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  1. Ask away! haha I dont mind, really. I usually just go around the sides and make sure that the fleece/fabric is pulled really tight so it doesn't like separate and become so heavy. I stretch it really good. Usually the night before I sew it on I hang it on my curtains or I pin it to the wall and let it fall to the floor so its smooth and stretched out when I'm ready to do it. And I bought an edgerydoo to make holes in the blanket on the edges and then just get a crochet needle and some yarn and sew that sucker on. But sometimes I dont even use the edgerydoo.
  2. I back all of mine with either sheet or fleece. You can see me holding a blanket I made for my dad in Afghanistan. He loves the fleeced backing!
  3. Its a little bit of both. I asked people here at Crochetville for graphs and ideas and I ended up coming up with a meshed one.
  4. How do you make smaller graphghan squares but still keep the detail? I would love to make small squares with little pictures in them but its always so distorted unless I do it by like 50 single stitch. Any ideas?
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Graphghans and I want to buy a program for them so I can make more ( can't afford it yet :/ ). But I thought I'd share the ones I've made so far. One is my Okra and Statesmen college mascot blanket. I go to Delta State University, home of the FIGHTING OKRA! And I gave the blanket away during a dirty santa game for Christmas. Then one is made for my fiance's mother who teaches at Oak Grove High School. OG! YOU KNOW! Another is obviously the Cowboys star made for a friend. And then the last is the American Flag ghraphghan I made for my father before he went t
  6. Dirty Santa is where everyone brings a gift and you put them all in a pile and then you draw a number. And when your number comes up you may either pick a gift from the gift pile or you can "steal" someone elses present who chose before you. And it's really a lot of fun. After a gift has been traded like three times its "frozen" and that person gets to bring home the gift.
  7. Thank you all so much! I hope they like it. I made this one blanket my freshman year and they went crazy for it and it was just a checkered afghan, very plain. This year I hope it'll blow them all out of the water.
  8. It's finally finished! It's for my swimming and diving team's christmas party. We play dirty santa and I think my gift is going to make them squeal!
  9. Are these hard to make? I've never made an RR before but after seeing them made so well I'd really like to try one.
  10. I made it with PC Stitch creator. I just downloaded the free trial and I've been using it for 15 days. I saved all my projects to MSPaint just in case I didn't finish the blanket in 15 days. IT was super easy. You just add the picture to the program and bam! there it is. Soemtimes you have to fix the colors a little bit but not much.
  11. I need some help guys! What should I do for the border of this blanket? It's wide enough but not long enough at all. What should I do?
  12. It's where you get together with all of your friends and wrap great presents in the same wrapping paper. Each of you draw a number and you can pick a present in the order of your number. Then you can choose to steal another person's present or keep your own.
  13. This is what I made for my christmas dirty santa game. It's not fully finished. I have to add a border and the fleece backing.
  14. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! I cannot wait to have it finished. I'm going to keep updating every time I add something.
  15. You can buy these thick wicks that just slide down into the bottle neck and then also tie that wick into a bolt from the hardware store. I'll try to post a picture to explain it more.
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