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  1. SarahD62

    Twin babies

    Hi Granny Square, Thanks for this :-). Do you know if these are finished measurements though? I had a look but couldn't see for sure. It said 10" for a 3-5 pound baby. This seems a bit small but am not sure.
  2. SarahD62

    Twin babies

    Hi All, A family member is due to have twin girls in December. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the average size of twins and what the finished sizes of a cardigan (chest measurement, sleeve length etc) would be please? I googled but couldn't really find much apart from the fact that they average 5.5 pounds. TIA Sarah
  3. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! I am a member of ravelry and so will look there too. King regards Sarah
  4. Hi there, I am having difficulty understanding the diagram in this drops pattern. Pixie Dreams by DROPS Design http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=4713 I have done right up to where it says to use the diagram but am struggling with it. Is anyone able to "translate" :-) it for me please? I much prefer written instructions. TIA Sarah
  5. I'm 48 and have been crocheting for about 38 years. I started with a blanket and am now progressing to many other things. I taught someone to crochet a couple of weeks ago . I said that she must teach at least one other person now :) My Mum taught me to crochet btw.... glad she did!
  6. It is important to count the stitches each row to get an even result. I have just learnt that the hard way and got the same kind of result as you are having :-). http://www.ehow.com/how_4592649_keep-crochet-edges-straight.html I use step 2 and find it works ok for me
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