini-heart-crochet-pattern/186706711361992
  12. nattypatcrochet

    Sweetheart Coinpurse

  13. nattypatcrochet

    Sweetheart Coinpurse

    I've finally finished a new pattern; it may be small but it's cute, practical, and timely for Valentine's Day Almost as sweet as a candy heart, the Sweetheart Coinpurse carries all your Valentine's Day notes and treats. Available in my Etsy Shop
  14. nattypatcrochet

    Realistic Stuffed Dog Patterns

    Thanks!! He was the second one I did (and one of my favourites as well).
  15. nattypatcrochet

    Stuffed Dog Pattern Tester and Blog Reviewer Needed

    Thanks for the compliment! I'm holding off on more pups right now as I'm working on my Christmas patterns and the future development of the forest series. The pups are by no means over, but they are definitely months away. And since I've had a few requests for a Golden Retriever I'm certainly keeping it in mind. If you have a doggy photo that would make a good pattern model I'd love to see it!