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  1. darski I agree, think it is a cultural thing, how about "by hook or by crook" I also like the "I crochet so I dont kill people" my other saying is "crochet is my yoga"
  2. I garden, bake and do the laundry!!!
  3. that is very clever. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Another stunner. I can new see what you mean about her hair.
  5. Darski you are so clever and these little outfits . They are wonderful. I dont have a doll like this, and probably would never make dolly clothes, but I have realy enjoyed looking at your creations.
  6. ok darski, now she needs a ball gown to go with the sweet tiara! btw what is a quince party???
  7. I love the slippers too. What about Dora the explorer in a kaki bushy set like what Steve Irwin used to wear? I reckon that would be pretty snazzy.
  8. That is so sweet. I think it was me who suggested Jammies and slippers and that is even cuter than i could have imagined. This Dora Doll is getting one hellava wardrode!
  9. I WANT A DORA DOLL just so I can make these cute clothes! How about some jamies and a dressing gown with fluffy slippers :lol
  10. I want to be a little girlagain so I can have one! Shee is so lovely, and you have dressed her up a treat.
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