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  1. Hello, you are me in plural!!!!
  2. I love looking at old patterns. Some of the models crack me up!
  3. all a bit of fun for a good cause. I posted re this in the charity section a few weeks back.
  4. Hello from up the road in Queensland. Lovely to have another Aussie crocheter!
  5. well done, he has attitude!
  6. Hello, I have. I really like this pattern and was determined to master hair pin. here is a photo: I used a cottonny yarn that had a bit of sparkle in it.
  7. darski I agree, think it is a cultural thing, how about "by hook or by crook" I also like the "I crochet so I dont kill people" my other saying is "crochet is my yoga"
  8. I too am amazed at the gorgeous colour mix.
  9. I think some bling would make them pop!
  10. Hello, Just received this link to a you tube video "budgies in space" This is a project of the Bristol South West Children Hospice who are trying to make the film go viral so please tell all your friends. The more viewings they get the more money we raise for the kid's hospice These budgies are made from one of my most popular designs and I am chuffed they are being used for such a good cause and on the other side of the world. I thought it was pretty funny. Here is a photo of the budgies being launched by Rolf Harris. Thanks for Looking.
  11. Hello, Voila an afghan I finished at the start of winter. I commenced this last year as I was keen to use up the pile of textured yarns I had purchased because they felt so snugly, but then never knew what to use them for. I have call this Rocks and Rubies and it features a range of yarns within the rocky ruby red spectrum as well as a variety of textures. Some of the blocks use eyelash yarn, while others have a glint of gold. Must say I do like how it turned out. The design is from my favourite book - 200 blocks by Jan Eaton. http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Blocks-Blankets-Throws-A
  12. Thats funny! looks like a horror child!
  13. looks good. I have never got the hang of that stitch.
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