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  1. Can you provide more details, like what type of yarn are you looking for, what's the cause? Where and what is the need of the nursing home? Is this low income, people without families etc.
  2. oophs responded to two messages but forgot to say hello fellow Buckeyes, I'm in NW Cols, (UA) Always looking for helping hands for a local homeless project...anyone interested?
  3. That would be cool, I'm in UA
  4. just had a great time last wkend in your fair city, cept for the tornado that is. btw....love love love you LYS I'm looking for fellow Ohioans (and others) who'd like to help with a homeless project; but have been unable to start a thread? Interested?
  5. Such a worthy cause. It's been awhile since I've sent anything your way. I've got something I'm currently working on I think would work well for your cause. Need to connect to get your ady, don't think I still have it.
  6. Partially, in that the count is partial; but think I'm finally up to speed on this project. And would you believe it with all the yarn I have from making hats, mittens, scarves etc for the homeless projects in my stash I don't have the right red. lol Isn't is amazing we always find a reason to go shopping for more yarn? Hubby will be thrilled...NOT
  7. would love to see a picture of your perfect pattern, do you have one posted somewhere?
  8. That's awesome, what a fabulous pattern. Must put that on my list of things to do. Trouble is that list continues to grow and grow and grow. lol
  9. That's awesome, somehow I never get around to making anything for myself; but this looks like a perfect thing for summer when you go out and the air conditioning at restaurants is too cold. Nice of you to share
  10. Cute, too bad I didn't know about this when I had little ones to crochet for...perfect and not dangerous.
  11. Sorry to be so long getting back to you Vanessa. Thanks for your response. Been out of town, will go back and read your first post, so that brings me to one more question. Is the counting here the only group making scarves? Please understand I'm not trying to be negative, I think it's a worthy cause.
  12. I didn't realize they were 2 different things. So you actually don't make a circle to start with it's just the 16 stitches forms it? Interesting, you learn new things every day. Thanks for info, I'll make myself and note and see what I can do. Ok, this is the 3rd time I've tried to submit an answer and keep getting a weird error message my answer needs to be longer than one character??? I've now got 2 paragraphs, what's up with that? Tried to hit reply with the quote where you listed the difference; but it wouldn't work, so am now trying as a post on it's own?
  13. Can you clarify which group of Veterans you're trying to help? You mentioned the war for or against like you mean the current situation; but then I wondered if these were older men from previous wars as the term Veterans Home makes me think not current? I ask because the need for the 2 groups is slightly different. Older Vets more permanent residents, newer Vets perhaps a temporary situation. Sizes for beds if bed ridden vs more mobile like in wheelchairs etc. Thanks
  14. I love the knitted booties that used to be on your page Bev, the only bootie pattern I've made over and over and over again. It was a knitted pattern to pair with your crocheted one. Could be done straight knitting and or stockinette stitch. Don't know where it went; do you still have it that you could post it again? Thanks Snady
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