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  1. Mira thank you for all you do - this is a start if we can help Alice and the other people from my community sell their wares we will be able to help them support themselves - there should be more items coming so please take a peek at www.crafting4acause.org and click on the cottage project thank you
  2. Exciting news alice and several of the other eldes have sent us more items that they have made please come and take a look and bring your neighbor along to buy help us to help my people be indepdenent and pround once again Wild Kitty Helping those who can Help themselves http://www.crafting4acause.org
  3. those of us at crafting for a cause have finally been able to set up a small cottage project at Pine Ridge - helping my people help themselves. We have our first bead work - beaded earrings and they are available through the web store - www.crafting4acause.com come take a look they are lovely. We will be adding prayer bags, dream catchers, necklaces, bracelets, and buckskin dolls, we are so pleased to be able to help them in this way - please share with others if you can - all the monies go directly back to the crafts-person - and when you maybe only have an annual income of $2000 a month or less - an extra 40-50 a month from sales of your hand made items can make a huge difference. Please share with anyone you can thank you - Wild Kitty
  4. if someone would like to go and see the book bags you can see them at http://360.yahoo.com/our_special_angels thank you
  5. Hi there I am part of CFAC too and am having so much fun - I have a group of kids working on making book bags right now - we just finished number 63! they are made of fabric reversible, and have back straps. If you would like a book bag to send with your school supplies or if you would like to help send book packs to the kids at Pine ridge you are welcome to pitch in we ask a suggested among of $3 per book bag - but hey every penny helps get them there - just sent a donation to cfac_group@yahoo.com through pay pal (note there is an underline in that name!) and put in the notes for book bags for Pine ridge, if we know that others out there are willing to help us we will keep right on making - remember that CFAC is a non-profit so keep your receipt.
  6. Mira just told me that she currently has over 30 elders waiting to be sponsored - just someone to write to them and crochet them a little something - she said the oldest was born in 1918- as you can imagine with life on the reservation that is very very old! If you have a little extra time why not be a sponsor there is only the commitment to try to write monthly and to send a little something - a box of tea a scarf that you crochet anything you feel like - I am sponsoring two elders and it is such a pleasure when I am able to talk with them by phone - which is not easy as neither has telephones but we were able after a year of writing to figure out a way = thank you Mira for doing this wildkitty
  7. List mom Lynn is filling her SUV to take things to UC Davis for the children and teens with cancer is June 15th - if you have shawls. lapghans, fleece blankets, beanie babies, new children's books, and so on please think about putting a smile on the faces of these children - write now my family is making fleece blankets the ones you tie to send to both UC Davis and to Pine Ridge - we can really use you - even if all you can do is one item every 3-4 months you will have changed the lives of 4 families a year - so unbelievable - We have quilters, sewers, crocheteres, knitters, beaders, woodworkers, any thing any way that you would like to gift is a blessing - Wild Kitty
  8. Talked with my elder this morning - she has a lifeline cell phone through the lifeline project - and she still has not heat or electricity - she said that they had nearly two feel of snow - and can not see the trailer house across the road as the snow is so deep - my prayers are with them - Ms Kitty
  9. MSNBC NEWS Snow closes highways in Dakotas Up to 2 feet of blowing snow closed major highways on the northwestern Plains on Wednesday. The storm caused widespread power outages and was blamed for at least three deaths. A large part of the reservation is without power and may not have it restored for 24 to 48 hours. Wow we are seeing Spring and the reservation the poorest of the poor are still suffering through the cold and terrors of freezing weather! Please continue to help in any way you can - Ms Kitty.
  10. this came across out news last night - sounds really bad in SD - and I am thinking of my elders - Just thought I would let you know that winter appears to be far from done in SD - MS Kitty
  11. I received a letter from my elder today and that is always so exciting for my family - now I must tell you I sponsor 4 elders and I have only had the one that has written me and she has written twice - I know the packages are received as I do a confirmation - and I do not expect a letter back - as that is not why my family sponsors - but when you do get a letter it is pretty exciting and I thought I would share a little of what she wrote - I sponsor a grand ma who is raising her grand kids - the baby is doing good, He'll take a couple of steps on his own but hasn't really learned to walk yet, but he is practicing. Every thing you have sent fits perfectly and is so very much appreciated, I am so glad to have you as my new friend............... wow talk about an emotional high. Now some of the elders do not speak English, and other do not read and write so I was surprised to get this letter - I always send along stationary and envelopes in case they can write back - but I know the postage will be used for necessary things so I don't worry if I do not hear - thank you for letting me be a part of this program - Miss Kitty
  12. This past week has not been nice here in the North Country temperatures dropped back down - below zero and with it came the snows. But the worst is to come - our heaviest snow month is generally March and honestly it is not warm enough to turn off the furnaces until late May - and we don't set tomatoes out in the garden until the first week of June. So while spring may be coming to the rest of the country it has not hit here yet! Lol:eek Please encourage people you know to come and join us in this mission - remember you do not have to be a crocheter - you can sponsor an elder and send little care packages of crackers and mac and cheese - maybe a pair of mittens - maybe you can use a scissors and make the quilts that don't need sewing - or post a message on your local free cycle that you are asking for mittens and such - each and every single item is a help Ms Kitty:cheer
  13. Crafting for a cause is so laid back - they just ask that you try to make one small thing a quarter, can be a dishcloth, a toy, what ever you choose - and if you can't make it for some reason you just let one of the list moms know - they are great - I love the group - one of the things I really like about it is they take care of their members as well as their charities. Wild Kitty
  14. Fir February our emphasis is going to be on making squares -if you are into making squares come join us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CraftingForAC you might not be able to make a whole afghan but maybe you have time for one or two crochet, knit or loomed squares - we would love to have you
  15. What about slipper socks? or put a cuff on them and a tie and she can tie them tight - as she may not be walking it may not matter just keep those toes warm - do you have a number have you tried calling? I got brave and called mine - made up a list of questions first and it was a great conversation she was so lonely - and just talked on - thank goodness for free minutes at night and weekends - lol - Kitty
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