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  1. I want to thank Melody for donating 6 blankets. I'll be heading to the NICU this coming week (I was going to go this week but have gotten ill) So as soon as I'm well I will be sharing photos from my donation
  2. I have been looking at wheels. Unfortunately there is no chance I'll be able to purchase anything over $400 so that limits what I can get. I have a friend who uses a Fricke Double Treadle and highly recommends it The fiber we are spinning with is shetland from their sheep they have on the farm
  3. So for spinning. First they had us practice drafting and then they had us try the stop and drafting method. I HATED it! I cannot do it worth crap. Here's my first yarn from that After realizing how frustrated I was they told me 'Do what feels right to you' And I just let the spindle spin freely and drafted from that. SOOOOOOO much easier! Here's how my second yarn is working out
  4. I hope you'll share photos! It sounds beautiful!!! Blue and White are my favorite color combination. It reminds me of the ocean
  5. I finished my first round ripple. Took me 11 days with me working on it intermittently. It's 25 inches across and perfect size for the NICU
  6. I don't want to spend money on a wheel if I'm not going to enjoy it. So going to borrow my aunts wheel for a few months and make sure it's something I'm going to stick with before spending money on a wheel lol that will also keep my husband from freaking out if i buy a wheel. I can say 'I've borrowed this one for months and she wants it back' ext HAHA
  7. We'll be learning Wheel and Spindle. I'm going to purchase a spindle that day from the shop and my aunt is going to let me borrow one of her wheels for a few months to see how well I like it. I'll likely be getting a Top whorl spindle and about 2 ounces weight wise
  8. This Saturday from 1:30 - 3:30 I'm going to my first ever Spinning Class!! :clap I'm very excited!
  9. I'd like to do an afghan for my bed with whales. Are there any patterns out there for whale afghans?
  10. I really am enjoying the red and white together!! Very crisp and pretty! GOOD luck on your RR!! Please update us with photos as you make it?! Thank you sweeie
  11. It's been freakishly warm today, and now it's really really windy. It's quite freaky actually! I'm so sorry for all the nerve and spine issues you are having sweetheart. I'm praying for you
  12. A HA! I knew I had a newer photo of my RR. Here it is. It's about 16 inches so far. Since the photo I've added two more white rows and two red rows
  13. Tonight was our knitting/crochet group at the library!! It was good but only three of us showed up lol It was nice catching up with the ladies though. Will try and catch up with the thread in a little bit <3
  14. I'm not able to buy crochet books or magazines. My hubby thinks it's wasteful so I'll just stick to the free ones
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